What EXACTLY Is Kajabi and How Does it Work? (2024)

What Is Kajabi? How Does It Work?

Do you have a set of skills when it comes to a particular topic? What if I told you there is an easy way to build an audience and monetize your knowledge with something called Kajabi?

No, it’s not an anime or a manga series!

Kajabi is an easy to use all in one platform dedicated to teachers, coaches, radio hosts, consultants, etc looking to earn an income online.

What’s awesome about this platform is that Kajabi is an all in one platform which comes with built-in marketing tools and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc making it easy and effortless to track leads, sales figures, and marketing reports.

If you’re not sure what “leads” and “CRM” are, then fear not! The Kajabi university has an extensive library of videos dedicated to helping your online business.

If you would like to learn more about Kajabi or get an exclusive extended FREE trial, I’ll provide a link below:

I myself in fact sell online courses, so let’s go over some of the details, key features that I found particularly useful, the advantages, how it works, and some cool Kajabi offers.

Overview of Kajabi

kajabi homepage

Since 2010, Kajabi has provided entrepreneurs the ability to share their knowledge and skills online globally. With over 50,000+ teachers/consultants and 60 million students all over 120 countries, Kajabi is one of the leading and most popular online course platforms that people go to for educational content.

The reason why the Kajabi team has become so successful in such a short amount of time is their dedication to customer service and support for their content creators. Read our Kajabi Free Trial Review here

Why Use Kajabi? Who It’s For

If you are looking to build an online teaching, coaching, training, consulting, or membership subscription-based business, then Kajabi might be for you.

It’s an all-inclusive online platform that will help you create a coaching program and sales funnels from scratch without you having to know any code, marketing, or sales knowledge.

So services like fitness coaching, consulting, dating advice, etc to something similar to Twitch or Patreon where people pay you monthly might be very suitable on the Kajabi platform.

Though previous entrepreneurship and digital marketing experience will help, you don’t necessarily need any to get started because Kajabi will take you from zero to hero throughout the whole process and provide you with the necessary tools, resources, and support to be successful.

If you would like to learn more about Kajabi or get an exclusive extended FREE trial, I’ll provide a link below:

If you, however, want to sell physical goods or one-time purchase products with low margins, Kajabi might not be the most suitable platform due to the pricing structure and functionality. In such cases, something like ClickFunnels might be a better option.

Advantages of Kajabi

But if you think the services provided by Kajabi might be something up your alley, then here are some of the advantages and reasons to get started today!

All In One Solution

One of the things I find quite annoying as a business owner of multiple websites is how everything is so scattered with different dashboards and tools here and there.

In addition, integrating them, making sure they are compatible, watching out for updates, maintaining the site’s integrity, and keeping the workflow, etc can take a lot of time!

However, with Kajabi fortunately, you don’t have to deal with all that headache.

Kajabi All In One

This is the main dashboard when you create an account and I am more than impressed by how clean and user-friendly it is!

Everything you need is accessible with a touch of a few buttons such as creating landing pages, email marketing tools, analytics, etc.

Most importantly though, a payment gateway already comes with Kajabi, so you will be credited to your Paypal or Stripe account whenever you make a sale. For any other merchants, you will have to use Zapier to integrate the payment options.

Excellent Customer & Content Creator Support

Kajabi Customer Reviews Trustpilot

Besides me, plenty of other people have found the support team very helpful and one of the highlighting features of the platform.

There are various Kajabi reviews from real customers, content creators, and such who’ve left very positive reviews about the company and how easy it was to get certain issues sorted out.

Even when there is a minority of angry entitled customers, Kajabi goes above and beyond to get all issues sorted out and actively responds to customers on various channels. Just take a look at one of these recent comments.

kajabi response

Live Training

Kajabi isn’t just in it for the money; they are dedicated to making sure that everyone succeeds with their ventures and businesses.

I found that you can sign up for any live training ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE!

Kajabi Live Training

From successful business owners sharing some golden nuggets of wisdom to Live Q/A sessions, I was really impressed by how frequently they host such events.

Whether you are a beginner or somewhat experienced, there is still a lot you can learn from these resources.

30 Minute Call

kajabi call

In case you want something specific answered or need some guidance, did you know that you can actually schedule a private call with the Kajabi team for support? For a large company, it’s very surprising that they are able to dedicate that much time.

Sometimes, even as a paying advertiser on Google, Youtube, and Facebook, I can’t count how many times I’ve pulled out my hair trying to get a hold of someone who could help me resolve my issue, but Kajabi is a breath of fresh air.

Kajabi University

And lastly, from marketing training courses to website creation, Kajabi University has a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be explored.

Kajabi University

Though I personally have quite a bit of experience with marketing and sales, I did find some really interesting courses that helped me up my game.

I feel like Kajabi is not just a platform that allows users to sell their online courses, but an actual online university that teaches people how to be successful with their online business.

You can take the knowledge and lessons from these videos and apply them to any other type of business besides just selling online courses and coaching programs.

Kajabi Communities

Kajabi Communities is a feature that allows you to connect with other Kajabi users who have similar interests. It is meant to be a global community platform where you can meet with like-minded individuals and foster real relationships within a collective community.

I think this feature is really helpful because it allows you to connect with people who are actually using the Kajabi platform. Being a part of a bigger collective has many perks. You can ask for advice, collaborate on projects, or just chat about your business.

Furthermore, in this space ingenuity is king, and nothing gets your brain turning as much as discussing business with fellow entrepreneurs.

These communities can be varied in topics, from website design to business growth. So whatever your niche or specialty is, you can bet there’s a Kajabi community for you.

