GoHighLevel SaaS Mode: Is It Worth It? (2024)

GoHighLevel Saas Mode

A lot of businesses we know by brand and name actually use the same source or supplier for their products and services. It’s just that we don’t know the behind-the-scenes of the business, so as long as we as consumers and customers are happy… that’s what matters generally.

For example, the Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ are ALMOST EXACTLY the same car with the same engine and framework, however, they have their own unique tweaks here and there.

It’s no different for all these computer, tech, and software companies. They use the same framework or source to make their own products and services with their own unique selling points.

And HighLevel does just that. They give you the chance to build your “own” Software company without having to spend thousands of dollars developing an app yourself from scratch or spending thousands of dollars to troubleshoot, maintain, or improve it. It’s a game changer!

We offer our audience here on ImminentBusiness an extended 30-day free trial for the GoHighLevel SaaS mode Pro plan, so you can test everything out before paying for the software.

To get a 30 day free trial of GoHighLevel, visit the link below

You can get it from the source and have a multi-million dollar SaaS (Software as a Service) type of company if you are good at selling your brand and can come up with your own unique identity.

What Exactly is SaaS?

If you know HubSpot, Mailchimp, Brevo, aHrefs, Semrush, and many other solution-based companies that help with your digital marketing needs, then you probably know what a SaaS company is.

It stands for Software as a Service.

Compared to traditional business models or products, SaaS companies have INSANE profit margins. 80% and more profit margins are common within this industry and if you’re someone who does not like piling expenses, debts, and overhead costs, then a SaaS business model might be perfect for you.

Who is GoHighLevel SaaS Mode for?

HighLevel’s SaaS offerings or Pro Plan might be something up your alley to promote and sell if you are a tech entrepreneur, small business owner, or a passionate digital marketer.

As a digital marketer myself, I’ve tried a bunch of different marketing tools from Hubspot to Mailchimp, Semrush and what not. Some tools are expensive whereas some are cheaper, but I’ve never come across a CRM marketing solution that comes with jam-packed value as GoHighLevel. NEVER!

I am currently using GoHighLevel for my affiliate marketing businesses, but if I wanted to, there is the possibility of fully white-labeling, or as people say, putting my sticker and name on it, then start selling it as if it’s my fully own software.

The white labeling feature removes anything that will make everything fully branded in your company name

While HighLevel mainly targets English-speaking countries, if you are based in Spain, France, Germany, or whatever, you do the advantage of being one of the only few local agencies to offer such a value-packed CRM for such low costs and still be profitable.

Benefits of HighLevel’s SaaS Mode

There are so many benefits and additional pros that come with HighLevel SaaS configurator. To list a few things:

Set your custom price freely

HighLevel's SaaS Mode

Because it’s basically your product when you go full SaaS, you’re free to set your pricing according to your standards and how you see fit.

Rebilling addon features at markup

Rebilling addon features

GoHighLevel comes with built-in emailing, SMS & calling, AI, etc features that are very handy not just for you, but also for sub-accounts and the clients you will be managing.

You are credited from your Agency Wallet depending on usage for all accounts, so if you are on the smaller Starter Plan, then it might be a little annoying manually pooling in everyone’s money to pay to HighLevel. Whereas with SaaS, you can send rebills to clients

If you want, you can add a multiplier, your markup, and make a profit when you have sub-accounts using the built-in emailing, SMS, and AI features.

HighLevel’s base prices are VERY CHEAP, so even when you add your markup, it still can be industry-competitive.

Your own white-label branding

Everything becomes your very own without the HighLevel branding. You’re free to add your name, logo, and brand everywhere and anywhere.

It does require you to go through the whole application and change things, but they do offer set-up and customization services for a small fee, thus saving you time and headaches.

Advanced API and integrations

In case you need to make zaps, integrations, and automation, with the SaaS mode you have more opportunities to connect different apps however you like.

