Shopify 3 Month Free Trial, 2 & 1 Month Trial, Still Working in 2024?

Does a Shopify 3 month free trial actually exist? Can you get a Shopify 1 month free trial, or even perhaps a Shopify 2 month free trial?

That’s EXACTLY what we will be covering in this article right here.

Because as you can imagine, having an extended Shopify free trial would be pretty cool, right?

To see the updated trial lengths, i’ll provide a link below for you to visit the official Shopify site:

That link above will give you access to the BEST Shopify deals that are working right now.

But before you start your new trial of Shopify, I would highly recommend watching my Shopify video, that covers some tips and tricks for the free trial.

This will help you make the most of your trial period inside of Shopify.

There is also another Shopify free trial article on our website worth checking out as well.

But with that being said, let’s go over all of these monthly trial periods, and see if they exist.

Does A Shopify 1 Month Free Trial Exist?

Shopify had a 1 month free trial in the past for 30 days which was pretty cool. But unfortunately, this 1 month trial has been stopped, and is no longer available.

So please be wary of anyone claiming to have a 1 month free trial of Shopify, as they are scams designed to trick you.

To make sure you safely get a Shopify free trial, go to their official website linked down below:

Once you sign up for a free trial through that link, you could “try” to get a 1 month free trial of Shopify.

The only way you could possibly get a 1 month trial, was if you contacted Shopify.

So during your free trial, you could contact Shopify and request for a 1 month trial. You can contact them through their customer support service.

Then you will want to provide them a good reason as to why you would like an extension of the original trial.

If they say yes, then you could potentially get a 1 month trial, but if not then unfortunately you won’t be able to.

What About A 3 Month Free Trial Of Shopify?

So, what about a Shopify 3 month free trial? Interesting enough, there was a 3 month free trial because of the current situation of the world right now with the virus.

In fact this is what was shown during early 2020, where anyone could get a Shopify 3 month trial for free.

Shopify 3 Month Free Trial

However, this offer has unfortunately expired at the time of writing this post for you.

I would say contact Shopify to try and get a 3 month trial, but i’m not sure if they would extend it for that long for anyone anymore.

Maybe A Shopify 2 Month Free Trial?

Like the other trials, this one is not available. So if you’re looking for a Shopify 2 month free trial, you’re out of luck.

But you can still get a free trial of the software to try it out. You can also get this free trial, with NO credit card required.

All you need to do is simply put in your email, and you begin your free trial of Shopify today.

Final Thoughts

So that’s my update post on the Shopify 3 month, 2 and 1 month trial periods.

I hope you learned something new, and have become aware of the truth regarding these trial periods.

To see the updated trial lengths, i’ll provide a link below for you to visit the official Shopify site:

That link will give you the BEST deal available, and will automatically update if Shopify has any new deals as well.

Thanks for checking out my Shopify article 🙂

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