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We’ll be covering everything you need to know about Russell Brunson, and his story on how he became a massive success.

Russell Brunson: The Full Story

If you’re familiar with the world of tech startups and the goings-on in Silicon Valley, you might have already heard of one individual named Russell Brunson. For those in the know, Brunson is one of those names that is associated with independent success and revolutionary online marketing practices.

If you haven’t heard of him before, then let us introduce him. Russell Brunson is an entrepreneur, author, and marketing genius who first started making waves in 2014 with the release of ClickFunnels, a service designed to help businesses increase their sales.

Since then, he’s built ClickFunnels into a powerful marketing tool that is currently being used by over 100,000 entrepreneurs around the world. He’s also the author of several books and even hosts his own podcast.

He and his articles have also been featured on Forbes,, ABC News, CBS, the Inc. 500, and The Profit.

But perhaps most impressively, his wealth and success are entirely self-made. ClickFunnels was entirely self-funded, and Brunson didn’t rely on anyone else to come up with his own business plan or sales strategy.

All on his own, he created a phenomenally successful business that shows no signs of slowing down even after six years.

The question you’re surely asking now is just how did Brunson get to this point? How does one actually become a self-made millionaire?

We won’t pretend that this sort of thing is within the realm of possibility for everyone, but we aim to show you just how it was that Brunson was able to accomplish what he did.

Russell Brunson’s Net Worth

Russell Brunson’s net worth is currently estimated to be around $37 million dollars as of 2024. While this might not seem like a huge amount compared to what some other business owners and entrepreneurs are worth, it’s important to remember that Brunson earned all this wealth without receiving any venture capital beforehand and without consulting with any other business strategists.

And besides, $37 million is not a small amount of money at all, no matter how you look at it.

The vast majority of his income comes from ClickFunnels, but before that, Brunson dabbled in a series of smaller business ventures that helped him build up his marketing knowledge and put him in a position to make ClickFunnels as successful as it could be.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, and the path to starting ClickFunnels contained its fair share of obstacles for Brunson. However, through determination and pure marketing savvy, he managed to power through these obstacles and built a successful business by the age of 34. 

Russell Brunson’s Age

So we talked a bit about his net worth, but how old is Russell Brunson? At the time of writing this, Russell Brunson’s age is 40 years.

He was born on March the 8th, 1980. So he has experienced a lot in his years.

Russell Brunson’s Products & Books

Aside from being a marketing wizard, Brunson is also a prolific author. His books tend to cover marketing-related topics, and to this day, Brunson has published and sold over 400,000 copies of all of his books.

Here’s a quick look at some of the books Brunson has published.

The “Secrets” Trilogy

This trilogy consists of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets.

DotCom Secrets is all about showing companies how to use specific types of funnels for specific end results. It also includes frameworks to create your own funnels that meet the needs of your company.

Expert Secrets goes further into the process of creating sales funnels and provides information on what exactly goes into creating a successful funnel. This book covers topics like how to communicate with customers in your funnels, how to properly present your brand to customers, and how to build a rapport with returning customers.

Traffic Secrets is about how to attract web traffic to your sales funnels, to begin with. Even the best sales funnel will be completely ineffective if no one is aware that it exists, so it’s extremely important that your sales funnel gets a lot of exposure.

This book provides many tips and tricks that can help give your sales funnel the edge it needs to start bringing in tons of new leads.

Aside from the main trilogy, Brunson has written a couple of supplementary Secrets books. The first, Unlock the Secrets, is actually a workbook that you can fill out on your own.

It’s designed to help you come with a solid business plan that works well for your company, as well as a strategy to actually implement this business plan.

The final Secrets book is entitled Network Marketing Secrets. The contents of this book include three additional types of sales funnels that Brunson claims are the most successful types for most marketing companies.

108 Proven Split Test Winners

A split test is a test that compares two different landing pages or sales funnels to see which one is better at generating leads.

This book compiles the results of 108 split tests performed by ClickFunnels, allowing you to find out beforehand what design choices are likely to work and which ones aren’t.

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

This is another book that contains information about how exactly you can go about creating profitable sales funnels of your very own.

Other Ventures

Brunson also hosts a podcast called Marketing Secrets. This podcast is targeted towards self-made entrepreneurs, much like Brunson himself, and the podcast typically centers around how young entrepreneurs can promote their ideas and products in a way that makes them profitable even if they’re not backed by any venture capital.

ClickFunnels is also partnered with several charity organizations. For example, ClickFunnels works with Village Impact, an organization dedicated to building schools in Africa to make education more accessible for people in rural communities.

With every new funnel created within ClickFunnels, they donate a dollar to Village Impact.

