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Ministry Of Freedom Jono Armstrong Review

I know that learning how to do marketing from scratch can be expensive and disheartening. I too made costly mistakes, almost lost hope and gave up before becoming financially free.

Some people who didn’t give up and became financially free, decided to help everyone else in this learning process by providing ready-made solutions.

One of these people is Jono Armstrong, his solution is Ministry Of Freedom and here’s my review of it.

If you’re ready to try out Ministry Of Freedom right away, you can signup to the webinar page here. Still here? Great, here’s my Ministry Of Freedom review.


Ministry Of Freedom is a marketing, sales traffic and affiliate program, with certain features accessible only to paying members. The more money you invest into it, the less time and effort it takes to see the results and vice versa.

The gist of Jono Armstrong’s program is that marketing success comes down to participation and learning; if you don’t participate, you don’t learn. That’s why Jono arranged his program into 9 modules designed to walk you through the participation and learning process.


The 9 modules are spread across weeks in this order:

  • Mindset
  • Tools & Applications
  • Launch Jacking
  • Advanced Launch Jacking
  • Soft Launching
  • Email Marketing
  • List Building With Paid Traffic
  • Product Launching
  • Paid Traffic

Module 1: Mindset

Ever heard of the saying “winners never quit and quitters never win”? In this module, Jono goes over his thoughts on what makes you a winner in marketing. This is the most skipped module but I found it the most life-changing for a newbie.

In short, he says you must have a winner’s mentality to succeed in marketing. That means finding ways to stay focused and motivated in the long run without burning out. You have to hone your organization skills or you won’t have consistent results.

To add my thoughts on the topic, there will be ups and downs but it’s through discipline and solid work ethic that you will always come out on top. If you burn that lesson into your brain, you will succeed in whatever you do.

Module 2: Tools & Applications

Working online means understanding how to efficiently send and receive data. For this, you need some general tools and applications. In this module, Jono goes over what he’s been using and in what way to succeed in marketing.

For example, streaming yourself speaking while clicking on your desktop can be done through OBS Studio, a free streaming application. JVzoo is an affiliate platform where you can automate most drudge work. There’s also a section explaining Google Calendar, with a free template, and Muncheye, a launch calendar platform.

I’d like to add that knowing and understanding tools directly correlates with how much value you can get out of them. Anyone can use a kitchen knife but it takes years for a surgeon to learn how to use a scalpel properly. The best part is that you don’t need a license or years to become an expert marketer — it’s all down to your commitment.

Module 3-4: Launch Jacking

At this stage, you should already be seeing some results, which means you can go experiment on your own. If you stick around, in this module you’ll be given a how-to on a lot of things. For example, how to do reviews, upload them, write descriptions and make good thumbnails to have your video rank well.

In short, launch jacking is a way to do affiliate marketing by reviewing a product just as it goes on the market. That’s when the product owner will also ramp up the marketing for the product, helping your review rank well. By hijacking the launch buzz, you help the product sell more through your affiliate link, which is how you get your commission.

It’s a funny thing I noticed in marketing, where helping others succeed also helps you succeed. Whenever you’re stuck in marketing, ask yourself, “How can I help others?” That strategy has worked for me without fail and will also work for you.

As for how to get access to a product before it’s out, the module goes over some tactics and sources, such as Muncheye that I mentioned above. The more you know your tools and sources of information, the faster and more efficient you’ll become at launch jacking. Learning from others really saves time at this point, so look for a group of marketers doing launch jacking and follow their hints.

Module 5: Advanced Launch Jacking

This module deals with advanced launch jacking strategies. Why isn’t this module combined with the previous one? There’s so much stuff in the two, you’d quickly get overwhelmed and give up. Besides, these advanced strategies work better if fewer people know about them.

Here you’ll learn about Adwords, how to set up mid-stream ads and how to track your sales. The videos here are in-depth, so take your time and watch them as many times as it takes. The gist of all these videos is promoting your review to convert free traffic into sales and commissions.

I think you should absolutely use all social media you can to promote yourself. Making an account on as many social media is a good way to boost your review ranking in search engines. That’s another factor in how much money you can make. For example, you can focus only on Facebook and Pinterest but you’ll soon hit a ceiling of how much money you make.

You can also create and offer custom bonuses for those who buy through your affiliate link. These bonuses can make you stand out from your competition and can include mini-courses, e-books or anything else that comes free.

Module 6: Soft Launching

Over time, you’ll notice that your reviews start becoming a mini-launch of the product as it’s coming out. Jono noticed that as well, which is why he made this module, where he explains the idea and provides tips to do it correctly.

The best part of soft launching is that you can gather audience feedback. There is some small difference between soft launching hardware versus software or websites, but the same principles apply across product categories.

