Kartra Pricing Plans (2024): Prices, Costs, Packages, And New Deals

Looking to learn more about the Kartra pricing? In this post i’ll be going over EVERYTHING you need to know about the Kartra pricing plans and more!

To be exact, i’ll be going over:

  • All of the Kartra plans and prices (and the best plan with the maximum value)
  • All of the features and tools that come with Kartra
  • And some special discounts to really help you get started with Kartra.

Oh, and did you know you can get a whole month of Kartra for only $1?

I’ll be covering that in today’s article for you, so you can save a lot of money right off the bat.

So with that introduction out of the way, let’s begin our Kartra pricing guide.

Kartra Pricing Overview

eCommerce is difficult if you don’t have the tools for it. You need to have a shopping cart, e-mail marketing dashboard, sales analytics and much more to make your eCommerce at least break even.

If you can have all those tools in one place, that’s an even better solution. That doesn’t mean you should pay through your nose for them.

Kartra is one of those reliable, helpful eCommerce solutions where you can do the job of an entire team. But, what is the exact Kartra price?

Kartra Logo

Read on to get the inside scoop on:

  • Kartra plans’ features
  • Kartra pricing packages
  • how much does Kartra cost
  • how much is Kartra worth

Kartra Pricing in a nutshell (2024)

Kartra has 14 features:

  • Kartra Checkouts
  • Kartra Pages
  • Kartra Leads
  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns
  • Kartra Mail
  • Kartra Memberships
  • Kartra Videos
  • Kartra Helpdesks
  • Kartra Calendars
  • Kartra Forms
  • Kartra Affiliates
  • Kartra Agency
  • Kartra Marketplace
  • Integrations & API

The promise of the entire bundle is that you can have much more utility and flexibility at a lower cost than if you owned these tools piecemeal.

If you would like to learn more about Kartra, or get a special extended free trial, I’ll leave a link below:

And like mentioned during the beginning of our post, you can get a whole month of Kartra for $1. How? Well by doubling your standard 14 day trial.

I’ll leave another link where I also go over step by step on how you can activate your Kartra 30 day trial.

We haven’t even gotten to the part where I show you how to get a discount yet, and i’ve already saved you a month’s worth of Kartra expenses 😉

I also recently created a new video for you, going over the new pricing plans in a lot of detail.

Simply click the play button on the video below to get a quick summery of the Kartra pricing.

The video goes over EVERYTHING regarding the pricing and even more secrets that can help you save money!

This post will cover more information, but I wanted to offer you a visual outlet as well in the form of a video.

Now let’s take a look at Kartra’s cost in more detail.

Kartra Pricing Plans

Kartra offers 4 pricing plans in 2024:

  • Starter, priced at $99 a month
  • Silver, priced at $199 a month
  • Gold, priced at $299 a month
  • Platinum, priced at $499 a month

When billed annually, the Kartra pricing plans save you 20–25%. All plans have a special offer, where you pay $1 for 14 days. That trial can be extended to 30 days by contacting Kartra support.

Kartra Pricing Plans

There are also Enterprise Kartra pricing plans that go beyond all limitations in each plan and are tailored to each client. You should contact Kartra support for more information on those.

Kartra Pricing Review — How much is Kartra worth?

I’ve decided to go one step further to figure out the real Kartra price for 2024. How much would Kartra pricing packages cost on the market?

To figure this out, I did some research and averaged the prices of Kartra plans’ features offered piecemeal on the market. Let’s take a look…

Kartra Checkouts

Kartra Checkouts is a checkout/shopping cart feature that lets you sell unlimited services or products, including training courses and memberships. You have all of these in one place:

  • 1-click transactions
  • credit card or PayPal purchases
  • automatic buyer tagging
  • multiple price points
  • upsells, downsells and order bumps
  • paying through instalments
  • trial periods
  • promotions, discounts and coupons

You can choose different checkout forms, such as vertical, multi-step or horizontal. They all have the same form fields but may show different results when you take through A/B testing. Any subscriptions can be paused at any time, helping you gain the trust of customers.

The sales analytics will let you track each buyer and your average metrics across as far back as 12 months. I found this kind of thing very useful when it comes to forecasting future revenue.

In the wild, this same set of features will cost you about $1,650 a year. Depending on the vendor, you may also need to install these features yourself.

Kartra Pages

This is a web page builder with a simple drag & drop interface. You get:

  • mobile-friendly pages
  • hundreds of templates for sections and pages
  • branding customizability
  • integrated with other Kartra features
  • one-click publishing
  • Kartra hosting or custom domain hosting

Templates and elements have been optimized to convert, giving you the marketing edge without the hassle. You get the benefits of global styles and tracking codes too, where you avoid a lot of tedious labor. Define any element on your web page, mark it as global and it will change across your website as you edit the source.

