Videly Review 2024: Beware Before You Signup!! (Discount Inside!)

Welcome to our Videly review. Today i’m going to be going over EVERYTHING you need to know about Videly and what it does.

If you’ve never been on my website before, I NEVER review a product or software, unless I see what it’s like, and try it out myself.

And Videly is no exception to that rule 🙂

If you would like to learn more about Videly, or get a special discount, I’ll leave a link below:

But with that being said, let’s begin our review.

Videly Review Overview

                                                 I got the software, so I can show you!

Videly Members Area

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a video marketer, or business owner, looking to get more leads and sales online, right?

I’m sure you’re well aware of the traffic potential in SEO.

No matter if you want more views for your offers, local business, or even your website, I think we can all agree that SEO is where the money is at.

We know that MILLIONS of people go to YouTube & Google everyday searching for YOUR solution.

But the problem is, not all of us know SEO, or know how to build backlinks to rank on page one.

Even doing that majority of the time isn’t enough to see life changing results…

If you’re anything like me, you might of tried:

  • Ranking your video or website on Google, but got little to no views
  • Building backlinks, but still didn’t rank on page #1
  • Or even write high quality content, and still not get the views that you expected

And this is where Videly comes in, and what piqued my own curiosity to see what this software is like.

They claim that you’ll be able to tap into the MASSIVE potential of SEO without actually knowing SEO yourself.

So with that being said, let’s go over everything we need to know about the Videly software, Videly Pro, the OTOs and much more.

A Live Videly Demo (An Inside Look)

So i’m not only going to summarise what you need to know about Videly, but I also wanted to show you a live demo of the software (since i’m a paying customer for this tool myself).

As you can see (within the video), the video SEO software is quite amazing.

You’ll also learn everything you need to know about the Videly Pro, and the Videly Agency OTO, explained in the above video.

What Is Videly?

So far we went through a live demo of Videly, and the power Videly has to dramatically improve your SEO extremely fast.

In short, Videly is a powerful new video marketing tool that helps you rank your videos on both YouTube and Google.

The tool will help you find low competition money keywords to help you get top rankings in the search engines.

What makes this tool unique from anything else i’ve come across, is the fact that the product creators Vlad and Stoica (BlasterSuite) are video marketing freaks themselves.

They’ve been in this SEO game for quite a long time, and have made ridiculous amounts of money ranking their own videos for years.

I’ve been using their video marketing tools since 2015 to rank my own videos inside of YouTube.

But today, they have fine tuned their software to a level I thought wouldn’t be possible.

Videly Demo

More than that Videly is a collection of various different tools in one. It does so much more than just find lucrative keywords for you.

If you can truely master using this tool, your competitors will turn their heads and wonder why you keep stealing all of their traffic!

Videly has plenty of features to really give you an unfair advantage over everyone else, if you use the tool correctly.

It can help you:

  • Find hidden lucrative, buyer keywords to exploit
  • Reverse engineer the mysterious Google and YouTube algorithm 
  • Generate perfectly SEO optimised titles, descriptions and tags 
  • Do a detailed niche analysis to learn WHY your competitors are ranking
  • And so much more!!

Read on and you’ll get the best from my Videly review, and uncover everything you need to know about the tool.

The Videly Dasboard (Members Area)

This is the first tab inside of the Videly members area.

There isn’t really much to cover, since we’re only talking about the dashboard here.

Videly Training And Dasboard

But I did want to write a small section on it, since this is where you can find the detailed training to use Videly’s powerful features.

If you can fully use the Videly tool properly and all the features inside, you’ll get the maximum benefits from it and the rewards that come with it.

Full Videly Training Tutorial

So this is where you can find the training, and see your main dashboard inside of the tool.

Videly Keyword Research

The second tab inside of Videly will give you access to their powerful keyword research feature.

This makes finding money keywords with a lot of potential a piece of cake.

