Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review: What You Must Know Before You Sign Up!

Welcome to our Knowledge Broker Blueprint review (previously known as the Knowledge Business Blueprint). I appreciate you coming by, to learn more about KBB.

For those that don’t know me, I NEVER actually review something unless I get access to it, go through it, and make sure it delivers on it’s claims!

And that’s exactly what I did for the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, a course by both Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi.

Tony Robbins And Dean Graziosi Video

So with that being said, i’m really excited to share with you (everything I know inside of this review) about the Knowledge broker Blueprint, so you can make an informed decision!

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review Overview

If you’re reading this, you probably know that the self education industry is booming.

The traditional education system (university and college) is fading away, and people are now seeking self education more than ever!

Nowadays, a lot of common everyday folks (like you and I) are monetising their knowledge, and are making a killing out of it.

Some are “experts” (by the way, I say that lightly because anyone can turn their knowledge into profits).

Some are “Knowledge Brokers”, who share other people’s expertise, while profiting as well.

Which means, people don’t even need to be an “expert” at anything, to make REAL money in this industry!

The $355 million dollar knowledge industry

What’s even more crazy is that $355 million dollars (yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you) is being spent inside of the knowledge industry every day!

This means that YOU TOO can take YOUR piece of the pie, from this juicy lucrative industry, while genuinely impacting the lives of other people 🙂

But unfortunately, a lot of people are stuck… (some even missing out completely).

Stuck Without Success

And the thing is, it’s not their fault (or even your fault, if you aren’t taking advantage of this new knowledge economy).

Let’s face it, creating masterminds is HARD, without a blueprint or any mentorship!

You would have to figure out all by yourself:

  • How to extract your knowledge and ideas that people would pay for.
  • How to teach, and share your knowledge in your mastermind.
  • How to market, and fill your event.
  • How to generate traffic.
  • How to seamlessly run your mastermind, either online or in person.
  • How to use someone else’s knowledge, to generate profit for both you and that person.

And these are just a couple of obstacles that hold people back. Unfortunately this is why most of us aren’t apart of this $355 million dollar per day gold rush…

Be apart of the new gold rush with KBB

But it’s not all bad news, because you can learn every aspect of running a successful mastermind, without trying to put all the pieces together all by yourself!

In fact good news… this is where the Knowledge Broker Blueprint really comes in handy 🙂

  • Secrets from millionaires?
  • A proven blueprint from millionaires?
  • Mentorship from millionaires?

Sound a bit over the top? Maybe, but nevertheless it’s true!

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi (creators of KBB) have earned millions of dollars with their own knowledge businesses, while changing the lives of millions across the globe.

And have now distilled all their systems, knowledge and secrets into this one course for you.

So let’s dive deep into this Knowledge Broker Blueprint review, and go over what’s inside of the course together!

What Exactly is The Knowledge Broker Blueprint?

It’s probably worth going over “what exactly” the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is, before going into the modules, right?

But as you can see below, I got the course, so I can show you what’s inside 🙂

Members Area Proof

But to answer the big question, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online 4-module program that teaches you how to extract your knowledge, and find those looking for your knowledge.

What’s really cool is once you nail this process down, you can essentially get paid, while genuinely making a positive impact in people’s lives!

Want to get paid while having the time of your life?

You’ve probably heard this old saying a million times, but “do what you love and the money will follow”, is a literal example of what Tony’s and Dean’s program is all about!

It also covers the important stuff, including how you can create and run successful workshops, small groups, and masterminds (either online or in person).

I like that it’s also really tailored towards both the beginner without any experience or technical know how, while at the same time including advanced classes for the more experienced users.

Live Video Review Of The Course & Members Area!

I also created a personal video for you, going over everything I know about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint in visual detail.

I guess you could also call the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, a massive new and improved version of the initial super-successful program, known as Knowledge Business Blueprint.

What i’m really happy about, is that this new program has ironed out all the kinks of its previous version, really deserving it’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 title in this review.

