GoHighLevel Pricing Plans: Is It Worth The Cost? [2024]

GoHighLevel Pricing & Additional Costs

I’ve been in the digital marketing space for many years and have used all kinds of tools and software, but nothing comes close to the value that the GoHighLevel platform offers.

HighLevel pricing is not only a cost effective solution, but the all-in-one marketing solution that they offer is one of the best out there when you consider how much you get out of it vs how much you pay.

The good news is you can actually test drive the software before paying for it.

To get a 30 day free trial of GoHighLevel, visit the link below

I’ll explain why it’s one of the best deals, especially for smaller businesses, compared to many other software that are floating around the world wide web.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans

There are two GoHighLevel pricing plans advertised on their website, but I’ll spill the beans.. there are actually 3 plans. The 3rd plan or “The Pro Plan” is reserved for serious marketers who want to take their marketing game to the next level.

You can pay the flat monthly pricing or choose the annual payment option and save 17%.

Get FREE 30-day trial, instead of the 14 day free trial period: https://www.gohighlevel.com/sen

“Agency” Starter Plan: $97 / month

I would recommend the Starter Plan if you have one or two businesses and want a solid understanding of digital marketing, CRMs, workflows, pipeline management etc.

Not only do you get the essential features such as a website builder, but a whole arsenal of tools that will help you market your business, product, and service with the help of a bunch of marketing software and integration ALONG WITH artificial intelligence when you sign up on the starter plan.

Now that is an amazing deal and value for a basic plan.

The Starter Plan includes all of the following:

  • As Many Contacts & Users
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Up To Three Sub-Accounts
  • Core Features
  • CRM
  • Website & Sales Funnel Builder
  • Blogging
  • Forms & Surveys
  • Smart Webchat Widget
  • Workflows
  • Social Media Scheduler
  • Content Al
  • Image Al
  • Email Templates
  • Conversation Al
  • Online Scheduling
  • Courses & Memberships
  • Facebook & TikTok
  • Lead Forms
  • Reputation Center
  • Review Requests
  • Listings
  • Review Widget
  • White Label
  • Snapshots
  • Compliance
  • World Class Support Team
  • Funnel Templates
  • Website Templates
  • Social Media Templates
  • Pipelines
  • WordPress Hosting & Reselling
  • Yext Online Listings & Reselling

The Agency Unlimited Account: $297 / month

If you know your way around CRMs, marketing tools, integrations, etc, then the Unlimited Plan might be a better fit.

With the agency unlimited plan, you create however many sub-accounts as you like with you being the master account, so if you have any friends or want to split between client accounts and get better value, then you can migrate them over to GoHighLevel and earn money from them basically.

You are reselling GoHighLevel’s product and if you are good at it, you can make a lot of money just by supporting your clients toward their business success.

It’s kind of like reselling web hosting. You are renting a big web-hosting server, and you are dividing the VPS or web server into smaller chunks where each client pays you $40-$100 a month for you to manage their website and keep it secure / up to date.

The Unlimited Plan includes all of the following:

  • Everything in Starter+
  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts
  • API Access
  • Third Party Apps
  • Seamless Integration
  • Branded Desktop App / White Label Option
  • Phone & Email Rebilling without Markup

The Pro Plan: $497 / month

the pro plan

You might think there isn’t much of a difference between the Unlimited vs the Pro Plan, but the significant difference in value is the ability to white-label the whole software with their SaaS Mode in addition to unlimited sub and unlimited account feature.

You’re getting a license from GoHighLevel that will allow you to market and brand their all-in-on marketing solution software as if it’s your own.

If you are good at building businesses or marketing, you can make a WHOOLE lot of money via the agency Pro Plan. This is especially profitable if you have a certain brand name or recognition within your home country where English is not the primary language. You don’t have to spend unnecessary money developing a branded desktop app from scratch and maintaining that software when you could just buy it wholesale and make the GoHighLevel product your own thing.

The Pro Plan includes all of the following below:

  • Everything in Unlimited+
  • Agent Reporting
  • SaaS Mode
  • Email/Phone/Text/Al Rebilling with Markup
  • Split Testing
  • Advanced API Access / custom zap upgrade

Pricing LC Premium Triggers

Besides the monthly subscription, you do have the option of getting some add-ons. Other features are charged by use-by-use case. You can do a markup and create your own prices for these additional features offered by GoHighLevel and make a profit if you are on their Pro Plan subscription.


