Kajabi Free Trial: 30, 45 & 60 Day Trials in 2024?

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Kajabi Free Trial Review

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Give Kajabi’s free trial a go!

It’s an all-in-one platform called Kajabi that is specifically made for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who want to become a Kajabi Hero by earning an online income through selling courses, coaching programs, and membership subscriptions. With Kajabi, you can have unlimited marketing emails and access to all the tools you need. Start your Kajabi journey with a free trial.

As an entrepreneur and business owner who sells online courses through my membership site, I found the Kajabi platform to be incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

With Kajabi Hero, you can easily create unlimited landing pages and send unlimited marketing emails using its clean minimalist design and intuitive interface. Start your Kajabi free trial today and experience the power of Kajabi’s funnels and plan for yourself.

While researching online course platforms like Kajabi, you might have come across various types of free Kajabi trials, and you may have been confused about their differences and why some of the offers for unlimited landing pages are no longer available.

I’ll leave a link to their NEW special free trial offer for you.

With that being said, let’s go over some of the details and get your business started with the appropriate free trial offers!

Types of Kajabi Free Trial Offers

In total, there were/are 5 different free Kajabi trial offers, including an extended trial for unlimited marketing emails. However, some of these offers have already expired. But don’t worry, I’ll share with you a step-by-step plan on how you can get an extended Kajabi free trial without paying a single dime! Inside, I’ll coach you on how to make the most of this opportunity.

14-Day Free Kajabi Trial

The most common offer that customers sign up for when trying out the Kajabi platform is the 14-day free trial, which includes unlimited marketing emails.

Signing up for our free trial offers is a simple step that takes just a few minutes. Inside, you’ll find a straightforward plan to get started.

kajabi free trial homepage

When you head over to the main website, you should see a button at the top menu where you can get started for free and try out Kajabi for 14 days before making any commitments.

Inside the business plan there is the free trial offer everyone can partake in without any catch.

Kajabi Free

You just click the “Start for Free” button, create your account settings, and are ready to go!

However, hold on to your hats! I’ll share with you an extended 30-day free trial offer that is currently active! After all, why pay for a business plan when you don’t necessarily have to?

28-Day Hero Challenge

Unfortunately, the 28-day free trial is no longer available, but back in the day, the founder of Kajabi used to offer a 28-day free training and trial for almost a month for beginners.

However, the 30-day free trial is still active and working inside the business plan, so I recommend you use that offer as an alternative.

30-Day Extended Kajabi Free Trial

If you’re looking for an extended Kajabi free trial, then the 30-day free trial is the one you should definitely choose.

This is currently the only working extended free trial.

And worry not because all the tools and functionality that come with the usual free trial are all there, so you’re just getting a month’s worth of freebies.

It requires a backdoor link. To access the 30 day free trial of Kajabi, visit the link below

kajabi 30 day free trial

When you click “Claim your free 30-day trial”, just fill out the info and create your account to get started with your journey!

45-Day Idea to Income Challenge

The 45-Day Idea to Income Challenge was another great promotional free trial offer that Kajabi had at the beginning of 2022.

It gave step-by-step training to beginners, guiding them inside the process of creating a product from scratch. The training also covered selling and marketing automation, ensuring that beginners had a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.

Unfortunately though, the 45-day Idea to Income Challenge is currently closed.

If you want to get a heads-up and a reminder for trial offers similar to this, then make sure to sign up for our newsletter, so you don’t miss any important events.

60-Day Kajabi Free Trial

You may also have heard or read about a 60-day Kajabi free trial, but since February, it has been closed, and currently, there isn’t any news about continuing this free trial offer.

All in all, your best option is to go with the 30-day extended trial.

To access the 30 day free trial of Kajabi, visit the link below

Personally, even the 14-day free trial was enough for me to get accustomed to the platform and the user dashboard, so 30 days should be more than enough!

Kajabi’s Free Trial Comprehensive Review

Now that you know all the free trial offers that previously existed, let’s get acquainted with the platform.

The Dashboard and User Experience

kajabi dashboard

After you create your free trial and verify your account, you should be redirected to the main dashboard.

It should look like the image above. I personally loved the minimalist and clean design.

The UX is very user-friendly, so you shouldn’t have any problems navigating through the site.