We’ll discuss the new features later on in this review, but from a birds-eye view, the program seems to be quite promising!

Oh.. and the MindMint software is also included (which we’ll cover later throughout the review). It’s a very handy tool, inside of the program to aid you in carrying out your plans successfully, when applying the wisdom inside of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint!

What’s inside of the KBB Modules?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program consists of 4 essential modules:

  1. Extract It
  2. Fill It
  3. Run It
  4. Knowledge Broker

This is what it looks like, inside of the members area.

KBB Modules

Each module has multiple lessons, which in turn contain several videos, known as sessions. There is also a bonus quiz at the end of each lesson, which is a great way of ensuring that users have picked up on everything the lesson attempted to teach them.

Each session includes a video, an overview of the session, the actions that you should take at the end of the session, tools, and links to download the audio or transcript of the video.

Module 1: Extract It

The very first step in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint program aims to teach individuals how to extract” ingenious ideas. The first module is a step-by-step guide on how to develop a successful Mastermind and carry it to completion.

This module, which is based on Tony Robbinsformulas and tactics, gives you various overviews and strategies designed to help you achieve success in your ventures. It helps you set an agenda and plan out what you want to teach in your Mastermind workshop.

The module also includes many tools and methods employed by pros to conduct their famed Mastermind workshops. The module comprises of the following modules:

  • Tony Robbins Secrets To Success: This lesson details all of Tony Robbinspersonal tips and tricks that he has learned over the years. He gives you a rundown of all the psychological tools that you must incorporate into your daily life to grow your business.
  • Discovering Your Expertise & Ideal Client: In this lesson, Dean Graziosi helps clients realise their untapped potential. Other than helping you discover what youre good at, the lesson also helps you identify which Niche you should target to expand your business.
  • Story, Teach, Tool Model: This lesson explains the super successful triangle-model for organising successful Masterminds.
  • Your Toolbox: Here, the creators of the program explain the tools they use to make their own events a huge hit.
  • Creating Your Agenda: This is where the MindMint software comes in. The software helps users create a fantastic agenda for their events with its drag-and-drop options.

Module 2: Fill It

This module deals with the marketing part of the program and teaches individuals how to gather followers and fill” their events. It provides us common folk, with some of the best marketing tactics that the “best of the best” use.

These tips and tricks will help users advertise their workshops in a productive manner, even if they have zero knowledge regarding marketing or sales.

This module comprises of five lessons that detail how you can plan and arrange Masterminds with a large group of people. These lessons enable you to show yourself as a true leader, whether theyre in person or online.

The five lessons in this module are as follows:

  • Becoming A Marketing Expert: This lesson is your first step to becoming a marketing expert. It teaches you the different philosophies of marketing an event, as well as the hook, story, and close selling framework.
  • Event Funnel Blueprint: The second lesson of the module is about deconstructing the anatomy of a sales page, in finite detail. It explains the differences between good and bad sales pages and teaches viewers to determine the right charges for their events.
  • Marketing Wagon Wheel: Next, the videos in this lesson brief viewers on how to use social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube to promote their programs, along with how to recruit an army of partners and affiliates (to promote your business for you). 
  • Application and Order Pages: This lesson teaches viewers information that Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and many pros have learned about launching their events.
  • The Launch Secrets: This is the final lesson in the Fill It” module. It summarizes all the shortcuts to create impactful webpages, such as modeling your webpage, against a powerful pre-made one.

Module 3: Run It

This module will teach you how to carry out your Mastermind workshop successfully. It’s a high-leverage module that shows you how to launch your event and impress your audience so much, that they keep coming back for more.

You could like at this module as a culmination of the previous ones, and ensures that the individual has understood and adopted all the qualities of a dynamic leader.

Not only will this module teach you to conduct amazing training sessions for your people, but also ultimately grow your business through such Mastermind groups.

