Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review 2024: Beware Before You Signup!! (Discount Inside!)

Welcome to another one of my in-depth reviews, this time covering Video Marketing Blaster (VMB). In this review for 2024 we’ll be going over literally EVERYTHING you need to know about VMB.

If you’re new here on my blog, I NEVER actually review a product or software, unless I first test it out, and see what it’s like personally for myself!

And that’s exactly what I decided to do for Video Marketing Blaster 🙂

In fact i’ve been personally using this tool since the old days in 2015. It’s definitely changed a lot from back then.

If you would like to learn more about Video Marketing Blaster, or get a special discount, I’ll leave a link below:

But with that being said, let’s begin our review.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review

Big companies spend millions of dollars on marketing to get themselves and their products out there to the world. Money like that is nothing for them, but a real fortune for us small business owners.

So I asked myself if there’s a way to do marketing on a budget. As it turns out, there is!

There are all sorts of useful tools out there that let you do budget marketing. Thanks to Video Marketing Blaster, you can let search engines do the marketing for you.

How great is that?

Let’s dive in and find out!

VMB Overview

Video Marketing Blaster is meant for those who want to produce online content but have no idea about SEO, or don’t have time for it.

SEO is a crucial part of having search engines discover your content. It means using the right keywords that line up with major search trends, to rank high in the search results.

Whether it’s Youtube videos or affiliate marketing you’re doing, the quality of your content matters just as much as its discoverability.

You should spend as much time doing SEO as you do making content. However the problem with that is that it can easily lead to work overload, and burnout.

And this is where Video Marketing Blaster comes in, and what piqued my own curiosity to see what this software is like in the first place.

They claim that you can get a bunch of free targeted traffic, without knowing SEO, without building backlinks, or writing content!

Here are some of the things Video Marketing Blaster can do for you:

  • Automated keyword research
  • Creates meta descriptions for you
  • Analyzes your competition
  • Tracks your ranking
  • And much more (keep reading to learn more)

This nifty tool takes care of all the boring work, leaving you more time and energy for creative work (or to even relax on the beach if you would like).

I ruminated on writing a separate Video Marketing Blaster Pro review, but ultimately joined the two reviews into one for you.

Read on and you’ll get the best from my Video Marketing Blaster Pro review, and uncover everything you need to know about the software.

What Is Video Marketing Blaster?

You’ve witnessed a small glimpse of the power of VMB, so now let’s sink our teeth into it.

There is the Standard and the Pro version of VMB, just like with their other tools Videly & Thumbnail Blaster.

The Standard version of VMB provides you with the Keyword Finder and the SEO Generator feature.

The Pro version provides you with 2 more additional modules: Niche Analysis and Rank Tracker. You also get four powerful feature functions with the Pro version:

  • templates generator
  • multiple campaigns
  • agency rights
  • Split Blaster

The Video Marketing Blaster Pro Features (OTO 1)

Like we covered above so far, Video Marketing Blaster has a powerful “pro version” upgrade, which opens you up to even MORE jaw dropping features!

To learn more about each new feature individually, feel free to read our summery below.

Niche Analysis

Wonder how your competition made it big? Niche Analysis gets to the core metrics of their success, and tells you how to do it yourself.

The Niche Analysis module reports how many and which backlinks, views and signals you need to land high in the search results.

Video Marketing Blaster Niche Analysis

We’ll take a closer look at what it means when we cover how search engines work.

But this is a handy feature, to get a good feel of the competition for your chosen niche or keyword.

Rank Tracker

Every video you upload should be tracked in an easy and convenient way.

Inside of Video Marketing Blaster Pro, you can do this very easily for the keywords you want to track your rankings for.

ideo Marketing Blaster Rank Tracker

This VMB Pro module tracks the performance of all your videos, including their views, likes and shares. You can tell what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a very handy feature to see how well your campaigns are doing!

Templates Generator

VMB Pro templates generator lets you easily create hundreds of variations of one text.

For example, you can start with “best plumber Los Angeles” and churn out as many variations of those keywords as you need to outrank your competition.

Video Marketing Blaster Video Details

The power behind this feature is the automation behind it. It’ll automatically generate you a video title, a video description, and some video tags to help you rank in the search engines.

The cool thing about this is that the information it generates, is engineered to increases your rankings, and to get you more free traffic. Video Marketing Blaster carefully analyses the competition to see what is working, and gives you the perfect information to copy and paste.

It’s essentially giving you the blueprint to the algorithm through this automated optimization, to help you reach top YouTube rankings.