  • Public API Access
  • Sub-Account API Keys
  • Zapier Integration
  • Team Calendar
  • Calendar/Services
  • Appointments Contacts
  • Form/Surveys
  • Opportunities
  • Task
  • Mailgun
  • 0aUTH 2.0 API
  • Create Sub-Account
  • Update a Sub-Account
  • Load a Snapshot
  • Get Sub-Account by Sub-Account ID
  • Delete Sub-Account Twillio Account
  • Create a User
  • Get User by Sub-Account
  • Get Agency by User ID
  • Update a User
  • Get all Snapshots
  • And More…

Custom Dashboard & Templates

As part of the white-label advantage, you will be able to customize the dashboard as you see fit with multiple dashboard window views, and unique templates for your marketing campaigns.

If you have sales agents and marketers, they also get dashboard reporting when it comes to performance.

Costs For HighLevel SaaS Mode

Costs For HighLevel SaaS Mode

You do have to be on the Pro Plan to use HighLevel’s SaaS.

The Pro Plan costs $497 per month or $4,970 per annum. When you pay annually, you do get ~17% discount compared to paying monthly.

However, scroll down below because I have a special coupon that you can use to get a one-month free trial instead of the usual 14-day and a $400 coupon if you’re an already existing customer with HighLevel.

Coupon For HighLevel Pro Plan / SaaS Mode

Whether you are an existing user or want to try it out, I got you!

With my special invitation link: https://www.gohighlevel.com/sen

You get TWICE the trial period from 14-days to 30-days, AND you get a $400 coupon if you are upgrading from the Starter Plan, or a $200 discount if you are on the Unlimited Plan.

If you are a new user, just sign up via the link above and choose the Pro Plan when finalizing everything. And Viola, you’re ready to go without any upfront costs!!

How To Make Money With HighLevel Saas Mode?

Don’t let the $497/month fool you into thinking, maybe it’s just better to use the Starter or Unlimited Plan, because if you are serious about making the big bucks, you definitely can make a lot of money with SaaS on HighLevel.

First things first, you need to create an account on the Pro Plan, then you then need to connect your payment gateway such as jkAuthorize.net, Paypal or Stripe.

You will then need to configure your plan and pricing for the services that you will be offering clients. You can use their multiplier tool to add a markup on the email, SMS/call, and AI services. Generally 20-30% markup is still pretty competitive and industry standard, but it’s up to you how much you want to charge.

Once your pricing, plans, and order forms are ready, it’s time to build your landing page and marketing funnel. You can add specific workflows, notifications for any leads, etc once you have the funnel ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions asked regarding HighLevel’s SaaS.

What is Customer Relationship Management

It’s a tool that will keep track of all your leads, customers, and clients in one agency dashboard. Depending on the kind of CRM, there can be built-in powerful features and come with a comprehensive suite with other service offerings with seamless integration. For example, they can have built-in email marketing platforms, project management tools, and recurring revenue plan configurator, etc giving a full integrated experience.

How many people can I sign up on SaaS Mode?

On your Pro Plan you can sign up an unlimited number of people. It’s your product, your brand, so you have control and freedom to do as you wish within the framework of HighLevel.

How do I charge clients on SaaS Mode? Can I connect a Stripe Account?

Once you connect your payment gateway with HighLevel, you then can add packages, plans, and services with order forms for your products. Yes, you can connect a Stripe account.

Whether you want to rebill clients with a markup for services that are usage-based such as emails, content AI, Conversation AI, etc, it’s up to you.

Is GoHighLevel’s SaaS Mode Worth It?

If you know how to sell and market, it is well worth it! HighLevel offers unmatched pricing, so if you know how to package a service and make a product that people find valuable, you can make a lot of money passively just by creating some kind of emailing SaaS product, or an AI SaaS product, etc.

To get a 30 day free trial of GoHighLevel, visit the link below

It mostly depends on you and how well you can make use of the tools and framework you are given.

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