The more individuals you involve in the Mastermind workshops, the more your network will grow! This module contains the following lessons:

  • Perfect Mastermind Formula: Not only does this lesson dive deep into the psychology of executing a successful event. But it also gives you an excellent layout or Blueprint” to carry out yours.
  • Virtual Event Checklists: To ensure that everything goes according to plan, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi have added a checklist for you to go through before conducting your Mastermind workshops. Such checklists come in handy when youre looking over the final details of your planned workshop.
  • Perfect In-Person Event: Comprehensive checklists for in-person events are added to the module. These checklists will enable you to do a quick run through before the event, to ensure you havent missed out on anything.
  • Final Steps: This final lesson concludes all of the content inside of this module, on how to carry out a widely successful Mastermind workshop. It lists down everything step-by-step, summarising everything for you in an easy to apply way.

Module 4: Knowledge Broker

The final module is for when you’ve mastered the art of conducting successful Masterminds workshops. The next step is to be able to use someone else’s knowledge to generate some cash for the both of you.

It includes some key strategies, used by Tony Robbins himself, to use your extensive network and Mastermind groups, to leverage someone else’s expertise. 

Jim Rohn, who mentored Tony Robbins, taught him these strategies. Tony Robbins now gives a breakdown of these strategies to people looking to do the same. This will enable you to profit not only from your own knowledge and ideas, but from others as well. 

MindMint Software Review

So now that we covered what’s actually inside of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course, I wanna go over the MindMint software, which is an excellent software made for individuals looking to conduct Masterminds workshops.

Mindmint Software

It has numerous features that make the whole process of learning, conducting workshops, and growing your business, a walk in the park!

The features inside

I found that having this software gave me an edge over others in the same field. It’s kinda like my secret “unfair advantage” over the competition type of tool. Some of its features are:

  • An Event Builder that helps you build your entire event structure from scratch.
  • An option to merge all your expenses and payments in one place.
  • A tool known as the Wisdom Extractor, which will help you build a compelling agenda within 15 minutes.
  • A website building tool, that helps you speed up your marketing strategies with pre-made web pages, emails, applications, and even sales funnels.
  • Pre-made checklists for both virtual and in-person events, to ensure you dont miss any details while organising your event.
  • An exceptional customer relationship management tool, to not only track your following and customers, but to also charge them for each event that attend from you.
  • Integrations with over 1300 applications and websites, to help automate and fast track all your work.

Some Other Cool Features Inside of KBB

Phew, so we’ve gone over a lot already… but there’s even more! There’s actually a lot of cool new features, that really make KBB stand out.

These features actually really help users to stay engaged (and kinda make course into a fun video game).

These Knowledge Broker Blueprint bonus features include:

  • Badges: The program will award these to its users for various achievements, such as creating your very first event on the MindMint software, and completing different modules.
  • Credits: Every time you pass a bonus quiz at the end of a session, you will receive a credit. You can use these credits to purchase some of their bonus features, also known as power moves.”
  • Platinum Bonuses: These give you access to the much coveted personal sessions with Tony Robbins that otherwise, you would have to pay large amounts for.
  • Monthly Training Sessions with Dean Graziosi: These will ensure that you remain on top of your game. You can also use these sessions to learn about any new advancements in the market.
  • Sales and Marketing Funnels: These are by ClickFunnel’s CEO, Russell Brunson himself!
  • Traffic Secrets Training Bundle: You can use take advantage of these  marketing tips from Dean Graziosis own in house team.

A bit about Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

So far in the review, we’ve talked a lot about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, but not much about Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi (the makers of the program).

I’m sure you are very familiar with both of them, but both of these two have transformed MILLIONS of lives, over the last 40 years, really earning their prestige reputation.

Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

It’s only as of recently, that Tony and Dean decided to team up, and create a step by step blueprint for success (for both the beginner and the expert).

Honestly, I don’t think I can find a more trustworthy pair of individuals, that genuinely care about YOUR success!

Why they created the KBB program?

The duo recognised that most people have no problem coming up with great ideas. However, they most often lack the guidance and resources needed to work on these ideas and to take them forward.