Multiple Campaigns

This feature lets you scale by working on multiple campaigns. You might not think you need this function until you start doing professional SEO.

Agency Rights

With this feature, you get the rights to offer all the VMB Pro functions to your clients, making cash and building your reputation as an SEO expert.

Split Blaster

Finally, one neglected source of traffic on Youtube is comments on other videos.

Thanks to Split Blaster, you can search for target videos and schedule automatic comment posting to get their viewers to your channel.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro Cost And Pricing

The Standard version of VMB is enough to get you rolling but what about the Pro version? Is it worth the money?

You can buy the Standard version for a one-time fee, and then pay monthly for the Pro version.

At the time of writing this for you, the one-time fee is $27 and the Pro version is $47 every 3 months, with a 14-day trial for $1.

Check out the link below to see if the special discount for VMB is still available for you.

The makers of VMB regularly put out discounts, so do try it out, since there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

Video Marketing Blaster Pro Cost And Pricing

One-time offers for VMB come in three flavors:

  • OTO 1: $47 every 3 months with a 14-day $1 trial for the Pro version
  • OTO 2: $37 one time payment for the version optimized for local niches (VMB local pack)
  • OTO 3: $67 one time payment for the version with live streaming capabilities (Live event blaster)

The main advantage of the Pro version subscription is the regular software updates that come with it.

Is There A Video Marketing Blaster Pro Free Trial?

Unfortunately there is no free trial for the standard VMB package.

But you CAN get a 1 dollar trial of Video Marketing Blaster pro which is pretty cool.

So it’s not a free trial, but it’s close (since it’s only 1 dollar).

Now that we addressed that,  let’s cover whether or not there are some Video Marketing Blaster discounts.

NEW Video Marketing Blaster Discount

What about discounts or coupon codes for VMB?

Yes to both coupon codes, and discounts (or whatever you want to call savings).

In fact, i’ll leave the special discounts below, so you can use them personally.

The link down below will activate a $70 discount for you!

Better than paying the normal $97 price, right?

Video Marketing Blaster Pro Bonuses

Now because I believe so much in the Video Marketing Blaster tool, i’ve went ahead and put together the ULTIMATE Video Marketing Blaster bonus package, that I want to give to you for FREE (at no additional cost) when you get Video Marketing Blaster through my affiliate link.

Here is a list of bonuses you get (for free) if you buy through my link:

  1. My New Jaw-Dropping “Ranking On YouTube System”
  2. Google Ranking Secrets
  3. The Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs!
  4. Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library!

The Free Bonuses I’m adding are specifically meant to give you EVERYTHING you could ever need to become an ultra successful Video Marketing Blaster user!

All of these bonuses are designed to help you get more views, traffic, leads, and sales to grow your business online.

And the cool thing is, you never spend an extra penny. However, if you were to invest into Video Marketing Blaster from somewhere else, you’d never get a single bonus.

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How To Claim Your Bonuses

All you have to do is simply get Video Marketing Blaster through the links on this page, to get access to everything mentioned above.

Make sure you see my affiliate ID “imminenthd” at the bottom of the checkout page.

This is important, because if you don’t see this, it’s unlikely you will be buying through me, and unfortunately you won’t qualify for our bonuses.

The solution to fix this (if you can’t see my affiliate id) is clear your cookies and cache, visit the sales page through a link on this page again, and check for my affiliate ID.

Once you have done all the above steps, and purchased Video Marketing Blaster through our affiliate link, please email a copy of the receipt to with the subject line: VMB [VIP EDITION] Bonus Claim after purchasing through our link, so I can send out your bonuses.

How Does Video Marketing Blaster Pro Work?

The idea behind VMB Pro is very interesting and is called “Big Data”.

This means there’s an entire ocean of data with treasure islands out there, but all you have at first is a paddleboat.

Likewise, trying to make it big as a content creator is like trying to cross the ocean—you’ll soon get tired and give up.

Unless you have a sense of direction and a bigger boat, you’ll only be able to aimlessly drift. By using tools such as VMB Pro, you get both and finally have a chance at finding the treasure.

All the major social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, also hunt for Big Data and try to find the treasure before anyone else does.

Here’s a little secret: there’s enough treasure out there for everyone. All we have to do is get the right tools and put some effort into finding it.

Figuring Out The Algorithm

When you make content online, you’re only partly making it for your audience. The bigger part is making it for search engines.

They scan your content and try to figure out who it’s for. The stronger the signals you put alongside your content, the higher up it gets ranked by search engines, but there’s a catch.

