Leadpages Pricing: How much it costs

Trying to figure out the best Leadpages pricing plan for your business? We’ve run a comprehensive analysis of the Leadpages plans, and we’re breaking down the different pricing elements in this article.

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Our analysis will show you the pricing tier that best fits your needs.

To ensure that we’re on the reading from the same page, remember that Leadpages is an online tool that allows you to collect more subscribers. It’s the ideal tool for building your subscriber email list.

Pricing Plans

Standard Plan

($37/month billed monthly or $25/month billed annually)

If you’re a startup looking for effective ways to lift your new business off the ground, you might want to sign up for this Standard Plan.

This plan is ideal for one website. Despite being the lowest-tier plan, it gives you access to an unlimited number of pop-ups, landing pages, traffic, alert bars, and leads.

You will also enjoy a free custom domain, to be paid for annually.

Since your business is new and your email list even smaller, this Leadpages plan will fully satisfy your needs.

This plan not only encourages business growth, but it also saves you money thanks to its free hosting service.

A new business might not more than a couple landing pages, but Leadpages wants to make sure that you start your business on the right track and grow quickly.

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You will enjoy more than 200 high-quality and high-converting landing pages templates, as well as at least 40 standard integrations.

Social media is an excellent minefield for business leads to small businesses. Leadpages understands this all too well, hence its Instagram and Facebook Builder, which works well for a small and large business.

In addition to the integrations and the ad builder, you will also enjoy free weekly group coaching with Leadpages’ standard plan.

Leadpages also comes with a two-year subscription plan which sets you back $17 per month.

Although this long-term plan promises more significant savings, signing up for this plan means sticking with one lead generation tool for long, even when you can find other tools offering more features later on.

Pro Plan

($79/month if billed monthly, and $48/month if billed annually)

The Pro Plan is Leadpages most popular plan for many reasons, but the main reason why you might want to subscribe to this plan has to do with the fact that it’s feature-rich with everything you need to meet the needs of your growing business.

This plan is ideal for you if you have one, two, or three websites.

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You will also enjoy a free custom domain, to be renewed yearly, as well as all the other features offered to the subscribers of the Standard Plan.

In addition to more than 40 integration, the social media (Facebook and Instagram) ad builders, as well as the weekly coaching, Leadpages Pro plan comes with a host of other important features beneficial to your growing business needs.

The other features offered in this plan include online sales and payment options, unlimited access to high-quality A/B split tests, as well as email trigger links and 10 opt-in text campaigns.

In this day and age, your target audience uses their smartphones more than all other devices at their disposal. Therefore, being able to run opt-in campaigns via text is a huge thing!

A two-year subscription plan saves you more since you only pay $42 per month.

Advanced Plan

($321/month if billed monthly or $199/month billed annually.)

If you run a marketing agency, you need a lot more power to effectively run and manage all those client accounts (read websites) efficiently. Thanks to Leadpages Advanced plan, you can keep as many as 50 clients and client websites happy by ensuring that they all build their email lists and grow their bottom line with ease.

In addition to all the features offered in the Pro Plan, the Advanced plan features a good number of premium features.

The other features include:

  • Advanced integrations
  • 5 Pro Sub Accounts
  • Leadpages virtual workshops
  • 1-on-1 quick start calls
  • 60 Opt-in text campaigns, 50 more than the ones offered in the Pro Plan.
  • If you sign up for a two-year subscription plan, you will pay $159/month.

Free Trial

The Standard, Pro, and Advanced plans all come with a 14-day free trial period.

New Plan

Looking for a basic lead generation/ email list building plan that will not save you a good amount of money at the end of the year? How about the new Start Plan by Leadpages?

For $15/month, billed annually, you can create an email list for your website using the free custom domain given by Leadpages. This plan also gives you access to mobile-responsive and savvy site templates, which will enhance the ease of email list building.

This plan will further give you access to unlimited pages, leads, and traffic.

Leadpages offers email tech support to the subscribers of the Start plan.

The other features offered to users of this plan include weekly group coaching and lead notifications.


Choosing a landing pages’ builder requires a lot of consideration into the features that the plan offers. For starters, the platform you choose to work on should integrate with the other functions currently used by your business.

In this regard, Leadpages is one of the best landing page builders and also an excellent lead generator given its integrations with the popular online marketing tools. Leadpages integrates well with tools and plugins like:

integrations for leadpages

  • Stripe
  • WordPress
  • MailChimp
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Acuity
  • PayPal
  • Marketo
  • ActiveCampaign, etc. 

Uses of Leadpages

Leadpages is an ideal tool for many online marketing prospects.

  • For your website, you can use it to build a code-free website with a high conversion power.
  • For landing pages, Leadpages creates the best and the highest-converting landing pages online.
  • Pop-ups: Leadpages allows for the creation of professional quality on-page pop-ups that can be published anywhere on your website
  • You can also use landing pages to create alert bars and social ads. The latter is made possible by the Facebook and Instagram ad builder available to all Leadpages users.

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