Your First Funnel Challenge Review 2024 – Is It Worth It?

Your First Funnel Challenge Review

Have you always wanted to start a business and turn your idea into a reality?

Well, here is your chance! With the launch of Clickfunnels 2.0, Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, is hosting the “Your First Funnel Challenge”.

It’s an online training program that will get you from zero to hero within 5 days!

New Your First Funnel Challenge Review

You will have the opportunity to not only listen to Russell Brunson LIVE but also other well-known entrepreneurs like Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, AND Daymond Johnson from Sharktank!

How cool is that!?

If you would like to learn more about the Your First Funnel Challenge, sign up for FREE to the event or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below for you:

But you might be hesitant to even start a business in today’s economy and wondering how much money you would have to spend for this event when finances are tight…

Worry not because all of this is being offered FOR FREE! Yes, that’s right, this jam-packed training event is open to everyone.

However, before you run off just yet, here is an overview of what you will learn and some things you need to know about this event.

So in this post, I wanted to go over a detailed Your First Funnel Challenge review guide so you can make an informed decision to see if the Your First Funnel Challenge is going to be right for you.

So with that being said, let’s begin our review and go over EVERYTHING you need to know about the Your First Funnel Challenge.

What Is Your First Funnel Challenge?

Your First Funnel Challenge Review

The “Your First Funnel Challenge” is a 5-day step-by-step training for how you can create your very own sales funnel and implement your business idea.

And no, you don’t have to rob a bank or sign a shady contract with a loan shark just to get started. You’ll learn effective ways to how you can bootstrap your idea and launch a business with minimal capital.

I created a new updated video going over a LOT of important information for the Your First Funnel Challenge event.

My video above covers EVERYTHING that has been released so far and even more secrets!

The article will go over a lot more information, but I wanted to offer you a visual outlet in the form of a video too.

Like I said above, the Your First Funnel Challenge has a LOT of massive names behind it including Daymond John “the people’s shark”. There are many other special guests that will be a part of this 5 day online event too.

However the idea behind the event is to launch your idea into the world with your own sales funnel which is what the Your First Funnel Challenge is designed to help you with.

Why Join This Challenge?

In a lot of cases, it’s not that we can’t do something but rather we are too afraid to start and think bigger.

Which is why this challenge is not only great for gaining valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone and Daymond Johnson but also a way to overcome our fears and get started or take things to the next level.

If you would like to learn more about the Your First Funnel Challenge, sign up for FREE to the event or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below for you:

So whether you are a total newbie or have some experience under your belt with sales funnels and businesses, this event is great for people who are seeking to take the next step and up their game.

I for sure signed up for this myself despite having 7+ years of experience building sales funnels and am eagerly awaiting this training on October 10th!

Your First Funnel Challenge Review

It’s early days and the actual Your First Funnel Challenge hasn’t actually started yet. So with that in mind, it’s impossible for anyone to do a full detailed Your First Funnel Challenge review.

But with that being said, I do have a LOT of insider information and knowledge with all things ClickFunnels, so I wanted to go over all the important details so you don’t miss out.

However, as time passes (when the event launches), i’ll be able to share with you some more information.

The program itself is packed with valuable information and does a great job of guiding people in the right direction.

It took me about 2-3 months before I started getting some success with my first business back in 2016, but I am sure I could have gotten results a lot quicker if I had the same opportunity as this back then.

So make sure to take good notes, and most importantly, implement what you learned in the training! I think it’s fully possible to have a successful online business rolling within 30 days, even for total beginners as long as you take action.

Day 1: Funnel Hacking

your first funnel challenge day 1

Day 1 in the Your First Funnel Challenge is all about the basics of funnel hacking and real life examples of businesses using sales funnels.

Funnel hacking will be a great way to kickstart the program with insights into what kinds of funnels are working for particular niches and markets.

Trends may come and go. What worked a few months ago sometimes won’t necessarily work today, but the principle stays the same, so as long as you learn to tailor the fundamentals of funnel hacking to your specific niche, this could be a valuable lesson.

Day 2: Your First Funnel

your first funnel challenge day 2

Day 2 is actually a great way to get your feet wet and make your own funnel.

They may have high-converting sales funnel templates that we can use to kickstart our campaigns and maybe even get a few sales if we are lucky.

But I am very interested in hearing about “The single greatest funnel that magnetically attracts customers to YOU”.

Saving cost and maximizing yield on social media advertising is always a good thing 🙂

Day 3: Hook, Story, Offer

your first funnel challenge day 3

I don’t particularly have any opinions about day 3 as I don’t know what to expect, so will have to wait and see how this goes.

