Instapage vs leadpages – Choosing the right landing page builder

The ability to build high quality landing pages when needed is very important for every business, especially ones with a digital presence. Despite the presence of all in once automation tools, marketers find it hard to spot the right landing pages.

This is why most people look for tools that give out the best support, functionality, and focus.

Landing pages help you build a great email list, provide you with access to digital downloads, help people to sign up for your webinar.

If you are looking to build a high converting aesthetic landing page without using any code, you have definitely come across Instapage and leadpages.

Both tools make it easy to quickly build and test your new landing pages, but which one is better?   The leadpages vs Instapage comparison will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

An overview of Instapage vs leadpages

Before you make any comparisons, it is very important to mention that the choice will be different depending on the user.

They have very similar features and they include the A/b testing, Content personalization, automated emails, Analytics and reporting, Campaign management, Design templates, Drag and Drop editor, Social sharing widgets and lead capture tools among others.

Both the leadpages and Instapage have minimal differences.  Leadpages is great for simple landing pages that are great for people with little CSS and HTML knowledge.

Instapage editor is perfect for people looking for customized options, fonts, unique backgrounds, and other page elements.

Features and Services

At first glance, leadpages and Instapage are very similar tools.  These two are both web-based applications.

They can both integrate with email services and also offer a range of plans for businesses freelances and enterprises.

Leadpages and Instapage are very similar when it comes to the major features and results you can get from both tools.

The differences are as important if you want to differentiate the two; some of the main features that help you tell these two apart are;

Leadpages is considered one of the easiest to use among the two.  It is especially great for people who have minimal design skills of experience with code. Beginners find it easy to use and can adapt within a few minutes.

While Instapage is also easy to use, it has considerably more customization. Instead of editing the text, scheme or color of a specific page, you can design your own with an editor built for both experienced designers and beginners.

Landing pages

Leadpages has one great landing page builder.  It has a drag and drop interface which allows you to move or add elements like written copies, headlines, auto-play video and other items fast and easily to your landing pages.

It comes with a variety of templates; each designed around one specific goal.

For instance, you will come across a template that helps you subscribe to an email list while another helps you get subscribed to a webinar.

illustration of landing pages

The simplicity of leadpages builder allows you to combine basic landing pages in a few minutes.  The simple process of using leadpages builder makes it one of its biggest strength.

The limited options in the landing builder are what makes it a little restrictive.

Page elements on leadpages builder like the countdown timer create urgency for businesses to build their conversion rates.  The exit popup op on the landing pages allows you to bring in more visitors as they leave.

When compared to leadpages, Instapage builder has a harder learning curve. You get more options like adding a custom JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

You also get access to more opportunities for page and design customization. Instapage feel more powerful when it comes to landing. For savvy tech users, Instapage and its customizability may be a plus.

Like in landing pages, you can add things like body text, pictures, headlines, conversation elements, videos and countdown timers among other things.  You do not have to worry about the complexity of adding more or new elements to the landing page; it is a simple process.

The page elements on Instapage are listed on the toolbar. To add an element to the page, all you have to do is select the right option, place the element on your current page and customize it the way you want to,

When selecting the right landing pages, it all comes down to what you like. If you are looking for customizability over the simplicity of a landing page then Instapage will cut out for you.

It also gives you more control over the look of the landing page plus you will enjoy the custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will like the ease of creating a landing page if you go for leadpages.

The templates

Leadpages offers you about 125 templates you can choose from.

They are available in multiple designs for different needs. They have e-book download templates, lead capture, promotions, and sales pages, coming soon announcements, upsell pages, video landing, thank you pages, webinar signups and many more.

Finding the templates from lead pages is very easy; all you do is sort the templates by most relevant, by the type of industry, by the highest converting and from the most relevant.

The highest converting allows you to choose the templates that have a high history of working and converting. Once you choose a template, customizing it is very easy.

Instapage has 200 plus templates to choose from. The quality of the templates is similar. Instapage also has template meant for specific landing page sections, like templates for the footer and the header.

It works with a feature named Global blocks to make mass editing easy for the user. You can also use it for a specific landing page section page and edit all templates simultaneously.

A/B testing

This feature is included in both the leadpages and Instapage. Setting up the spit test is done by just clicking the A/B test link in the toolbar of any standard landing builder.

You can build the split test with a variation of a page that already exists of a new template design you have created.

example illustration of an a/b test

Leadpages has a fast A/B testing launch.  It allows you to create different variations and test which one works best for you.

From the UI on leadpages, an overview of the conversations and other different metrics and provided to give you a look at which one is performing the best.  It is basically similar when it comes to Instapage.

The difference with Instapage is, you not only get the overview but also an automatic division of your traffic.

