NEW WebinarJam + EverWebinar 4.0 Review (Everything You Need To Know)

WebinarJam 4.0, plus EverWebinar 4.0…

It seems like every marketer and their mom are talking about these two webinar tools.

But for a good reason!

But after all, both WebinarJam and EverWebinar are getting some major updates, which is why the “4.0” title is associated with both of the tools.

Oh… and if you don’t know already…

WebinarJam to put it briefly, is a very powerful live webinar platform.

While EverWebinar, is an amazing automated webinar solution, for those wishing to not do live webinars.

I’ll provide links below to both WebinarJam’s & EverWebinar’s limited time 60 day trial links, if you wanna try them out risk free.

You should also get an update for the 4.0 version of both tools, if you get the 60 day trial, or already have the tools as well..

Which means you can get 2 months of either Webinar software for $1 (close to free) instantly, to see what they are like first hand.

Both of these tools are very very powerful…

Which is why i’ll be covering all the juicy details for both of these prestige tools…

So keep reading, because there’s a lot of exciting changes you don’t wanna miss out on!

WebinarJam 4.0 & EverWebinar 4.0 Review Overview

Here’s the new rebranding of WebinarJam 4.0.

WebinarJam 4.0

Oh… and here’s the new EverWebinar 4.0 rebranding as well.

EverWebinar 4.0

But if you already have either one of the tools, you should be getting an update with the new 4.0 version.

At the moment, there aren’t any live links to the new versions of both WebinarJam 4.0 or EverWebinar 4.0.

I’ll leave links down below for both of their limited time 60 day trial links.

If you are really eager to get started on using these tools.

Also, once the 4.0 versions come out, you should be automatically updated to the new 4.0 versions, while on your 60 day trial.

New Features

Although the 4.0 update hasn’t been released yet… GOOD NEWS!

We’ve been able to get some exclusive insight on what improvements and new features are going to be added to the webinar tools 🙂

Here are some of the new features coming to WebinarJam 4.0:

  • More Statistics: For example, more live data regarding your connection when broadcasting live to your audience.
  • Right Now Webinars: As the title suggest, webinars you can activate live immediately at any time.
  • The “Oops Button” – You can actually launch a new webinar in less than 15 seconds while live, and import all your current live viewers to your new webinar automatically.

New Improvements

Plus here are some amazing new improvements being added as well:

  • Less lag time during your live webinars (which will naturally improve user experience and engagement).
  • Improved quality and faster streaming for yourself and your viewers
  • Webinars are optimised for all devices including mobile phones (meaning people can watch your webinar anywhere, at anytime).
  • An even more stable system for your live broadcasting

These are just some of the new things coming out soon…

I know they are also doing a 3 day live training during their launch as well.

And get this…

Their going to have a special guest known as the (hundred million dollar man) during the training, to really help you succeed with webinars.

But just in case you aren’t to familiar with either WebinarJam or EverWebinar in general…

I’ll also add my review videos for both tools below.

WebinarJam Video Review

Here’s a detailed review of the WebinarJam tool, and a live walkthrough of it.

Heaps of information to learn from in the video, if you’re interested in WebinarJam!

EverWebinar Video Review

Like my WebinarJam video, my EverWebinar video also goes through a live demo of the software.

You’ll gather a lot of insight in this video, regarding the software.


Overall, I’m really excited about the new features and improvements coming inside of both the new WebinarJam 4.0, and EverWebinar 4.0 updates.

The tools are already amazing as they are, let alone after these 4.0 updates…

Very exciting times ahead!

Also, if you want to get a 60 day trial for either WebinarJam or EverWebinar, i’ll provide the links below.

I hope you enjoyed my article on the WebinarJam 4.0 update inside of this review.

As more information comes out, i’ll update and edit this article accordingly, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for reading my WebinarJam 4.0 post 🙂

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