Creating Online Courses & Products

kajabi create course

Creating an online course is as simple as clicking on “Get Started”, filling out a few details about the product you will be selling, uploading a few images, and organizing everything.

Even if you don’t have any website building or marketing experience, it’s fairly straightforward and easy to set up.

Besides online courses, you also have coaching, consulting calendar integration, subscription-based communities, and podcasting opportunities that can be monetized.

Depending on what kind of product you will be offering, the creation process might be a little different, but it’s a fairly easy streamlined process, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

Website Builder and Marketing Automation

Besides offering you a simple way to create your services and products, you also get an all in one platform with a website builder for creating landing pages and marketing tools for tracking/selling your products.

Though I really liked the tools for creating sales funnels, email marketing, and tracking leads, I did find the website builder a bit lacking in flexibility with a dearth of pre-built templates.

However, if you simply want to build a professional-looking and presentable website, then you shouldn’t have any problems with the Kajabi website builder.

As an experienced WordPress developer though, WP definitely has more website-building features and capabilities.

Kajabi University and Free Training

Something a lot of people might overlook is the Kajabi University, but I highly recommend you take a look through their catalog of lessons and training videos.

You can find simple video tutorials for marketing, sales, and much more in the training section.

In case you have specific questions, you can send in a support ticket or even schedule a private call with them and become a Kajabi hero!

Overall Conclusion and Thoughts

I had no difficulty creating products and running a few offers inside Kajabi.

Everything is just understandable and the user experience is excellent!

It only took me a few days to get used to the platform, but I did have previous experience so maybe it was slightly easier for me, but compared to some other platforms that I’ve used such as Hubspot CRM, WordPress, Mailchimp, etc, the Kajabi dashboard was one of the easiest and seamless dashboards that I’ve ever used.

A few days of the free trial period was more than enough time to get the hang of everything, so whether you go with the 14-day trial or the 30-day extended trial, you shouldn’t have any problems.

However, it makes sense to sign up for the 30-day trial period as the Kajabi plans are the same whether 14 days or 30 days, so I recommend you start free trial with the 30-day period to save money.

To access your special free trial of Kajabi, visit the link below

The only thing I will say though is once you have to pay for their services, the basic Kajabi plan only allows you to sell 3 products, so the beginner plan is a little limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you had questions regarding Kajabi, here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a specific question you want to be answered, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us as well.

What Is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform specifically dedicated to online business owners who want to sell courses, offer coaching programs, create subscription-based communities, and earn money with podcasting.

The company was founded in 2010, and within just 10 years or so, they have grown to more than 60 million students and 50,000+ online entrepreneurs in over 120 countries.

It’s a simple-to-use platform that comes with built in payments, marketing tools, CRM, analytics, etc, making it that much easier to build an online business.

Who Should Use Kajabi?

If you are knowledgeable about a particular topic and want to earn a living or build a passive income stream, then Kajabi might be a platform for you.

From health and fitness coaches to bloggers or consultants, a wide variety of professionals can utilize the tools offered by Kajabi and earn money online.

Advantages of Using Kajabi

While using the Kajabi system, I found the pre-built marketing, sales, analytics, and CRM tools to be one of the highlights.

Usually, you’ll have to pay a few hundred dollars per month for email marketing software, CRM, video hosting, etc, so having everything in a central system does save money.

In addition, when I didn’t know how to use something, the support team was always willing to help and there is a ton of video lessons that you can learn from.

To access your special free trial of Kajabi, visit the link below

Even as an experienced digital marketer with a few years under my belt, I found some of the training tutorials very useful and helpful.

How To Cancel Your Free Trial

If for any reason you don’t find Kajabi useful or something that’s not for you, canceling your free trial or subscription is very easy.

Even if you make a payment, as long as you cancel your subscription within 30 days of paying, you do get a money back guarantee, which is nice.

In order to cancel your account:

  1. Open Settings from the Dashboard
  2. Choose Billing under Account Settings
  3. Scroll down to Plan Details
  4. And click Please Cancel My Account

How To Get a Refund

As long as you cancel within 30 days of payment, you should be eligible for a refund.

You should automatically get a refund when you cancel within the time frame, but in case you don’t receive your money back, then you can email the Kajabi billing team at billing@kajabi.com

Their support team is really helpful, so besides just billing, you can have any other questions and concerns addressed fairly easily.

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