It should be interesting, however, to hear what they have to say about how each individual can create their own unique story and use it as a selling point. Speaking from experience, raw and personal stories do engage customers and get more conversions…

Day 4: Irresistible Ads

your first funnel challenge day 4

Day 4 of the Your First Funnel Challenge is all about attracting and getting in front of your dream customers that are interested in your offer.

This is one of the most important parts of the training.

Before you can introduce your offer or a product, you first need to get your foot in the door and grab people’s attention.

Finding the right audience for minimal costs is especially key!

I know a lot of people will be looking forward to learning about targeted video ads on social media. I’ve heard people are making bank with video sales pitches.

Day 5: Do It Now

your first funnel challenge day 5

Finally in Day 5 of the Your First Funnel Challenge it’s all about taking action. You’ll also hear Daymond John’s story and so much more.

The training structure may have flowed better if the mindset hack lesson was on day 1, but perhaps they wanted to save the best for last with Daymond Johnson’s speech.

The last day seems more of a motivational session, but beginners and experienced folks could still benefit from it greatly as long as you stay consistent with your goals.

Your First Funnel Challenge Guests Speakers

Your First Funnel Challenge Guests Speakers

Besides Daymond John, some big names include Grant Cardone, Dean Graziosi, and Brendon Burchard, but there are still some other guest speakers that I find quite interesting.

Jaime Cross’ story especially seems very intriguing.

While marketing sexy and cool products may be fun, I think the hallmark of a great salesman or a marketer is the ability to sell boring products like soap, toilet paper, etc.

I believe if you can master doing that, the sky’s the limit. The art of marketing and selling is a skill that can really push you forward in achieving your goals.

Your First Funnel Challenge Bonuses & Other Freebies

Your First Funnel Challenge Bonuses

One of the bonuses I am really looking forward to is getting the top-performing sales funnels.

If you would like to learn more about the Your First Funnel Challenge, sign up for FREE to the event or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below for you:

Making your own funnel from scratch takes quite a bit of time and requires a lot of creativity, but having professionals provide you with their very own marketing funnels is a blessing!

But that’s not all, there is more!

There is a FREE VIP Upgrade!

Your First Funnel Challenge free vip upgrade

The value we get from this event is insane! Besides the other bonuses mentioned above, there is a free VIP upgrade that includes:

  • ClickFunnels 2.0 30-Days FREE! -> Yes, they are offering us a free trial to their new funnel program that costs hundreds of dollars per month without any risks or additional costs.
  • Private Zoom Access With Russell & Daymond -> Just imagine having the opportunity to interact with a multi-millionaire from Shark Tank and getting personalized advice from Daymond John!
  • ​Lifetime Access To All Of The Training Videos
  • BONUS: In-Depth Coaching
  • DOUBLE BONUS: FAQ Answered Directly by Russell

VIP Welcome Kit

Your First Funnel Challenge VIP Welcome Kit

There are some things you do have to pay for though, we can’t be too greedy and spoiled…

  • 30 Days Book -> I think this may be useful for beginners if you are building your first lead funnel, but it’s not really necessary. Your funnel building skills will improve the more you do it.
  • Free Funnel Hacker Cookbook -> While this can teach you step by step recipes, it’s also not necessary as there is a funnel hacking live session in the 5 day training program.
  • Funnel Hacker T-Shirt

How to Sign Up for VIP FREE?

Once you complete your registration for First Funnel Challenge, you will be taken to a VIP upgrade page.

Your First Funnel Challenge Sign Up

You will need to fill out your details and credit card information when you scroll down. Don’t worry, you won’t get charged, but make sure to cancel the trial before 30 day free trial is over if you don’t want to continue and pay $297.

However, if you get results and value from the whole thing, why not continue?

Your First Funnel Challenge Pricing

So you’re probably wondering how much the Your First Funnel Challenge is going to cost? The good news is that it’s 100% FREE.

All you have to do is sign up for the challenge and that’s all there is to it. You won’t even have to pay a penny to join.

Final Thoughts on “Your First Funnel Challenge”

When you complete all signups, you will be redirect to their Thank You Page and the next steps to take to get started.

Your First Funnel Challenge Final Thoughts


Overall, the whole signup process was simple, easy and understandable.

I mean, it’s pretty much expected, but they sent me all the information I need to get the most out of the 5-day training event, so all that is left is to apply myself.

If you would like to learn more about the Your First Funnel Challenge, sign up for FREE to the event or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below for you:

Even though I myself have a few years of experience selling and marketing stuff online, this is definitely an opportunity everyone should take part in, experienced or not!

There will be plenty of other juicy things to share once the event is finished, but that’s my first funnel review for now, so make sure to sign up for the event and also keep updated with our blog.

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