One Funnel Away Challenge Review

What if someone told you that you could change your business in only 30 days? Turn everything around completely, only by taking part in a 30-day challenge?

Well, that is what the One Funnel Away Challenge is all about.

For the past few weeks, there’s been a lot of hype about the One Funnel Away Challenge with digital marketers and entrepreneurs taking on this challenge.

The hype and the intensity of the challenge have taken the online marketing space by a huge surprise, and if the bug has bitten you, we’ll analyze everything you need to know about the challenge.

The Summit vs The (OFA) Challenge

The difference between the Summit and the One Funnel Away Challenge

The Summit

Before we look at the challenge, let’s start with the summit.

Now, imagine this scenario…

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You’ve just been hit below the belt, you’ve lost of your money, no email list, no reputation, and no products to sell.

In this state of disarray, all you have is access to your ClickFunnels account and only 30 days to make things work. Only 30 days to turn things around.

What do you do then? Which products do you choose to sell?

How and where do you spend all the time you have?

Well, this is the scenario that many people find themselves in. To put all this to test, 100 Millionaires were approached by Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels’ creator.

Out of the 100, 30 of the millionaires gave Russell a step-by-step plan on how to escape the broke/ shattered status, in only 30 days.

Then, Russell took the information collected and turned it all into a book. In addition to the book, he also created a comprehensive 30-day coaching video with video lessons to guide interested individuals on how to accomplish the goals.

The participants of this summit and the 30 millionaires won awards called the 2Comma Awards.

One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge – What is it?

The One Funnel Away Challenge refers to the virtual coaching session that runs for 30 days.

This challenge involves turning your business around in 30 days.

In this challenge, Russell Brunson and two other elite digital marketing coaches, Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen work hand-in-hand with the participants of the challenge to help them launch their first or their next million-dollar projects by generating the best sales funnels.

There are 30 challenges to be completed every day for 30 days.

The best part is that this challenge will arm you to the teeth with all the resources you need to create a perfect sales funnel, as well as marketing offers to help you serve your real audience correctly, making tons of cash in the process.

Besides making money, the coaches will also help you determine and discover success in areas of life besides business. Your marriage and your life could get better from your involvement in this challenge.

The difference between the OFA challenge and the Summit is that: the 30-day summit represents the series of live video interviews from the 2Comma award winners.

The awards were offered by Russell for their 30-day plans on how they’d recover after a huge loss.

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Therefore, in a way, the 30-day virtual summit is part of the One Funnel Away Challenge.

In the challenge, some of the things you will access include the PDF of the step-by-step plan, a video with the interviews, and a physical book with the resources for the challenge.

How Much is it?

The OFA challenge costs $100.

The $100 represents the cost of all the coaching materials offered, workbooks, challenge kits, extra training, and bonus materials during the course of the challenge.

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In addition to the cost of the package, you have to pay a shipping fee of $19.95 within the US, and $29.95 out of the US.

Now, before you remark about this cost, you should know that the items offered in the challenge are worth a lot more than you’d ever imagine, making this a great investment.

According to some of the participants of the challenge, this challenge is all about striving for the success of your online business, from nothing.

The OFA Challenge Kit?

This kit comes with a 550-page, 30-day challenge book, the workbook, as well as the preloaded funnel-training MP3 player, as well as other materials. Ordinarily, all the items in this package cost $3,126.

Therefore, the $100 cost of the challenge is a great bargain for you. And from everything you’ll learn from the challenge, you will get great value for money.

Features of the OFA Challenge Kit

  • The Workbook

The challenge’s 550-page challenge gives a complete insight into the tasks and challenges to be completed in the challenge.

This book reveals all the plans and strategies put together from the summit. These strategies are from the Two Comma Club winners/ recipients.

The Challenge book will help you create the best sales funnel to meet the unique needs of your business, as long as you follow the prescribed 30-day plan.

The 30-Day Dot.Com Book

This book is the breakdown of the interviews from the summit, deconstructed. It was created by ClickFunnels’ founder. This book is planned to give you a better understanding of the sales funnel, and a visualization of how everyone else has benefited from ClickFunnels.

MP3 Player

The kit also features an MP3 player which allows you to listen in on the features of the challenge and the materials shared while on errands or even your morning jog.

The knowledge shared is helpful in affiliate marketing, as well as overall business growth.

The MP3 player has the recordings of the daily training by Russell Brunson. It also features online digital tools which give you access to the exclusive ClickFunnels’ Facebook Group.

What if you don’t use or like the ClickFunnels? How do you even know if you really need the training? Can you use ClickFunnels if you’re not an affiliate marketer?

One Funnel Away Challenge – Lessons

The challenge is divided into four lessons, four weeks Starting with the pre-training.

The other lessons from week one include The Story/ Hook/ offer, Your Stories/ Hooks, The Funnel, and Finally, how to win/ Make it Rain.


The challenge gives you access to 30 days of training, the challenge kit, as well as the private access to the Facebook Group, for only $100.

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