Nobody really knows how search engines work, but by the looks of it, they seem to use a mathematical formula known as “algorithm”.

The search engine algorithm scores each signal, meaning each keyword, tag, hashtag and so on, to figure out what your content is about. It also penalizes things such as plagiarism, bad keywords and poor performance.

Search engines keep their algorithm a secret and tweak it once in a while to stir things up.

Getting a lot of traffic means you’ve figured out the search engine algorithm. When it changes, you figure out the tweaks and do it again before your competition.

Doing good SEO means putting in such keywords and tags that land you in as many searches and as high in the results as possible, over and over again.

Most content creators don’t know about SEO or algorithms.

They simply follow trends, even as they’re about to disappear, blindly pumping out content for which there’s less and less traffic.

Youtubers who can’t figure out the algorithm get burned out and give up, and there’s plenty of famous Youtubers who did just that.

They keep making the same content they used to make but the algorithm is scoring their content lower and lower, giving them less views, likes and shares.

How To Master SEO

To master SEO, you have to use automation and Big Data. There’s no way around it.

When VMB Pro scans your competition, it tries to figure out how the algorithm changed. For example, are some keywords now scored more?

Trying to do SEO by hand is a self-defeating mission because nobody can keep up with algorithms, and keep making good content.

Doing both of those well is the only way to attract your audience, and have them coming back.

The main problem with the audience is that there impatient and rarely clicks any search results beyond the top 3. You don’t have to be the first in the search results but top 3 if preferable.

Like we covered in our review, Video Marketing Blaster Pro has a feature that analyses WHY your competitors  are ranking on top of the search. This is where the Niche analysis feature inside of VMB becomes extremely valuable. 

Video Marketing Blaster Niche Analysis 2

It goes through a big data analysis, and explains WHY a video is ranking over another, and which rankings factors it fulfils.

Your goal is then to figure out a niche and dominate it with each piece of your content. Try to find a niche that has mostly red, to yellow bars. This will make it a lot easier for you to rank for your given keyword.

Once people get used to you being a reliable content producer, they will flock to you whenever they see your name or brand, and you’ll naturally get more views and more rankings.

By using Video Marketing Blaster Pro, you will learn how to recognize keyword trends, and get to ride them as they appear, rather than cling onto them as they disappear.

Over time, you will gain a deep understanding of how SEO truly works. As you become more popular, you can count on others copying your ideas and keywords.

Then you’ll be able to make waves instead of simply riding them. That’s when the big companies will start throwing their marketing millions at you.

The Long Tail

How much money is there to be made in a niche? A lot, but only if you know how to minimize your marketing costs.

To grow big, you need to spend money on marketing; to get money, you need to grow big. It seems impossible to succeed, right?

There is a solution, and it’s called “The Long Tail”.

Imagine a ski jumping slope.

At the very top is where the big companies duke it out with their millions in marketing and want to push each other down the slope.

At the very bottom is where the small companies fight for survival, hoping to climb on top of the slope.

There is a constant churn as small companies start climbing the slope but then fail and slide all the way down.

The Long Tail theory says that there’s no need to climb the slope. Instead, you can find and tap unexplored niches at the bottom.

The secret to the Long Tail is that most people see the slope and get competitive. They become obsessed with status and want to climb the slope for bragging rights.

If you ignore them and play smart, you’ve already made it.

If you focus on data and find rich but untapped niches, you’ll strike your own path.

There’s only one downside to the Long Tail, which is that you need to be an expert in the niche you want to tap into.

Thanks to VMB Pro, you can do your research and marketing for peanuts. This allows you to become an expert in the niche and experiment to your heart’s content.

Final Video Marketing Blaster Review Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my review and found some pearls of wisdom in it.

This Video Marketing Blaster review showed you that it’s no longer enough to create content for your audience. To make it big, you have to create your content for search engines as well.

We should all become content creators, changing the world and becoming successful along the way. But, nobody can expect us to be masters of SEO.

If you’re using the internet, you’re already a content creator. You are producing content but aren’t actually putting SEO in it.

Thanks to tools like VMB, you can have your SEO done for you and focus on making content.

You can rest assured success is right around the corner because your audience will always find you.

Honestly like with anything, I would highly recommend trying out the software, because then you’ll get a first hand feel for what it’s like yourself.

Once you have the power of VMB and VMB Pro on your side, the internet is your oyster.

I genuinely hope you found this post useful, and accumulated some information on what Video Marketing Blaster can do for you.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this article and I hope you got some value from it. I just want to make you aware that some of the links on this website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally use and believe will add value to my readers.