My advice is to always engage with your audience in good faith and don’t take negative feedback personally. People are often way too critical so take what they say with a grain of salt. Focus on the overall theme of the feedback, improve where you the most, be humble and thankful and just keep going.

The best part of this module is that it will help you build your own mailing list. You can put your own course inside Jono’s VIP section, which means you can already start building your own marketing enterprise.

Module 7: Email Marketing

Emails have been with us for at least 40 years and they’re likely to stick around for 40 more. Use emails, learn how to do email marketing and you can become a marketing expert on that basis alone. You will get tips from Jono himself and get to see how he does it.

My advice on email marketing is to customize emails for each recipient as much as possible. If each recipient feels that he or she is getting a personal message, it will build a connection that skips over the get-your-foot-in-the-door stage. Once you master that, you’ll become a welcome and cherished guest, not some obnoxious marketing person.

Building trust is also a necessary component of email marketing. I suggest you do this by being polite, non-intrusive and by using the recipient’s first name, if you know it. There are some subtle psychological tricks you can do to prompt an action, such as putting a time limit or following up with a reminder, but nothing beats building trust.

List Building With Paid Traffic

Here you’ll learn about creating Bing and Youtube ads and putting tracking pixels on your pages. You’ll also get to know about a “squeeze page”, where you get the email addresses by either gating the content or offering a bonus of some sort.

My advice is to never be pushy about getting an email address. The visitor should be eager to give an email address, not click away from your page and go do something else.

I also advise against making a pop-up window or a sticky bar, since they just get ignored. Make a specific squeeze page optimized for getting email addresses, not a small element on one of your main pages.

Module 8: Product Launching

This module shows how to make the perfect product for your launches, how to set up a funnel structure and do pricing. You’ll get to see how to make one-time offers (OTOs) that prompt an action from your audience. If you haven’t done a sales page in your life, don’t worry, here you’ll learn how to do it.

The point of this module is to tell you how to become independent and build your own product. That’s the next step in maximizing traffic and income from that traffic. In my opinion, the best product for you is the one that you know and understand personally. People can sense when you’re just marketing versus when you’re marketing what you truly appreciate and understand.

Module 9: Paid Traffic

This final module will guide you through what paid traffic is and how you can benefit from it. Jono will give you a peek inside his own Adwords account so you see what he’s doing. In this module, you can set up the Warrior Plus feature to promote the program to others; there’s a guide on how to do that as well.

In my opinion, this is an optional module that you should only use if you’ve seen good results from the other 8 modules.

Ministry Of Freedom Cost & Pricing

Depending on when and where you buy the program, you’ll get various discounts. You can find the program for $1,997, payable in 5 payments of $597. If you buy it through the link at the end of this review, you might snag a special time-limited discount, paying $1,497, payable in two instalments of $897.

Is There A Ministry Of Freedom Discount?

Like mentioned above, there are some discounts and coupon codes.

You can purchase Ministry Of Freedom for a one time price of $1,497

The same goes for discounts or promo codes for the Ministry Of Freedom course.

They also offer payment plans though, which could make it even easier to get the course instantly.

Facebook Group

This private group is where the majority of coaching takes place. However, a newbie can easily get lost, that’s how much content there is there. Currently, the webinars are held through Zoom four times a week, Monday through Thursday. The coaches are Jono, Marc, Mo and Jonas, with each having a specialty.

There’s about 1,200 members at any given time in the group and there’s a constant flow of information between them. If you’re still stuck, feel free to ask direct questions during 3 weekly Live Calls. Members who participate and show they’re organized get contacted by Jono and assigned special tasks that help you participate and learn even faster.

Ministry of Freedom Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you found my Ministry Of Freedom review useful. In short, marketing isn’t easy but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive and disheartening. With the right guidance, marketing can become a paint-by-numbers experience that provides a repeatable, scalable blueprint for reasonable success.

In theory, you can become an expert all by yourself. In practice, it takes participation and learning, which must go hand in hand, and that means finding an exclusive group. The price of full access is set up above $1,000 to make it exclusive and weed out all the idle members and their trivial chatter so that everyone can focus on work.

There’s no way to serve you marketing success on a platter; it all comes down to your participation, the ability to learn, motivation and work ethic. You have to put your heart into it and trust Jono, even for a little bit, or don’t even bother.

In my opinion, Ministry Of Freedom provides a lot of free value that makes it worth checking out. I also think it’s a comprehensive course that could be organized a bit better. The Facebook group is active, has a lot of content and webinars in it go three days a week.

If you like and enjoy the free portion of the course, try out the paid portions by filling out the order form/sales page here.

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