Videly Keyword Research Tool

As you can see in the image above, Videly gives us a lot of information for the keywords we’re researching including:

  • Interest over one year for the given keyword
  • Monthly search volume
  • Estimated YouTube views per month
  • Average YouTube competition views
  • Total keywords returned (for deeper keyword research)
  • And most importantly the keyword suggestions list

What I like to do first is under “new keyword research” enter my main keyword.

Then I go ahead and choose the sources that I want to use for my keyword research.

Videly Search Sources And Country Picker

I would strongly recommend only ticking Google, Competitors, and YouTube as your sources for your keyword research, but that’s totally up to you.

When i’m doing local SEO (for an example: Plumbers Sydney), I choose the country that I want to rank for (so English/Australia for this keyword).

This is to ensure we only get relevant keywords that will help us get quality leads for our business.

Videly local keyword research example

As you could imagine, ranking for “Plumbers” worldwide won’t really do us much good if we can only offer plumbing services to the people living in Sydney, Australia.

You have to keep this in mind when working with local businesses, or having clients that pay you on a monthly basis.

We can also choose the country we want to do keyword research in for foreign languages, and of course for foreign keywords.

This is when we would choose the country/language we would like to rank for (similar to what we did for the plumbing keyword example above).

Videly Video Details

The third tab is the “video details” section inside of the tool.

This feature inside of Videly will help you generate perfectly SEO optimised titles, descriptions and tags for you automatically.

All you have to do is choose your main and secondary keywords inside of the tool.

Videly Keyword Choice

These keywords will automatically be added to your video title, description, and tags that Videly will generate for you.

We can also add our social profiles and call to action in the video description.

So the tool will actually go ahead, and automatically add our website, call to action, and social profiles in the video description for us.

Profiles Section

Now all you have to do is click generate, and let Videly do all the heavy lifting for you 🙂

If you want to see all of your video details that the tool generated for you, simply click on the keyword in the “video details list” on the left.

Now you’ll be able to see the title, description, and tags that the tool created for you.

Videly Generated Video Details Example

You can also customise your video details at any time by clicking on the blue edit buttons.

On top of that, you can also regenerate your video details by clicking any of the blue buttons.

Videly Pricing & Cost

There is still a lot to go over in this review, but from what we covered so far we can see some of the potential behind the new Videly software.

But the million dollar question is how much does it cost?

You might be assuming that you’ll easily have to pay monthly for a software this powerful, right?


For a one time price, you can get Videly for $47 (at the time of writing this at least).

I can’t guarantee you that their special discount will last forever, so if you would like to check the latest pricing, i’ll provide a link below for you:

However, like mentioned above, they could potentially change their pricing plans in the future.

What About A Videly Free Trial?

From my own experience as a customer of this software, there is no free trial for Videly.

But the good news is that you can still get a Videly promo code, coupon code, or better known as a discount.

So let’s help you find the best deal for Videly, and go over whether or not there are some discounts.

NEW Videly Discount

Now onto arguably one of the most important parts of today’s article.

Is there some sort of coupon promo code, or at least a deal that gives us a discount for Videly?

I’m not 100% sure about coupon codes, but you can definitely get a discount!

In fact, i’ll leave the BEST discounts below, so you can try them out.

The link down below will allow you to get a 75% off discount right now for Videly!

You’ll be getting Videly for only $47, instead of the normal $188 price, which means you save an extra $141 instantly!

Videly Discount Coupon

With this discount, you’ll be able to avoid paying any monthly payments in the future (at the time of updating this review for you).

But with that being said, they do have the power to start charging monthly for Videly, which is why i’d strongly recommend taking action now to lock in your special discount.

Videly Pro (OTO 1)

The standard version of Videly is more than amazing, but how would you like even MORE features?

This is where Videly Pro comes in (which is the first upsell within the funnel). I decided to get the upgrade myself.

Videly Pro will give you exclusive access to the Niche analysis and Rank Tracker tabs, plus so much more.

This is a MUST have if you’re someone like me who wants the power to analyse niches and keywords with just a few clicks, while also tracking your video rankings on Google and YouTube.