What is GoHighLevel’s Agency Wallet?

GoHighLevel’s Agency Wallet

GoHighLevel has done all the heavy lifting and offers built-in software for sending mass emails, SMS, or calls, and much more!

Unlike most other CRMs that make you pay a monthly fee for all these other this or that things, GoHighLevel offers the ability to pay only for things that you use, talk about fairness!

In order to use all these features such as AI copywriter, automated messages, etc, you do need to have an “Agency Wallet”.

This is where you will buy and store your credits, and from your credits, you will be deducted money when you use any of the additional features that are listed below.

Call and SMS Pricing

If you are familiar with Twilio, the pricing structure is exactly the same as theirs, but as mentioned, you don’t have to go through the hassle of connecting 3rd party software because GoHighLevel uses LeadConnector or (LC) within their system.

You can go to Twilio to see the pricing breakdown for each specific region:



But SMS and calls start at $0.0079 and $0.0140 respectively for the U.S., with different countries and regions being either cheaper or more expensive.

This feature is available on all plan levels. Rebilling without markup is available for Unlimited users and rebilling WITH markup is available for only Pro Plan users.

Email Pricing

I really like their pricing for emails! I’ve used Mailchimp Brevo Aweber etc, but when it comes to value and affordability there is no beating GoHighLevel’s email pricing structure.

For every 1000 emails you pay $0.675, so for someone like me who sends about 40,000 mass emails per month, I am paying $27, which is a steal!

Because at Brevo, which is regarded as a very affordable emailing software, it’s $35 a month and you don’t even get to roll forward your credits. If you don’t use all 40,000 email credits, tough luck because you are paying that $35 monthly either way. This holds true for most other mass emailing software.

This feature is available on all plan levels. Rebilling without markup is available for Unlimited Plan users and rebilling WITH markup is available for only Pro Plan users.

You can also get an email validation addon, which checks if your email can actually be delivered before you send it, so you can better avoid spam or blacklisting.

The price is $2.5 for 1000 email validation which is a little expensive, but significantly cheaper than other alternatives and competitors at $12 for 1000 email validation.

This feature is available on all plan levels, but rebilling is available only on Pro Plans.

Dedicated IP Address

If you will be sending emails in the hundreds of thousands to millions, then it’s recommended to get a dedicated IP Address for your email domain.

When you are sending such amount of emails, it’s important to keep your I.P reputation clean

with the ability to solve any problems that arise efficiently and quickly.

You can read more about their benefits here: https://help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions/articles/155000001152-what-is-a-dedicated-ip-in-lc-email-#Who-can-buy-a-dedicated-IP?

This feature is only available on Unlimited and Pro Plans at $59/month.

Triggers & Actions Pricing

If you are a serious marketer, then you should know what a Workflow is. If not, it’s basically a way to automatically get certain stuff done when certain actions cause a trigger to perform other actions, thus easing your workload and saving you time.

GoHighLevel offers built-in “zaps” and workflow triggers so you don’t have to pay for similar tools such as Make (formerly Integromat) or Zapier.

Each execution trigger / action costs $0.01. It’s 75% cheaper than Zapier’s base plan.

Content AI Pricing

This is an awesome feature that will help you save time when writing social media posts, blogs, articles, and website copywriting.

You do have to enable this addon inside the Agency settings section inside GoHighLevel though.

Each existing and new sub-accounts get 500 free words, and once it’s used up, you are charged $0.09 for every 1000 words.

This is available on all plans, but only Pro Plan users can use rebill any sub-accounts.

Workflow AI Pricing

This is a little different than Triggers and Actions because, with Workflow AI, you can use the power of OpenAI within your workflows to make custom edits and workflow actions.

You have to enable this feature inside the Agency settings, and then, each existing and new sub-account will get 100 free executions.

After that, it’s $0.03 per execution.

This is available on all plans, but only Pro Plan users can rebill sub-accounts.

