WebinarJam 30 & 60 Day Free Trial, Still Available in 2024?

Does a WebinarJam Free Trial Still Exist?

So, you are looking for a WebinarJam trial, or maybe even a WebinarJam free trial?

Perhaps you came to this post looking for a WebinarJam 60 day trial?

Who isn’t nowadays? Webinars are essential in today’s world, and WebinarJam happens to be the best tool.

Well, there is good news, and bad news…

Bad news? Well, there is no free trial for WebinarJam 🙁

But the good news is that you can still get a trial of WebinarJam for one simple dollar (which is nearly free).

Oh… and keep reading, because at the time of writing this, there are some MASSIVE changes to WebinarJam!

If you want INSTANT access to the WebinarJam trial, Click Here To See If There’s Some Trial Spots Left.

Unfortunately, this is for a limited time, so I’m not sure how long this special trial offer will last.

If you haven’t seen the tool in action, check out our new review and demo video of WebinarJam.

WebinarJam 60 Day Trial?

There has been a lot of questions regarding the 60 day trial. Some say you can get it, some say it’s impossible.

Well… here is the truth… It was possible, because it existed not too long ago.

WebinarJam 60 Day Trial

There used to be a 60 day trial as you can see in the image above, however it’s gone now.

If you would like to see the current trial offer for WebinarJam, you can check it out here:

Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar have gone through some massive changes, which might be the reason why they removed the 60 day trial.

I pray that their current trial offer will stick around long enough, so you can take advantage of it at least.

You can currently get a 14 day trial for one dollar (which still allows you to test drive the tool before paying any huge amount).

How Do We Get The WebinarJam Free Trial?

We can’t get a “free trial”, but we can indeed get a trial of WebinarJam for only one dollar.

It’s also pretty simple to get one, but the key is to go on the right WebinarJam landing page that actually offers the special trial offer.

This is really important, because if you mess this up, you won’t be able to get a trial of WebinarJam (I ain’t joking).

So to ensure you activate your own extended trial, i’ll provide a link below for your convenience.

Once you click that link (or any of the trial links on this page), you should be taken to a page like this.

Webinarjam free trial

Like I mentioned above, this is only for a limited time…

I honestly don’t know how long this offer will last, so I would highly recommend to act now, to reserve your trial while it’s still available.

Considering they removed the 60 day trial, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to remove the current one soon.

So I would strongly recommend getting a trial, before they remove this one as well.

What’s The WebinarJam Pricing After The 14 Day Trial?

After the WebinarJam 14 day trial expires, you will get a re-bill at the discounted bargain price (paid annually automatically).

The pricing is pretty good, since we can utilise webinars, without any huge overheads.

The best part is, you can begin making money with the tool, before you even decide to pay for the services WebinarJam offers.

It’s also worth noting, even after you pay, you are essentially paying a small portion, to what other webinar platforms charge.

How about charging you four times more??

That’s what you can expect with other webinar platforms… For the SAME features!?

No thank you…

What About a WebinarJam 30 Day Trial?

Is there a WebinarJam 30 day free trial?

Unfortunately there isn’t a 30 day trial extension.

There was a 60 day trial of WebinarJam recently, until it was removed.

But they do currently have a 14 day trial.

Does WebinarJam Offer A Money Back Guarantee?


What’s also reassuring is that everyone is protected by WebinarJam’s 100% money back guarantee policy.

Which means you can contact their support within 30 days of your original purchase date, and get a full refund.

Here are the plans that WebinarJam offer right now.

WebinarJam pricing trial

Plus you can cancel your 14 day trial at any time.

I like that the offer comes with this guarantee, since it virtually eliminates any risk whatsoever.

Closing Thoughts

To summarise, yes there is a trial of WebinarJam (for a limited time).

The pricing is also pretty good after the trial as well, which opens up a whole new world of opportunity for you.

WebinarJam is truly an exceptional tool, which allows any person to utilise the power of webinars, without any unfair pricing.

As of recently WebinarJam have removed their 60 day trial.

There used to be a WebinarJam 60 day trial, but not anymore.

There is also no WebinarJam 30 day trial either. But we can still test out, and try out the tool for 14 days.

I hope you enjoyed this short post, and got value from it.

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