A/B split testing is included too, giving you the option to quickly test whatever theory you have. You can set up custom rotation percentages, for example, one version of your page can appear to only 10% of your visitors.

The free market will on average charge you $300 a year for a similar set of features.

Kartra Leads

Kartra Leads is a customer management and analysis tool that lets you:

  • learn what your visitors/shoppers do
  • find out whence your traffic comes
  • track users’ experience through your website or shop
  • figure out if and where your visitors and buyers hit a snag
  • assign a score to each person interacting with you
  • do an action based off of that score

Knowing what your customers are doing is a must in today’s dynamic eCommerce world. What are their shopping and user habits? What e-mails they responded to and in what way?

Even when you get thousands of visitors and clients, Kartra Leads will keep track of them. By scoring them and assigning them to categories, you can do actions across the category.

For example, for visitors that abandoned the shopping cart, you can send them the exact same e-mail or offer them the same discount.

A similar set of features would cost you an average of $7,200 a year.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns will allow you to plan out your funnels. Here you’ll be able to:

  • build customer experiences step-by-step
  • interconnect pages to get the funnel you want
  • use IF and THEN rules to fine-tune the funnel
  • use premade campaigns that are already optimized for success

I found the building of funnels and campaigns foolproof and straightforward. Once built, funnels and campaigns run automatically and can be as simple or as complex as you need them. Rules that manage both can be stacked, combined or intertwined in whatever way you please.

I like how I can in essence program my own funnel and campaign at no added cost. There is even a possibility to build off of Kartra Leads to micromanage each user’s shopping experience. If you’re still stuck, just import a campaign from another Kartra user.

You can expect to pay $2,700 a year for a funnel/campaign manager in the open market.

Kartra Mail

E-mail is the staple of eCommerce communication. Luckily, you don’t have to send them out one by one because Kartra Mail lets you:

  • schedule automated e-mails based on behavior
  • split-test e-mails
  • use default templates optimized to get a response
  • personalize messages
  • use IF and THEN conditions for each client
  • send out SMS
  • manage subscriptions and customer tags

Combined, these features let your visitors and buyers feel pampered and cared for. Instead of hiring an entire team to send out e-mails, you can do it alone from the Kartra Mail dashboard. Tweak messages to your heart’s content and test them until you’ve got the ones that prompt an action.

Buying a standalone e-mail manager with the same set of features would cost you about $700 a year.

Kartra Memberships

Here you can build a community around your products and manage it to your liking. By leveraging the human need to gather around the water cooler, as it were, you too can get loyal fans. Features you can use include:

  • structured lessons
  • timed content schedule
  • membership tiers
  • several portals to bump your cross-sale chances
  • video, audio and file support
  • track students’ lifetime progress
  • comment and community moderation

When you make learning fun, you invite new members and make them feel at ease. They engage with your content and you don’t even have to make any calls to action — your students will want to send you money.

Once people get invested in a community, they want to contribute to it and make it even better. They’ll work for free and be thankful you gave them the chance to show off. Give them some appreciation in return and they’ll become your loyal fans for life.

You’ll be charged about $2,300 a year for similar features in the open market.

Kartra Videos

In this section, you can manage video content, including:

  • toggling autoplay
  • embedded and pop-up players
  • mobile optimization
  • custom branding
  • tagging viewers based on participation
  • end screen message
  • marking videos as optional
  • video analytics

Video is by far the most effective form of social media content. Instead of typing out walls of text, you can even film a video with your smartphone, edit it a bit and publish. Every big social media personality is doing the same thing and now you can too.

Get some professional equipment and you can mesmerize your audience. I advise you hire a good writer for the script, so you get some wit in the video. You could even go for the animated explainer style, which is very popular with tweens.

Competitors would charge you about $1,000 a year for the same set of video features. I didn’t account for extra bandwidth charges because they vary too much across vendors.

Kartra Helpdesks

Dealing with customer complaints is the best way to get feedback and squelch discontent. In this feature, you’ll get:

  • multi-agent work on tickets
  • tagging tickets to forward them to the right department
  • integration with customer profile
  • default replies to customer complaints
  • real-time chat with multi-agent support
  • downloadable chat logs
  • stats on most viewed and requested help articles
  • help article scoring system

In general, you want to be as helpful for as many of your users as possible. You won’t be able to help everyone through a help desk, which is why I suggest building a community. Make a forum or a Facebook group and invite people who have problems in.

Your first objective is to calm the user down and then help them. The feeling of helplessness and isolation is most often what makes your customers desperate for solutions. Let them know it’s all going to be all right and you’re golden.

Competitors who offer a standalone help desk feature similar to Kartra will charge you about $2,000 a year per agent.