To try to help people take their plans forward, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi came up with a program, known as the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

Their last program (The Knowledge Business Blueprint)

There were over 200,000 attendees on their previous live event, where the two entrepreneurs first introduced Knowledge Business Blueprint, and over 15,000 people invested in the program right after the launch.

So they have defiantly impacted a lot of lives already, and have really helped make self education become the new norm. With such a large following audience from their previous course (Knowledge Business Blueprint), it became one of the most popular online programs on the market.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint, is estimated to change more lives for the better, than it’s previous one. So i’m really excited to see the impact it’ll have around the world.

Mastermind Groups and KBB

Mastermind groups are not a new concept. In fact, they’ve existed since the early 1900s. Even famous authors such as Napoleon Hill have been avid believers of Mastermind groups.

And… as we’ve mentioned a lot throughout this review, masterminds can be life changing.

Not only can they be lucrative for you, but you can meet so many like minded people (or even high level people), in your own masterminds!

Have you read Think and Grow Rich?

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of (or even read) the Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill, right?

This book followed the same philosophy, regarding the power of a strong network of support systems, in the form of Mastermind groups.

Think And Grow Rich BookIn fact, i’ve even seen it have a massive impact in my own life.

You met one person, who knows this other person, and then that other person, knows this person that you can connect with. It becomes this massive family tree, where one person opens the doors to others!

How masterminds became popular

Naturally, books like Think and Grow Rich, gave mainstream attention to the idea of Mastermind groups, and more people started to look into how to use these groups for themselves (to not only succeed, but to improve their lives).

Masterminds and the course

This time-tested concept of forming Mastermind groups is used in Tony Robbins’ and Dean Graziosi’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint as well.

However, instead of just preaching about the importance of the practice as many others did, the creators of this program paved the way for individuals to create their own Mastermind groups.

From what I uncovered, Tony & Dean arm their students with various tools and techniques, to help them create a lucrative business around masterminds, instead of just informing them about how Mastermind groups work.

How Does It Work?

Mastermind group not only helps you surround yourself with successful people, but it also helps you generate revenue and achieve success. To me, it sounds like a win-win situation! 

A successful Mastermind group, will help you create an extremely powerful learning environment for everyone involved, and also has a massive impact on your self development in general.

What i’ve realised over the years

After going through the program, I’ve concluded that being a part of such high level Mastermind groups will do two things. It will help individuals be more successful.

It’ll also help individuals increase their awareness on crucial matters and adopt behaviours that lead to a successful lifestyle.

Self development

A Mastermind group is an excellent way to learn from different experiences, and improve your overall lifestyle and business performance. It’s also helped me with my own personal self development.

I mean, being apart of these groups are a great way to capitalise on your ideas, while getting valuable feedback from others you are far more experienced than yourself.

KBB Facebook Mastermind

And what I like about the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, is that it teaches you how to do that, while also have their own supportive mastermind group inside of facebook.

In fact they have a MASSIVE facebook group…

So you can ask questions from tens of thousands of people (who are starting masterminds just like you), learn from their successes and mistakes, while also having access to both Tony and Dean.

Who can Benefit from Mastermind groups and How?

Quite frankly, anyone at any level can gain value from a mastermind.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint program not only teaches people how to monetise their own ideas, but also teaches you how to take advantage of others (so you both benefit).

Not just for beginners, but for experts as well

Such groups are not just for beginners. Even experienced professionals can learn a thing or two from Mastermind groups. There is no limit to your learning capacity, and surrounding yourself with the right people will always help you grow, both personally and in your professional life.

Final Knowledge Broker Blueprint Verdict

I have never come across a program that is comprehensive and filled with so much value. This program literally hands you everything on a silver platter.

There is nothing better than learning from individuals who practice what they preach.

But hey, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 launch is going to launch very soon, so be sure to stay tuned.


We’re also working at creating the BEST bonus package for you, to really take your success to a whole NEW level!

Thanks for reading our Knowledge Broker Blueprint review post 🙂

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