Conversation AI Pricing

If you want to put a chatbot or an AI that can answer any customer inquiries and solve complex problems, then conversation AI is also a cool feature.

This is available on all plans, but rebilling is available only for Pro Plan users.

It’s $0.02 per message.

Reviews AI Pricing

I am not really sure what Reviews AI does exactly, but supposedly it’s a feature that will automate your efforts when it comes to online reputation management and answering reviews on popular social media sites such as Facebook or Google Reviews.

This is available on all plans, but Pro Plan users can only rebill sub-accounts.

It’s $0.08 per response to any reviews.

Yext Listings Pricing

If you manage local service-based companies and businesses, you have to get this feature, as it’s a powerful SEO tool that will allow you to create backlinks on popular directory websites with good link juice.

It does require a 3-month commitment at $30/month, but I think it’s well worth it to build quality backlinks for such a low price.

GoHighLevel does not specify whether it’s available for all accounts, but I am assuming it’s available for all accounts, but rebilling is available for only Pro Plan users.

WordPress Hosting Pricing

GoHighLevel websites are hosted on WordPress which costs $10/month.

You do have the option of reselling the hosting for higher monthly fees by packaging it as a managed WordPress website service, but generally paying $10/month for hosting a single website is on the expensive side.

You can get a VPS for that amount on Digital Ocean or Linode etc and host many websites for almost 5-10 times less, so I wouldn’t choose to host with GoHighLevel, however, if convenience is more important to you, go ahead, it’s your choice.

WhatsApp Pricing

And lastly, you have WhatsApp which is $10/month for any sub-accounts.

Basically, it opens up customers the ability to interact with customers via WhatsApp as well as market any products or services through the app to drive sales and traffic.

But I am thinking maybe it’s better to open a separate WhatsApp business account separately for free without necessarily paying $10/month to have it integrated with GoHighLevel, but as I said, if convenience is what matters to you, then go ahead.

GoHighLevel Other Services Pricing

In the marketplace tab, you will see a range of other services that you might be interested in.

Account Setup Pricing

Account Setup Pricing

If you want to get started right away without the hassle of setting things up yourself, then a basic account setup will cost you $299, with a one hour onboarding call.

For personalized account setup, it will cost you $1000, which includes free five-hour consultation calls.

Priority Support Pricing

Priority Support Pricing

While you do have 24/7 support for free, the wait times can be a little longer.

If you want fast and prompt chat support, then for $300/month, you can get priority support from HighLevel.

White-Label Mobile App

You’re getting a white label mobile app version of HighLevel under your own brand name, but it is quite expensive because the basic white-label mobile app costs $497/MONTH.

For iOS along with Android version + zap integration, it’s $1,491 per quarter. It’s the same as $497 monthly, so I don’t see any price difference. You probably just have to pay it in bulk quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding HighLevel’s pricing plans.

What is rebilling & unlimited sub accounts?

For features such as emailing service, SMS and calls, etc you as the master account / agency will be responsible for paying all the usage of sub-accounts.

While you could manually invoice your clients at a later date, perhaps you might run into issues with cash flow if you are managing dozens if not hundreds of sub-accounts, which is why rebilling might be a better option since you limit the amount of wasted time with customer interactions.

Clients themselves have to pay in a timely manner if they wish to continue using the additional features we discussed above.

Unlimited Plan users can rebill the sub-accounts at the same rate as HighLevel automatically, and Pro Plan users can rebill clients automatically at a markup and make a profit.

What is reselling? Can You Do It on the Agency Unlimited Plan?

Though you could sign up as an affiliate and receive referral payments, it may be more profitable to sign up for an agency unlimited account, get the more advanced features, and then charge your clients a monthly management fee instead.

YOu CAN resell on the unlimited plan since you are buying the product yourself and selling it again to customers for profit.

If you are on the unlimited sub accounts plan/agency unlimited, then you can resell Yext, Hosting, and WhatsApp, so they are also offering you to resell the services that they resell as well.

To get a 30 day free trial of GoHighLevel, visit the link below

You could get those services for cheaper if you go straight to the source, but it won’t be integrated into HighLevel’s platform, so whether you want to save money or prefer to have the convenience of all-in-one platform, it’s up to you.

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