The division between two campaigns, the highlight of the unique visitors, conversion rates, points of improvements and total conversions give you a better perspective.

When it comes down to A/B testing, my vote would go to Instapage.  Instapage is visibly much more helpful when it comes to information about traffic, its generating and conversion.

This means you get a better overview.  Instapage will help you quantify the efforts easier, is much more detailed and much easier to install due to its integration with Google.

Mobile responsiveness

Leadpages have templates that are responsive in portable or mobile devices.  This means that you will not miss out o any form of traffic and will not have to include a separate layout for the mobile traffic.

The templates on Instapage are also mobile responsive. It is a step ahead of leadpages because you can actually download the application on your android and mobile devices.


Both leadpages and Instapage include a variety of integration with the webinar, email marketing, marketing automation, analytic software, and CRM.

Leadpages is integrated with Drip, which is an email marketing automation tool.  You can also integrate leadpages to infusion soft, Constantcontact, Mailchip, Aweberm 1shopping cart, Hubspot and others.

With Instapage, you have the ability to integrate with Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, active campaign, kissmetrics, getresponse ad WordPress among other tools.

While Instapage has more customization including the fonts, page layouts styling and other options, leadpages takes less time to load.

Leadpages is also heavier and this can impact your performance because you are working with multiple designs at the same time.

The collaboration options

If you are managing larger teams, Instapage has a better collaboration tool.  It allows you to add comments and request edits on specific elements of the landing page.  All you have to do is click on the element and add some notes.

You can also use this method to give specific feedback on the landing pages and give replays to other team members.

The option does not end there, it also allows you to tag specific teammates and address the notes to a certain person.  The comments and threads can be deleted or marked as resolved when you want to.

To make things better, the templates can be shared securely and privately. This feature allows brands to view and give feedback on the landing pages you are creating.


Leadpages have cheaper options between the two landing pages.  It is also considered to be one of the cheapest landing page tools i n the market.

The standard version of leadpages is very light on features and it’s a/b testing and other important optimization and conversion tools are not included. However, the pricing is very convenient at 25 dollars per month.

With the 25 dollars, you have an ability to create an unlimited number of lead generation pop-ups and landing pages.  You also have features like email-based support and WordPress publishing when you pat this amount.

Currently, you cannot get a free trial month from leadpages.  However, you do get the first month or 30 day money back guarantee which makes leadpages risk free software for beginners and even professionals.

If the services in leadpages did not satisfy you, you can contact the support and you will get the free refund within 30 days.

Instapage services cost only 29 dollars per month. It is slightly more expensive then leadpages.  When you purchase the 29 dollars per month, you get the ability to make unlimited landing pages, domains and visitors.

There are zero limits to the amount of traffic you are able to send to Instapage.

You have access to all the free landing pages on Instapage and the basic pixel tracking for your campaigns as part of the 29 dollar monthly plan.

All Instapage versions are attached to WordPress integration and they use the Instapage as WordPress plug-in.

image of instapage's pricing page

The split testing and other additional integrations are not included in the 29 dollar basic monthly plan for Instapage.

To include this, up will need to purchase the 55 dollar monthly pro plan or the premium plan that is 79 dollars per month.

With Instapage, you get a 30 day free trial on the basic plan. It comes with complete functionality for all users. Also, Instapage does not require your credit card information if you are signing up for a free trial.

It also makes its risk free for you if you do not like it and do not want to be a paying customer.

Which one is better?


It is a user-friendly landing tool that has multiple strengths. For one, it is very fast and easy to use and also includes multiple landing pages. The page builder on leadpages is very easy to customize and convenient for regular users.

Everything is controlled by drag and drop feature. This makes it easy to work with page elements like the image listed in the toolbar and your headings.

To add a new element, all you need to do is drag it, edit it and customize the style using the editor.

The custom code option on leadpages allows you to add custom HTML and CSS to the landing page. You have access to a variety of templates and can pay for more.

When compared to Instapage builder, it has less customization over the style and layout.  The editor is somehow limited.


This landing page builder is as easy to use but more powerful. it has a drag and drop interface, over 200 landing page templates and also supports third-party analytical and tracking tools.

The detailed A/B testing makes it easy to test multiple landing pages and you can publish it on Wordpess without the HTML CSS codes.

When compared to leadpages, the landing page builder is heavier which may affect the performance, especially on a landing page with multiple designs.

The verdict of Instpage vs. LeadPages

Both Instapage and leadpages are great landing page building tools. They have a host of templates and easy to board.  However, Instapage had a great advantage over leadpages.

It has more fonts, styling options and you can create your landing page from scratch.

If you are looking for speed and simplicity, then leadpagesis the one for you. If you can compromise your time over a better visually designed landing page, I recommend Instapage.

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