Daven Michaels: Legendary Entrepreneur Living The American Dream!

Daven Michaels Review

Entrepreneurs have the mentality of a winner. No matter what is going on, they keep their eyes on the ball and wait for the right moment to knock it out of the park.

Even when they swing and miss, they don’t let that affect them. People who can keep their wits about them in a crisis, and actually turn it into a win, are something special indeed.

I first heard about an entrepreneur named Daven Michaels when I browsed through Youtube suggestions. I had been listening to his inspiring podcasts during my road trips.

So, I decided to hear what he had to say, and started researching his work and experience more closely.

This article piece will summarise what I’ve found.

The Daven Michaels experience

Daven Michaels started his first business as a teenager, designing clothes for celebrities. He then started a telecom company and saw its stock value triple, making him an overnight millionaire when he sold it.

He then pivoted into entertainment and music, producing media and organizing concerts. All of that was just a warmup for something much bigger.

In 2006, Daven Michaels founded “123 Companies”, a virtual assistant center in the Philippines with a single employee. This will eventually grow to the point where he has hundreds of employees.

In 2009, Daven got the idea to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs through business coaching, marketing and consulting.

By 2011, he was doing speaking tours and making an impact around the globe. His vision is that of shedding the old business paradigms, and living life on your own terms.

By 2020, his company blossomed into one employing hundreds of employees in three distinct divisions:

  • virtual assistant/call center/BPO services
  • mastery retreats
  • business coaching and consulting

Daven believes the best way to run a business is by outsourcing your work and leading with excellence.

In a nutshell, if you can work smarter and use technology better than your competition, you’ve made it.

Daven’s Upcoming Product Launch

We’ve talked a bit about Daven Michaels, and shared some information about him (and we’ll continue to share more about him during this post).

But what’s also pretty cool is that Daven is launching a brand new system called Lead Conversion Squared.

Daven, and Chad Nicely partnered together to make this system a reality for everyone.

His masterclass is expected to go live around September 21st, and most importantly, expected to create many more success stories for his students, and maybe even for you!

From the looks of things, it looks like his new masterclass, and program is going to be a massive new hit!

Learning to work smarter

What Daven realized through his teenage business projects is that the key to success is working smarter, not harder.

It’s a natural instinct to want to swing as hard as you can each time. Professionals know it’s about the batting average, not any given day.

You’re not meant to give a 110% because then you’ll burn out. Instead, you’re meant to find a comfortable range of output you can provide every day for decades to come.

That applies to you and your workers.

When you get a business idea, you should plan it out and talk it through with someone, which can save you a lot of money, time and nerves.

Learning how to leverage technology for business success can do wonders for your venture. I suggest taking technology courses to learn how to do that.

Leveraging technology

Whether you’re looking to launch your first business or are a business veteran, you should leverage technology for success.

It connects the entire world and helps us automate menial tasks through things such as programs.

You can run one such business from any place in the world, providing services and collecting payments from the comfort of your home. You get a total freedom of choice in one such venture.

Daven started his company from his kitchen. Today it has a global impact and leverages professionals and their skills from all over the world.

His secret is knowing that any dream can come true. All you need is to find the motivation to keep at it until it happens.

Finding motivation

Business owners have this special can-do aura around them. It rubs off on their employees and everyone they come in contact with, improving their lives.

You already know your big business idea, it’s just that you don’t have the motivation to make it happen. You know what I’m talking about.

That’s why you need someone to help you snap out if. Just reading about successful business isn’t enough.

It might even discourage you to read about someone making millions. You’ll think that’s impossible for you and give up.

The most successful entrepreneurs are also great motivators and they know nothing is impossible. They can help people snap out of their lethargy just by being there.

That’s not done through coercion but inspiration and leading by example. We’ve all been through those slumps and I too have had my share of them.

Part of the reason why I’m writing these articles is that I see the lethargy around me and want to move people.

I want to inspire people to make something of themselves and feel like a winner, just like Daven.


Life throws us curve balls all the time. Being able to handle them without losing our peace of mind is the hallmark of a successful person, one who keeps steady.

Being able to perform under pressure is how we turn coal into diamonds, creating value for ourselves and the entire world. That’s how we change our immediate environment for the better.

Today, you can have a home-run business and become a bit more resilient to all the outside chaos.

I’d like to promise you millions but the sad truth is millions don’t mean that much. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Millions are neither a large amount of money nor do they give you the peace of mind you might think they will. What you need is a flexible and steady source of income.

What you need is snap out of your lethargy and adopt the can-do attitude.

If this sounds like something you’d like to have, then you need a mentor, someone who’s been through it all and can share wisdom.

All the most successful people in history have had a mentor, allowing them to avoid the crises of self-inspection. Those happen when you swing and miss a few times, so you start to doubt yourself.

A mentor or just someone who will listen to you and give you advice can help you overcome slumps of self-doubt and self-inspection.

In Daven’s case, he can:

  • teach you the right attitude
  • show you how to leverage technology for business success
  • provide you with various outsourcing services
  • and much more

If you like what you’ve read so far, touch base with Daven and pitch him your idea. As always, I hope you learned something new.

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