Moreover, have you ever used the large community gathering service Vibely? Well, Kajabi acquired the company just this year, and are planning on launching the next generation of Kajabi Communities using the Vibely model.

They have promised that exciting new features like live calls, challenges, leaderboards, accountability tools, real-time chat, and more are going to release soon. To prepare, they have already gotten an exciting number of big names in the field to come on board as community starters and teachers.

However, the service is currently unavailable. If this is something that interests you then you can sign up for the waitlist after you have made an official Kajabi account.

How To Get Started With Kajabi & How Does It Work?

So you’re ready and eager to get your feet wet? Well then, getting started is very simple and pretty straightforward!

If you would like to learn more about Kajabi or get an exclusive extended FREE trial, I’ll provide a link below:

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get to your main dashboard.

The Pricing Options: Kajabi Cost

There are 3 pricing tiers to choose from Basic Plan, Growth Plan, and Pro Plan.

Choose a plan that seems suitable for your needs.

However, if you want to just try it out before committing, you can take advantage of their 14-free day trial. I think it’s ample enough time to get used to the features and how Kajabi works in general.

Signing Up For Free Trial

kajabi pricing plans

Once you head over to Kajabi, or their pricing page, just click “Start for Free” to create your account.

You will be asked a few questions about what you plan to sell on the platform and what services you will be offering. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two.

kajabi get started

You will then be prompted to the password creation page and once everything is confirmed with email verification etc, your personal dashboard should be ready.

The Dashboard

Kajabi All In One

Once you get to the dashboard, your free trial has begun!

I would suggest creating a product first before you move on to making sales pages, and landing pages or before meddling around with the marketing tools.

Create Courses and Other Products

Kajabi Creating Online Courses and Products

Click on Products, choose what you want to add, and click Get Started.

You will then be asked a few questions about the product, course, or program. Depending on how much info you put on there, it should take a few minutes to set up.

kajabi first product

Once you fill in all the details for the product, you will see something like this with all the course creation tools. Now, the course or program you want is your choice. All are pretty straightforward and easy to set up.

Just choose the tools and modules you want in the lesson and build away!

kajabi coaching new

If you chose coaching, it might look a bit different, but the site is very user-friendly that I think even Forest Gump could easily set everything up without a hassle!

You can also set up podcasts (which can be syndicated to Apple, Spotify or privately monetized on Kajabi) and Community groups where you can share specific tips or resources with subscribed members.

What kind of product you want to offer is really up to you, but overall, creating a few products of my own on Kajabi felt effortless.

Setting Up a Site

As mentioned, Kajabi is a one-stop shop, so you get free hosting and website builder with your plan!

You don’t necessarily have to connect a domain name because you do have the option of using a sub-domain from Kajabi like: mybusiness.mykajabi.com, but I highly recommend you to get your own domain name as it looks more professional and increases conversion rates.

You just need to set the DNS records for your domain name (if you have one) to Kajabi, and viola! Your online business is now up and running.

kajabi site setup

While the website builder is easy to use, it’s a bit lacking and doesn’t offer much customization, but it’s more than enough to set up a professional-looking website for selling coaching programs, video courses, and such.

Overall, it’s clean, simple, and very easy to use. Especially when it comes to online courses, navigating through the lessons and modules is very understandable, so I can’t imagine anyone getting lost or confused.

Finalizing Everything

Once the website, courses, programs, and products are all set up, you need to tinker around with what kind of offers you want to promote and prepare a few sales pages and funnels in order to start earning.

If you don’t know the first thing about online sales and marketing, I highly suggest you watch a few of Kajabi’s training tutorials or schedule a call with them. Otherwise, setting up a workflow and a sales funnel might be a bit confusing for beginners.

kajabi funnel workflow

However, in short, you need to create an opt-in landing page with a lead magnet. It can be a free trial, eBook, or free consultation call, etc, and then advertise your offer in order to get traffic to your site/landing page.

If you do things right, you should have a decent amount of contacts/leads to start converting them into customers through a sales funnel.

Getting Paid on Kajabi

Compared with other platforms, Kajabi does not take any commission from your sales and earnings.

As long as you pay the monthly service fee or annual subscription, Kajabi offers a way to save money with your business.

It’s a good deal if you will be selling at higher volumes because websites like Udemy take anywhere from 3% to 67% commission which is absolutely crazy!

Kajabi on the other hand has Stripe and Paypal integrations. You simply need to connect your Paypal or Stripe account (if you have one) or integrate a merchant payment system through Zapier. Whenever you make a sale, your earnings will be credited to your account.

Final Thoughts and Advice

Overall, Kajabi is a simple and easy to use platform that includes everything from creating digital products to marketing funnels with a touch of a few buttons.

If you are interested in selling digital products or creating membership sites, I highly recommend you at least give their free trial a try and see if it’s something for you.

If you would like to learn more about Kajabi or get an exclusive extended FREE trial, I’ll provide a link below:

Kajabi makes life that much easier! From free web hosting, video placement, to automated marketing campaigns, it saves a lot of time and other unnecessary expenses associated with marketing such as analytical tools, email marketing software, etc.

It would have been nice to have more pre-built templates and freedom with website development, but for someone looking to build a professional, responsive, and fast-loading website, it’s more than enough.

Also, I would prefer to have more control over the marketing tools because as soon as you stop paying the service fee, you could be locked out of your whole business, but that’s just my Kajabi review as an experienced marketer, but plenty of other Kajabi customers are fully satisfied and happy with everything.

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this article and I hope you got some value from it. I just want to make you aware that some of the links on this website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally use and believe will add value to my readers.