As you can see in the image below, these are the key differences between the Standard, and the Pro version of Videly.

Videly Standard vs Pro

So overall, the pro upgrade does offer a LOT of additional value, that you would be missing out on, if you didn’t get it.

But let’s go into deep detail regarding the Niche analysis and Rank Tracker tabs inside of Videly Pro.

Videly Niche Analysis

You most likely have a couple of niches in mind that you want to use Videly for ranking, getting traffic and making money with it, right?

This cool feature inside of Videly Pro will allow you to quickly see in advance how easy or difficult it is to rank your videos for a specific keyword or niche.

All you have to do is enter in your keyword, and the Videly niche analysis tool will give you an abundance of information.

Videly Niche Analysis.

You’ll see the top 10 videos ranking for your keyword, and their SEO scores.

This will help you see How and WHY your competitors are ranking, and will allow you to reverse engineer their success for your own benefit.

On top of this, you’ll see some even more insider information like:

  • The average views per video for your keyword
  • The minimum views
  • The Maximum views
  • Average comments
  • Average likes
  • Average FB likes
  • The estimated traffic potential for your keyword (daily views)
  • And more importantly, Videly’s recommendations on how many views, likes and comments you’ll need

The niche analysis feature is kinda like having your own team of virtual private investigators, giving you all the intel on your competitors, and uncovering all of their secrets so you can beat them at their own game.

I would HIGHLY recommend using the niche analysis feature inside of Videly Pro, so you can enjoy higher rankings and get more traffic on autopilot.

Videly Rank Tracker

Another incredible feature that is only available inside of Videly Pro is the rank tracker.

It’s quite an additional feature that can really help you, considering I used to pay hundreds of dollars each month for other expensive rank tracking tools.

Prior to using any tracking tools at all, I was left in the dark and struggled to scale and dominate my niche.

Today, tracking my rankings is a priority and it’s given me a massive boost in my marketing campaigns.

After all, what’s the point of trying to rank if you don’t even know how you’re doing. As you can see below, the Videly rank tracker has a simple interface, with lots of bright colors.

Videly Rank Tracker

With the Videly rank tracking feature you can track your video rankings on Google AND on YouTube!

You’ll see a full summery of all of your video rankings, plus any daily changes that may occur. You also have the ability to track your video metrics (like your views, likes, and comments).

What I tend to do is track my keywords for a given video, and add some notes to track my progress with my rankings.

Overall, I really do like this particular feature inside of Videly Pro.

Videly Pro Price & Cost

So we covered some of the key features of Videly Pro, but how much does it cost, and what is the pricing for it?

Do you have to pay monthly to enjoy the benefits of Videly pro?

Good news, you don’t!

Instead, you just pay quarterly payments, of $47 each 3 months, which you can cancel at any time.

The pro version is an upgrade for Videly Standard. So you will need to purchase Videly Standard before you can upgrade to the pro version.

Once you purchase the standard plan through the special link above, you’ll have the option to get the pro plan.

Naturally, the pro plan isn’t going to be for everyone.

Yes it’s powerful, yes it takes Videly to the next level and makes it so much more powerful.

However, the pro plan is for those that are serious about growing their business, and for those serious about enjoying page one rankings on YouTube & Google.

But of course the pro plan could have a monthly plan in the future, which would mean that you would miss out on getting it at it’s current price forever!

So if you are interested in Videly pro, I would highly recommend you take action on their current MASSIVE discount, or you could miss out, and pay way more later for no reason!

Videly Agency (OTO 2)

The last upgrade and upsell for Videly is their Agency OTO.

Videly agency comes with a lot of additional benefits to help you make even more money with Videly.

If you decide to get this upsell, you’ll be taken to a page where you can unlock all of your agency features.

Videly Agency

You’ll find your Videly cash machine download, and your done for you agency theme template on the page shown above.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, because this upsell gives you access to the video report feature.

So let’s go over what that’s all about.

Videly Video Report

Inside of the video report tab, you will have the power to analyse any YouTube video url.

