How to make a landing page in SquareSpace: The Definitive Guide

So what’s all the fuss behind landing pages? What are they, and why should you use them?

Well, the answer is quite simple; they significantly improve your conversion rates.

Landing pages, aka destination or static pages, are typically designed with a goal in mind; to convert visitors into subscribers or into paying customers.

You’ve probably seen one when you gave out your email for an eBook, checklist, report or another sort of lead magnet.

They’re a great way of growing your audience, and there are a variety of tools that can help you build gorgeous landing pages in a matter of minutes.

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While more and more SaaS companies now feature landing page builder such as GetResponse and MailChimp its best to go with a dedicated landing page builder such as LeadPages.

That being said, the only caveat with LeadPages is it’s a tad bit pricey starting at over $25 a month which comes with limited features.

Fortunately, there are cheaper options, and SquareSpace is at the top of that list.

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It lets you create minimalistic landing pages as part of your existing plan, so you don’t need to chuck out any extra money.

That being said, SquareSpace’s version of landing pages is Cover Pages, and it comes with limited customization options compared to other landing page builders.

It’s worth noting that SquareSpace’s cover pages don’t let you use 3rd party app forms from email marketing software.

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However, they do support MailChimp, but if you use any other email marketing platform, you may have to duct-tape it to get the functionality you need.

But once you’ve jerry-rigged it, you should be able to create a custom landing page to suit your needs.


Squarespace’s Cover Pages

SquareSpace’s Cover Pages are designed to present your information or copy clearly in a single page. They’re great for a variety of marketing and communication goals and quite versatile.

You’ll be able to announce your products, share your most recent videos, and if you’re an artist, you can also share your entire album on SquareSpace.

But it doesn’t stop there, SquareSpace can also be used to showcase your work experience, collect RSVPs, create “coming soon,” 404 pages and much more.

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That said, to use Cover Pages, you need to have subscribed to their commerce or website plan. But if you’re already on their Cover Page plan, then your landing pages will remain active—as long as you’re subscribed.

It’s worth noting that Squarespace no longer allows it’s users to downgrade to their Cover Plan after having upgraded to full website plan. Additionally, the home menu for commerce and website plans isn’t the same as the Cover Page plan.

Building a Landing page in SquareSpace

All you need to get started creating your landing page in SquareSpace is an active subscription so head over to your account and log in before we begin.

It’s relatively easy to get started with your landing/cover page on SquareSpace.

1. Create a new cover page

On your home dashboard, click on “Pages” and the plus symbol to create a new Cover Page.

2. Select a layout

Choose a layout from one of the pre-builit options. It’s worth noting that SquareSpace’s cover pages come with pre-made layouts and can be edited using their panel.

That said, SquareSpace doesn’t feature the same drag-and-drop editor that you would get with other more mainstream visual landing page builders like Instapage or Unbounce.

Page design elements such as buttons and text can’t be moved since they don’t use your typical block-type page elements.

3. Branding and Content

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Using their branding and content panel, add your brand’s logo, vision statement, or any other relevant details you want to include in your landing page.

Be sure to use a conversion optimized headline to capture the attention of your visitors and lead them to your offer.

SquareSpace’s settings will work with most of their professionally designed layouts and will help you get your message across while staying on brand.

However, there are a few caveats with their editor, and a good example is that you can’t display your branding text and log simultaneously.

4. Upload Media

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SquareSpace’s media panel lets you seamlessly upload stock images, background images, and add images from your library to your cover pages.

And to help you capture the attention of your users, they let you add background videos that can be set to loop.

However, if you don’t want to include a video but an image, just set it to “None” and your image will disappear from your preview.

In which case, you’ll have to change the background color using SquareSpace’s style panel to suit your needs.

5. Add Functionality to your landing page

Now all that’s left to do is add some functionality or Call-to-actions to your landing pages using SquareSpace Action Tab.

You’ll be able to add lead capture forms, navigation links, and buttons to your landing pages to lead your visitor to your desired outcome.

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