ClickFunnels has also worked with Operation Underground Railroad, an international non-profit organization that rescues children from sex trafficking rings. ClickFunnels funded and produced a documentary for Operation Underground Railroad that describes how you can do your part to help stop this problem from occurring.

Early Life

Russell Brunson was born on March 3rd, 1980, to Ross and Marde Brunson in the town of Provo, Utah. He spent a few years living there before he and his family moved to Sandy, a suburb of Salt Lake City.

Brunson’s interest and fascination with marketing manifested itself at a fairly early age. When Brunson was 12, he began a hobby of collecting junk mail, simply because he was so interested in the kinds of marketing practices that the companies sending out this mail were using.

He also began developing a particular interest in TV and radio commercials. To him, marketing material was the real content he found entertaining and interesting.

Something about the art and science behind direct response marketing particularly appealed to him, and throughout his youth, he did his best to take part in every business opportunity he could find.

High School

In high school, Brunson joined the wrestling team. He credits this for familiarizing him with the concepts of hard work, competitiveness, and consistent winning.

He experienced considerable success during his wrestling days, and in his senior year of high school, he scored second place in the entire country while competing in the high school national wrestling championship.

Brunson continued to pursue a wrestling career into his college days, with more or less the same level of success. By the time he had graduated, he was ranked as one of the top 10 wrestlers in the U.S. at the college level.


Brunson began his college career at Brigham Young University, a Mormon university located in Provo. In 2002, however, he relocated to Boise, Idaho to attend Boise State University.

At Boise State University, he met his future wife, Collette, and Boise is also where Brunson decided to establish the ClickFunnels headquarters.

Brunson credits Dan Kennedy for being his biggest influence as a professional entrepreneur. Dan Kennedy is a business coach and consultant and one of the world’s most well-known marketing experts.

Kennedy is most known for his “No B.S.” book series, which contains titles like No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent and No B.S. Direct Marketing.    

Career Beginnings and Challenges

While attending Boise State University, Brunson started coming into his own as a marketing guru. Of course, it took some trial and error before he found a business plan that really worked for him.

First Attempts

Back in 2002, Brunson started building cheap DIY movie projectors that could be easily set up and projected onto a blank wall. To sell these projectors, he printed off flyers advertising them and went around the campus parking lots sticking them under the windshield wipers of every car he could find.

Pagers were popular at the time, and each flyer included a number to Brunson’s personal pager so that he could be instantly notified if someone was interested in buying his projector.

Eventually, this business folded when campus security asked him to stop putting flyers on all the cars on campus. But the responses Brunson got from interested customers were proof enough that he’d stumbled onto a viable marketing strategy.

This prompted Brunson to make his first attempt at setting up an email marketing business. However, this first attempt almost completely backfired on him.

Unexpected Problems

After the relative success of his DIY movie projectors, Brunson got to thinking about other things he could sell in a similar fashion. Eventually, he came up with the idea of writing a small booklet containing all of the marketing strategies he used when selling his projectors.

He reasoned that it would doubtlessly attract tons of other young entrepreneurs like himself because it worked so well for him.

To distribute this booklet, he printed off a limited number of copies and set up a landing page that included a link to Brunson’s PayPal account where people could send him money in exchange for a copy of the booklet.

Now came the challenge of actually marketing this booklet. To do this, Brunson decided the best way was to send out a mass email to as many inboxes as he could.

To this end, he bought a DVD containing one million different email addresses and wrote an email advertising his booklet that he sent to each address. He also set up a system on his computer that would send an email to each email address automatically, one at a time.

This was back during the dial-up internet era when your internet and phone services always ran on the same line. This meant that using the internet and placing a phone call couldn’t be done at the same time. In order to actually send out his mass emails, Brunson had to leave the phone lines disconnected all night.

The next day, however, when Brunson plugged the phone lines back in, he immediately got a call from his very irate ISP representative.

The representative went on to inform Brunson that they had been inundated with complaints from people who had received these mass emails and that they had tracked the source of the emails and discovered it to be Brunson.

Brunson tried to explain things to his ISP, but to no avail. His internet service at home was completely cut off.

Later that day, however, Brunson visited his local library to use the computers there and check his emails. To his surprise, he found that despite everything, he’d still received around 30 orders for his booklet.

At this point, he knew that despite the setbacks, the strategy of email marketing was definitely something worth considering.

The Beginnings of Real Success

After this point, Brunson’s success in the world of online marketing only increased. His first true success was in 2003 selling ZipBrander, a type of marketing software designed to help companies drive more traffic to their websites and increase their back-end profits.

While doing this gave him some great experience in the field of marketing, he had yet to achieve true financial success.