In this module you will be able to analyse any YouTube link for yourself and even for your clients.

The video report will go over exactly what a YouTube video is missing and what you should do to optimise and increase it’s rankings!

The cool thing about this and Videly agency is the fact that you can create these SEO video reports for your own personal benefit, and even for your clients.

In other words you get full agency rights, meaning that you can sell the research you get using Videly and the rankings you’ll generate.

Here is an example of the video SEO reports you can generate inside of Videly agency.

Videly SEO Report

The video report will give you a list of things you need to optimise your video for.

It will tell you the priority of the advice per line, whether or not it has been solved, and the issue itself.

For an example, the report in the image above is telling me that my “Second keyword is not in the title” with a high priority, and with a red X on the left indicating that I haven’t solved this issue.

To get this information for your own campaign, simply enter in the desired keyword you want to rank for, along with the video url, and Videly will automatically create a customised SEO report of things you can do to improve your rankings.

You can also create a PDF version of the report, and give that to your clients.

I like to use these reports to make sure my videos are fully optimised to the max.

But like I mentioned earlier, you can definitely sell these reports to other people on freelance sites, and make some decent money doing it.

At the time of writing this, you can get the full Videly agency package for a one time payment of only $67.

The ULTIMATE Videly Bonuses

So you’ve seen the raw power behind the Videly tool, and the potential it has when it comes to ranking on Google & YouTube. So what I want to do for you now, is give you some FREE Bonuses (at no additional cost) when you buy Videly through my affiliate link on this page.

Here is a list of my bonuses that you get for free when you buy through my link:

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The goal of these bonuses is to stack the deck in your favour, and give you EVERYTHING you could ever need to have massive success using the Videly software.

My custom bonuses are engineered to help you get more views, traffic, leads, and sales for you.

You’ll have high level access to decades of SEO, YouTube, and online marketing knowledge, given to you on a silver platter… (literally).

And the cool thing about my bonuses is that you never spend an extra penny to get them.

In fact, you would normally have to pay separately for them, but because you’re on this page, you can get them for FREE with your Videly purchase.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m an affiliate for Videly, so I get a commission if you buy through my link, which is why I’m able to provide these incredible bonuses for you (at NO additional cost). If you decide to get Videly through me, then I’ll give you all of my valuable bonuses for FREE 🙂

How To Claim Your Bonuses

To claim your custom Videly bonuses, all you have to do is simply buy through our affiliate link on this page.

To ensure you’re doing this correctly, please double check and look for the ID “imminenthd” at the bottom of the page as shown below in the image.

If you don’t see my affiliate ID, then you won’t be buying through my link and you will unfortunately miss out on your bonuses.

But don’t worry, because there is a very easy solution to fix this.

If you can’t see my affiliate id, simply clear your cookies and cache on your device, click through our link on this page again, and once you land on the checkout page, you should see our affiliate ID “ImminentHD”.

Once you have purchased through our link, all you have to do is email me a copy of your receipt to with the subject line: Videly [VIP EDITION] Bonus Claim so I can go ahead and verify that you purchased through our link, and most importantly send out your custom bonuses to you.

Are There Any Videly Alternatives?

Honestly there aren’t that many high quality tools that come close to what Videly can do for you.

You might want to compare Videly vs (fill in the blank).

But unfortunately i’ve yet to find any other tool that really rivals Videly.

When I do, i’ll be sure to update this section of my review, and let you know.

Final Videly Review Thoughts

I hope you learnt a lot of new information from this Videly review.

In summery, to conclude my review on Videly… It’s AMAZING!

A very powerful tool for all video marketers and business owners.

Honestly like with anything, I would highly recommend trying out the software, because then you’ll get a first hand feel for what it’s like yourself.

That’s it for my Videly review. It’s been a pleasure writing this article for you.

I appreciate you reading our review 🙂

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this article and I hope you got some value from it. I just want to make you aware that some of the links on this website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally use and believe will add value to my readers.