The Game Has Changed Virtual Live Event Review – Is It Worth It?

The Game Has Changed Virtual Live Event Review

Feeling unmotivated working the same old same old job? Are you perhaps stuck and confused, don’t know where to direct your life? OR do you have a business which you want to grow?

Then “The Game Has Changed Virtual Live Event” is something to consider! It’s an upcoming live event that I recently stumbled on and it looked quite interesting, so I decided to review some of the highlights and important points.

What really got my attention was the fact that it’s going to be hosted by Tony Robbins, one of the best motivational speakers and life coaches in the world alongside Dean Graziosi, a mastermind business strategist and entrepreneur.

It’s a 3-day event from June 13th until June 15th, 2024.

If you would like to learn more about the Game Has Changed, sign up for FREE to the event or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below for you:

Whether you are a total newbie or are a seasoned veteran who’s built a successful business before, I think there are still plenty of new things to learn in this virtual live event.

What is The Game Has Changed Event?

When I was starting out my entrepreneurship journey at the fine age of 22 after quitting my job 10 years ago, I was lost and confused to say the least.

I devoured through online articles, attended seminars, and watched YouTube videos from that KNAAWLEDGE guy Tai Lopez, but I still didn’t have a clue as to what I should do with my life and how I can start earning money from my skills and expertise.

Well… things did work out eventually, but at that time I really wished there was an event like The Game Has Changed to set my course straight because looking back, I probably spent way more time worrying not knowing where to go.

The event is a 3-day live training for mostly beginners and upcoming entrepreneurs, but it can also be useful for experienced business people looking to grow or pivot into a different career, perhaps something you are really passionate about.

It’s free and will be held virtually, so you can partake from the comfort of your home. I hear they will have Alex Hormozi, the founder of GymLaunch, and other surprise guest speakers.

Who is The Event For?

From what I gather, it’s mainly for beginners and part timer entrepreneurs looking to build a thriving business and achieve financial freedom. But it can also be quite useful for ones who’ve been in the game for some time. When you understand the technical aspects of building a business, it more often becomes a game of mental gymnastics.

I won’t be ashamed to admit that there are indeed plenty of limitations and mental blocks that are preventing me from growing my online businesses. So I myself am personally looking forward to hear what the best self-development coach Tony Robbins has to say.

Why Join The Event?

It’s an amazing opportunity for starters looking to create success, jam packed with valuable info to make a path clearly towards your future. You could clear any mental roadblocks, learn new technical skills and gain insights into your mind’s inner workings.

For my case, I am mostly interested in how I can scale my business further, save time, work more efficiently, and get more results from my input. I know for a fact that it’s not necessarily technical, but something is holding me back mentally from growing.

Hopefully this event will make it more clear, so even if you’re someone with plenty of business experience, having a supportive community of like minded people definitely helps.

Most likely, I will partake in the VIP Experience where you can join the private Zoom call and take advantage of many other freebies.


What is The $1 VIP Experience?

While you could get a free ticket through the standard registration, I highly recommend you try $1 VIP Experience – which I signed up for.

Besides learning from innovative strategies, the VIP event promises a free 30-day trial to the Mastermind Business System platform. However, the most important value for me lies in the private Zoom call where I will be able to get my questions answered personally.

But here are some other freebies from the event details:

  • Access To The Private VIP Zoom Room W/ Speakers & Other VIP Attendees
  • Access To GG, Our “Go Faster” AI Trained To Think Like The World’s Greatest Business Experts
  • Early Bird Access To “Brand Building” Toolbox
  • Access To 40+ Courses From Top Experts
  • On Demand Library Of 50+ Inner Circle Masterclasses

Lastly, your dollar will actually be donated to Feeding America. So it’s always a nice feeling to know that you are doing something to give back to the community, even if you have a vested self interested in this event hehe.

How To Sign Up

You can use my special invite link to partake in this awesome event!

If you would like to learn more about the Game Has Changed, sign up for FREE to the event or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below for you:

The free registration does not require any credit card and billing info, so if you want to just see what it’s all about, then choose that one.

The $1 VIP Exclusive registration:

Otherwise I fully encourage you to take advantage of the VIP registration because you get so much more value.

It’s just one dollar and goes towards a good cause. There is a 30-day trial to the offer, so you can get started and try out their new all in one business building platform.

I’ve already tried it, so you can read the review here for a clearer picture.

If it’s not your cup of tea you can always cancel the trial easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that people have.

Who is Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins has a wealth of experience teaching and consulting not only millions of people from all over the world, but also powerful figures, business people, and influencers.

It’s not all woo-woo new age feel good stuff, but also practical advice and practical steps that he teaches.

Who is Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is another well-known figure in self-development and mentorship.

He had a multi-million dollar mentorship and book club before venturing on to work on other projects.

His mastermind community and business platform will give everything you need to succeed in current economic landscape.

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