Kartra Calendars

I find calendars crucial to success. You should be using a calendar to organize your time and then let your clients access it. Thanks to Kartra Calendars, you can do both since it lets you:

  • convert your time to the client’s time zone
  • access the calendar via any device
  • manage all classes through a single calendar
  • embed your calendar in any page
  • customize and brand the calendar
  • approve, cancel or reschedule sessions from the dashboard
  • view a user’s entire history
  • set your available hours and dates

Your goal with this feature set is to manage your workload and never burn out. It does feel tempting to keep churning clients but my advice is to take it slow and steady.

Set yourself a manageable tempo and give yourself enough time for relaxation. Don’t forget to mark important holidays and birthdays, so your friends and family don’t feel neglected.

A competitor who specializes in calendars will offer the same set of features for about $150 a year.

Kartra Forms

So far, you’ve focused on giving information to your visitor but how do you flip the tables? What’s the best way for the user to give information to you? Of course it’s forms. Here you will get:

  • 50+ designs optimized for conversion
  • quick auto-fill memory
  • custom form fields
  • form fields embeddable in a video or website
  • GDPR compliance
  • auto-tagging users depending on field values

Form fields are the most underappreciated way of converting your audience. I see marketers pretty much wince when I mention form fields, even though they have amazing utility.

People don’t see form fields as threatening or invasive, since everyone is used to filling them out when registering or logging in. Form fields are also very easy to make, customize and maintain, so you can A/B test them very quickly.

Using the same features on the free market would cost you $600 a year.

Kartra Affiliates

You can think of affiliates as your most loyal audience that will help you achieve your goals. This feature set includes:

  • custom affiliate pages and portals
  • affiliate review and approval tools
  • payment milestones
  • adjustable commissions across several tiers
  • affiliate-only mailing list
  • adaptive PayPal payments

I suggest you pamper your affiliates and get to know them. People want to have a lofty goal and they’ll follow someone who can offer it to them. Give your affiliates a purpose, make them feel appreciated and they’ll reward you with loyalty.

You can consider an affiliate both a visitor and a customer. For example, you can A/B test funnels through the affiliate portals and figure out what works for who. Your affiliates are willing to invest time and energy in your enterprise, so leverage that.

To get this kind of feature set in the open market, you would need to shell out around $18,000 a year plus a $4,000 one-time installation fee.

Kartra Agency

Central management of all your clients is a must when you’re running an agency. Here you will be able to:

  • quickly analyze the metrics
  • create login information for clients
  • generate reports for clients
  • manage relationships through the portfolio
  • use one billing profile for all clients

You can interact with clients through this module as the agency owner or as a contractor. If you’re the owner, you can buy bulk Kartra accounts at a 40% discount and charge your clients a recurring fee.

This kind of agency feature set will cost you on average $1,000 a year when bought in the open market.

Kartra Marketplace

There’s no telling what you can find in a marketplace. Sellers can vastly underestimate the value of their wares, letting you get a bargain. This is because Kartra Marketplace lets you:

  • hire an expert right away
  • buy ready-made campaigns
  • import products and users into your Kartra website
  • sell your own wares on the marketplace
  • leverage your product offers to get e-mail addresses

Everyone is always looking for value. Offer as much value as you humanly can to as many people and you’ll see your business skyrocket. In my opinion, giving out freebies is the best way to get exposure.

Expect to pay around $3,600 a year when using this feature set outside of Kartra.

Integrations & API

Finally, we’ve got integrations and API functionality. In essence, it means you can tie together Kartra and other websites. For example, you can:

  • integrate payment and e-mail gateways
  • sync up Kartra with outside calendars
  • create custom apps and use them in Kartra
  • import membership portals
  • create SMS campaigns through phone providers

This nifty feature bundle will put your account in the red $7,200 a year when bought outside of Kartra.


So, how much does Kartra cost? The most expensive, Platinum plan, puts the Kartra cost to $6,000 a year when billed monthly or $4,560 a year when billed annually.

Bought piecemeal in the free market, all 14 Kartra features would cost you $48,400 a year! I was even generous when calculating the averages and rounded the numbers down.

Kartra Features

This means Kartra saves you about 91% in costs.

I should also mention the cost of juggling 14 subscriptions across 14 accounts. If something goes wrong in 2 or more of those, you can spend days of your life on the phone with their support teams.

If you would like to learn more about Kartra, or get a special extended free trial, I’ll leave a link below:

Taking the Kartra trial for $1 is a no-brainer and getting the entire feature set for $4,560 is a steal, in my opinion.

I warmly suggest you get on it right away and build your very own eCommerce empire using Kartra’s affordable plans.

I appreciate you checking out our Kartra pricing plans post 🙂

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this article and I hope you got some value from it. I just want to make you aware that some of the links on this website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally use and believe will add value to my readers.