Project Next Review | Digital Product System (Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi)

Welcome to our Project Next review & Bonus guide for the Digital Product System. Project Next is a new course by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi!

For those that don’t know me, I NEVER actually review something unless I get access to it, go through it, and make sure it delivers on it’s claims!

And that’s exactly what I did for the Project Next also known as Digital Product System by both Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi.

There is only so much information regarding Project Next at the time of writing this, so please be wary of fake reviews on YouTube & Google.

Honestly, no one knows whether or not the Project Next course is good or not, since their live 8 week live masterclass series hasn’t started yet.

Update: There is a new course called Loci Cycle, that I would recommend looking into now since Project Next is currently not available.

However, I do have a bit of extra information regarding the new upcoming course, so I wanted to take the time, and share what I know so far about the Project Next, and share with you EVERYTHING you need to know!

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Anyway, with that being said, i’m really excited to share with you (everything I know inside of this review) about the Project Next & Digital Product System, so you can make an informed decision!

What Is Project Next?

The Project Next course is where top elite entrepreneurs including Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi share their wisdom with you, when it comes launching and scaling your digital product or business.

The digital product system inside of Project Next is designed to help you build your own online business. Specifically a business where you can turn your passion into profits, while also helping other people and making a meaningful impact at the same time.

In fact it’s a LOT more than just an online business training course. It’s really a great opportunity to take advantage of the 65+ years of knowledge that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have condensed down for you, into an easy to follow program.

It seems like that Tony and Dean have condensed decades into days (literally) with the new Project Next course. Whether you’re a brand new beginner, or an established entrepreneur there seems to be a lot of value in my personal opinion.

Project Next Package

Self education is quickly becoming the new normal, so Project Next will give you the keys to the castle to take advantage of this massive new revolution.

Project Next is also a course designed for business owners, anyone looking to get into the space and for those looking to be apart of the self education revolution.

What’s inside of the Project Next Course?

When you get the Project Next program you get access to the Immersion, Repetition, Implementation & Mastery part of the Project Next system (plus even more bonuses!).


The immersion part of the Project Next package is going to be the Digital Product System. You will learn how to sell your expertise online where you can access the international economy. Immersion equips you with the strategies, tools and mindset to prosper in today’s new world.


Close at hand with immersion, repetition is 8 weeks of live training with the Project Next team. This part of the program is all about completion and ensuring you take action inside of the program to maximise your success.


In this section you will get access to the Mastermind Software which kinda like your very own personal assistant. Tony and Dean have spent over $1 million dollars developing this tool for you.

It’s designed in a way so that you can apply the information you will learn inside of Project Next and start heading in the right direction to your success and prosperity. Getting your course or workshop launched and setup is a lot more easier with this software.


Finally will have mastery, which is going to be a 3 day live event done virtually. It’s all about transforming your new found learning into mastery, so you can take action and be propelled forward into next level success.

It’s going to be the ULTIMATE event, packed full of value and celebrations.

Plus Even More Surprise Bonuses

The cool thing about Project Next is that you get a bunch of extra bonuses on top of what we’ve already discussed so far.

Project Next Bonuses

You can see a full list of the Project Next bonuses by visiting their official website below.

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But this is just the beginning, because you can get even MORE bonuses to really have an unfair advantage over everyone else and your competition.

A bit about Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

We’ve talked a lot about the Project Next & Own Your Future Challenge in our review so far, however we haven’t talked much about Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi (the mentors behind Project Next).

Tony and Dean have transformed MILLIONS of lives during the decades. Tony Robbins has become beyond popular over the years within the personal development industry and for good reason. Tony and Dean have really earned their prestige reputation within the industry.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

Both Tony and Dean have partnered up together to create, and launch the Own Your Future Challenge (designed for both the beginner and the expert).

Honestly, I don’t think I can find a more trustworthy pair of individuals, that genuinely care about YOUR success!

Why they started Project Next & The Digital Product System?

The duo recognised that most people have no problem understanding what they want in life. We all want to be healthy, happy and most importantly successful in life.

However, people most often lack the guidance and knowledge needed to work on their dreams, and turn them into reality.

To try to help people take their plans forward, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi started the Project Next & The Digital Product System.

Their last program (The Knowledge Broker Blueprint)

Their last live event in 2020 had over 837,000 people watch and learn from both Tony and Dean. At the time the two mentors shared the Knowledge Broker Blueprint with the world, and had tens of thousands of people invest in themselves afterwards.

It’s fair to say that a LOT of lives have truely been transformed for the better last year. It was a massive step to help make self education the new normal in our virtual world. As you could imagine, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint became one of the most popular programs last year.

With the same people creating the Project Next mentorship, it’s predicted that this program will impact even more people for the better than their previous program Knowledge Broker Blueprint. So on a personal level, i’m really excited to see the value we will all gain from the Project Next program.

What Is The Project Next Pricing & Cost?

So, how much does the course cost? The Project Next pricing and cost is $997.00 for the course. But there’s also a second pricing plan, that will allow you to go on a payment plan for $297 x 4.

Project Next Pricing and Cost

Comparing the price of this course (to learn from ultra successful people), to college or university seems like a no brainer to me.

But at the same time, this course isn’t for everyone. You need to take action, watch the videos inside of the course, and make success happen.

But with that being said, you also get a bunch of extra cool bonuses that come with it, for only $997.

And if you get the Project Next package in this article (by clicking any of our affiliate links), you’ll also get an extra $20,834 worth of bonuses to ensure you have everything you need to find success with the Project Next course.

Mastermind Groups and Project Next

Mastermind groups are not a new concept. In fact, they’ve existed since the early 1900s. Even famous authors such as Napoleon Hill have been avid believers of Mastermind groups.

And… as we’ve mentioned a lot throughout this review, masterminds can be life changing.

Not only can they be lucrative for you, but you can meet so many like minded people (or even high level people), in your own masterminds!

Have you read Think and Grow Rich?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of (or even read) the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill, right?

This book followed the same philosophy, regarding the power of a strong network of support systems, in the form of Mastermind groups.

Think And Grow Rich BookIn fact, i’ve even seen it have a massive impact in my own life.

You met one person, who knows this other person, and then that other person, knows this person that you can connect with. It becomes this massive family tree, where one person opens the doors to others!

How masterminds became popular

Naturally, books like Think and Grow Rich, gave mainstream attention to the idea of Mastermind groups, and more people started to look into how to use these groups for themselves (to not only succeed, but to improve their lives).

Masterminds and the course

This time-tested concept of forming Mastermind groups is used in Tony Robbins’ and Dean Graziosi’s Project Next as well.

However, instead of just preaching about the importance of the practice as many others did, the creators of this program paved the way for individuals to create their own Mastermind groups.

From what I uncovered, Tony & Dean arm their students with various tools and techniques, to help them create a lucrative business around masterminds, instead of just informing them about how Mastermind groups work.

Final Project Next Verdict

I have never come across a program that is comprehensive and filled with so much value. This program literally hands you everything on a silver platter.

There is nothing better than learning from individuals who practice what they preach.

If you would like to learn more about the Project Next, get a massive discount or check to see if it’s available, I’ll provide a link below:

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Every finite detail has been put into place, to ensure our bonus package has EVERYTHING you need to succeed with the Project Next & Digital Product System Course.

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Thanks for reading our Project Next review post 🙂

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