Just a couple of years later, in 2005, Brunson achieved his first actual big break. He and a friend had just built a potato gun for fun, and Brunson realized they had the potential to create a highly successful product.

This product was a DVD created by Brunson and his friend entitled “How to Make a Potato Gun.” Along with the DVD, Brunson also sold a “potato gun kit” containing everything a customer would need to build a potato gun themselves.

These potato gun products reached unprecedented levels of success. Brunson graduated from Boise State University in 2006, and within a year of graduating, he’d already made $1 million from selling potato gun kits and instructional DVDs.

From here, his success in the marketing world only increased. From 2006 to 2014, he worked for a number of network marketing companies, selling things like books, software, supplements, t-shirts, coupons, and coaching/consulting services.

During this time, he once generated 1.5 million leads for one of these companies within six weeks, a fairly astonishing number. At one point, he was even gifted a brand-new Ferrari from one of the companies he worked for in recognition of his incredible marketing talent.

Despite his success as a marketing guru, Brunson still felt limited by the technology he was being forced to use to generate sales funnels.

He started thinking about how great it would be if he had his own proprietary software to find new customers and make new sales, and it was through this idea that ClickFunnels was born.           

The Start of ClickFunnels

In late 2014, Brunson and his friend Todd Dickerson both grew tired of the limitations imposed on them by the sales funnel-generating software that was available to them at the time.

A sales funnel is a type of marketing strategy designed to draw potential customers in, sort the more enthusiastic customers out from the ones less likely to buy things, and encourage customers to make purchases.

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Sales funnels are usually put into practice with a combination of targeted ads and software designed to sort customers into different categories and send emails automatically.

Brunson and Dickerson found that, more often than not, the time and effort it took to design and build a successful sales funnel was simply not worth it. The process was simply far too clunky and time-consuming, and the software was sometimes daunting to work with.

This prompted the two friends to get together for a week and brainstorm about what exactly the best software for generating sales funnels would ideally contain. Once they felt as though they had nailed the formula, they went their separate ways and worked on each half of the project separately.

Dickerson was mainly responsible for coding the software, while Brunson took care of the marketing. This was the start of ClickFunnels as we know it.

Originally, Brunson intended for ClickFunnels to only be used internally and wasn’t planning on releasing it to anyone outside of his own marketing company.

However, he soon realized how useful the software would be to other companies with similar marketing practices and decided to make it available for purchase to the general public.

Within the first three years, after ClickFunnels was founded, the company earned over $100 million in profits. Over a quarter of a million people have been registered with ClickFunnels at one time or another, and ClickFunnels currently has over 100,000 active users, making it one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world that isn’t backed by venture capital.

Since the beginnings of ClickFunnels, over two million sales funnels have been created by the company’s various clients. 

What Is ClickFunnels and Why Is It a Big Deal?

We’ve talked at length about the man behind the product, but we haven’t really touched too heavily upon what exactly ClickFunnels is and why it’s such an important tool for online marketing.

If you’re unfamiliar with these things, let us give you a quick rundown of how ClickFunnels works and what exactly it can do.

ClickFunnels is designed to greatly simplify the process of creating a new marketing campaign and designing an effective sales funnel. The software assists you through every step of the process and comes with integrated tools that make creating your campaigns incredibly easy.

When you begin the process of creating a new campaign, you can first select what kind of funnel you want to use. You can use a funnel for generating leads, a funnel for generating sales, or a funnel designed around an online event or webinar.

Once you select the type of funnel you want to use, you’re given a series of templates for the pages you’ll need to make that specific funnel work. Because ClickFunnels uses pre-made webpages and webpage templates, you don’t need to know a single thing about coding or actually building a webpage yourself.

Once you’ve been provided with the necessary page templates, you have total freedom when it comes to getting your funnel just the way you want. You can add or remove pages as you desire, and even edit pages to better suit your needs.

There are a ton of different page types you can add to your funnels, like membership areas, order forms, and one-click upsell pages.

Editing pages is incredibly easy. You’re provided with a drag-and-drop tool that allows you to easily swap out any of the elements on the page with ones of your own. You can adjust the color of your font or the page background, change the spacing between various page elements, and easily insert your own text, logos, and videos.

ClickFunnels also allows you to create emails that are automatically sent out when a new customer signs up to your service or buys your product. You can also create targeted email funnels that let you speak more directly to individual customers or specific groups of customers.

You also have the ability to track all of your funnel engagement statistics, and you can even perform split testing between two funnels of the same type to see which one is generating more engagement.

Considering all the capabilities of ClickFunnels, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular software for marketing purposes. It’s easy to see just why Russell Brunson achieved such success from this product!

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