Kartra Pricing: The real cost of using it

Trying to figure out the ideal Kartra pricing plan to fit your business needs?

Check out our careful pricing analysis below. We breakdown the benefits offered by each of the plans.

We’ll also inform your decision about the pricing tiers that best fit your business’ size.

Starter Plan

(99/month or $79/month for an annual billing

If you are building an online business and only starting to build an email list, the Starter Plan could be the ideal plan for you. With a limit of 15,000 emails and 2,500 contacts, this plan will suit you well if you’re starting off.

Because of the low contact and email limit, don’t be surprised if you consider the Silver plan weeks into the Starter Plan.

image with starter payment plan of $99

It might not seem like it when your business is getting off the ground, but 15,000 emails are not much if you intend to reach your 2,500 subscribers in one month.

This is also true one you put in place some automated campaigns which grow your list faster.

With this starter plan, you’re also restricted to a single custom domain. But since the early days of your business require concentration on one website, this is not such a bad thing.

Unsure about the suitability of this plan for your business, try out this Starter Plan on a trial basis at $1 for 14 days. Note that this trial fee applies to all the other pricing plans.

  • Starter Plan’s Products

The Starter Plan restricts you to sell a maximum of 20 products on the Kartra eCommerce platform.

So, unless your business promotes physical products, the ceiling of 20 products is not such a bad thing if you have a small email list and not promoting many products at a time. If you have many products, you should step on the next tier.

  • Follow up sequences

The Starter Plan gives you not more than 20 automated dynamic follow-up sequences/ strategies whenever you secure a new lead or a new customer. In the early days, 20 sequences are plenty.

  • Bandwidth

The available bandwidth represents your website’s capacity or its ability to handle traffic and content.

If your website has many images and videos uploaded, downloaded, or hosted, these elements will take up a huge capacity.

With the 50GB bandwidth provided in the Starter plan, you might have to step things up fast, if you have more images and videos. Typically, a 20-minute HD video on YouTube takes up 400-500MB.

If you have more straightforward videos, you will need less space, and the 50GB bandwidth might just be enough. Note, however, that it’s not exactly easy to access how much bandwidth or MBs your content will take up.

Having many long and interactive webinars, for example, will take up a lot more space. If the Starter Plan is all that you can afford, for now, consider using a video compressor and view your hosted files regularly to get rid of the unwanted files.

While the Starter plan offers unlimited page visits, you will enjoy a maximum of 100 automations, two membership sites, 100 pages, 2 helpdesk portals, and 2 membership sites.

Silver Plan

($149/month if billed annually and $199/month for monthly billing)

From June 2019, Kartra’s customers on the Silver Plan have enjoyed a 25% discount in this plan is they choose the annual billing plan meaning that you can pay $149 monthly instead of $199.

image with silver payment plan of $199

This plan is ideal for business in the growth stage. You can send 125,000 emails to 12,500 contacts on your email list.

  • Bandwidth

This plan is also ideal for a small growing business as it has a higher bandwidth limit of 125GB instead of 50GB offered in the Starter Plan. With 125GB bandwidth, you can use Kartra’s software on up to three websites.

All the other features offered in this plan are unlimited.

This means unlimited access to the number of products you can sell, the number of pages you can create, dynamic follow-up sequences, page visits, automations, helpdesk portals, and membership sites.

Gold Plan

($299/month billed monthly and $249/month billed annually)

Trying to meet the high demands of your big online business? Kartra’s Gold Plan might be exactly what you.

Essentially, you pay for this plan when you have a long contact list and if you send hundreds of thousands of emails. Signing up for this plan also means paying more for the service.

Here’s a look at the Email size, Bandwidth, and Domains accessible via the Gold Plan.

image with gold payment plan of $299

The Gold plan works for businesses with up to 25,000 contacts on their email lists, and it allows you to send up to 250,000 emails every month.

You can create up to 5 custom domains.

The plan’s range of unlimited products includes pages you can create, helpdesk portals, dynamic follow-ups, products sold, page visits, automations, and membership sites.

This plan gives you a 200GB bandwidth.

Platinum Plan

($499/month billed monthly, or $379/month billed annually)

With Kartra Software, you get more when you pay more. So, if yours is a large enterprise with close to 50,000 contacts, the Platinum plan will work well for you.

This plan allows sending of up to 500,000 emails every month and access to a bandwidth of 500GB. You will also access 10 custom domains (10 running websites), and you can create as many as 100 pages.

The other features are unlimited – products, helpdesk portals, dynamic follow-ups, page visits, automation, and membership sites.

image with platinum payment plan of $499

Diamond Plan

($699/month billed monthly or $519/month billed annually)

Trying to run a large enterprise while managing an email list with up to 100,000 contacts? The Diamond Plan might be exactly what you need.

image with diamond payment plan of $699

This plan supports as many as 1,000,000 emails per month, and it gives you access to an unlimited number of pages, a product sold, helpdesk portals, page visits, dynamic follow-ups, and automations.

This plan also allows you to access 10 custom domains, as well as an unlimited number of membership sites.


Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that comes with funnel templates created by renowned marketing experts. It also offers a wide range of unique features including membership sites and a helpdesk portal.

Its only drawbacks include the fact that it lacks third-party integrations and being a new company on the block, its performance history is thinner than what its competitors offer.

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