ClickMagick Pricing Plans & Cost (2024): Gigantic NEW Exclusive Discount!

You’re here probably after already being blown away by the numerous features of ClickMagick and are curious to know how heavy exactly will it fall on your pocket. Well, you’ve found the right place to be. Here, we take a deeper look and read between the lines of ClickMagick pricing 2024.

Oh, and if you’re still hazy about what ClickMagick does to your business’s revenue-generating power, climb a little lower in this post and you’ll find a brief section related to this.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans

A game-changer of sorts, ClickMagick’s prices are tailor-made for anyone and everyone looking to drive lucrative and convertible traffic to their business. Why do I say this? Because the three-tier pricing plan of ClickMagick definitely works the “magic” when it comes to aiding small and mid-sized businesses in growing rather exponentially.

If you would like to learn more about ClickMagick, or get a special discount, I’ll leave a link below:

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Here is how the pricing plans looks like for Clickmagick:

The Starter Plan – $37 per month

As the name suggests, if you’re someone who’s testing the waters or are ill-equipped to dive deep into spending before earning, this might be the perfect place for you to get started.

Also, if you have just started a new blog or an affiliate website and are seeking a breakthrough in organic traffic and revenue, I would recommend you to go for the Starter Plan.

You will get the following features if you move ahead with the Starter Plan

  • Up to 10,000 clicks a month
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Funnel tracking (1 funnel)
  • 2 custom tracking domains
  • 6-Month data retention
  • 8-Hour helpdesk support

The Standard Plan – $77 per month

By far the most popular and subscribed for ClickMagick pricing plan is the Standard Plan. Why do online marketers prefer this plan? Let me take you through its features and you will know why.

  • Up to 1,00,000 clicks per month
  • Unlimited conversions
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Phone sales tracking
  • PPC click shield
  • Funnel tracking (5 funnels)
  • 10 Custom tracking domains
  • 1-Year data retention
  • 1-Hour helpdesk support
  • Fanatical live chat support
  • 1-On-1 onboarding call
  • Phone support
  • Paid traffic courses

Again, why is this the most popular plan of the lot? A lot of businesses today (maybe including yours too) are in the budding stage. The revenues have just started to come in, your customer base is good enough, and you can finally think big!

This is why the Standard Plan is perfect for you because a cost-effective shortcut to more sales doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

The Pro Plan – $197 per month

It is an upgrade to the Standard Plan and includes an extension of its features, namely:

  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks per month
  • Unlimited funnel tracking
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • 2-Year data retention

I recommend the Pro Plan for marketers and affiliates who don’t like seeing an upper ceiling to their growing business. With unlimited conversion tracking and “pro” features, I would say you jump at this offer if you have multiple e-commerce websites or domains.

If you would like to learn more about ClickMagick, or get a special discount, I’ll leave a link below:

As you can see in the image below (at the time of writing this for you), these are the current Clickmagick pricing plans available.

clickmagick pricing plans

If the above technical jargon in the bullet points took you by a thud or you simply want to know more about a particular feature, simply go to You will find a tiny green “?” symbol beside every listed feature – click on it and it will take you into the intricacies of that feature.

Why Choose ClickMagick?

Here I’m assuming that I’m speaking to someone who is either new to a competitive online marketplace or is seeking to gain knowledge about the best tools in the business for the business.

ClickMagick spills out details of every link that enters your website – from which source did the click generate, how convertible is it, etc. What I’ve found in my personal experience is that ClickMagick not only presents statistics of clicks on your website, it actually provides you with tools and equipment that you can use to boost your domain authority and drive more sales.

I was blown away by the many features of ClickMagick. While you can check the entire list out at their website, I’ve jotted down a few that I personally liked the most.

  • Campaign Builder – ClickMagick’s UTM builder speeds up your process of creating a campaign.
  • Click Rotators – Easily decide where clicks to your website are going to land.
  • Geotracking – Have a target audience in mind? Make use of ClickMagick’s geo-tracking.
  • Clickshield – Truly shield yourself from competitors who try to increase your costs by unnecessarily clicking on ads running on your website.

Let’s talk money! What if I tell you that ClickMagick will actually save you a lot of money? But before we get into this, it’s important to understand this: an opportunity lost to earn money is equivalent to money lost.

Seeing hoards of conversion possibilities go down the drain on the back of poor click-tracking and optimization can be frustrating. I found myself spending a lot of money on ads without getting the required return on investment until, of course, I started using ClickMagick.

Questions like which ad of mine was a unicorn campaign and which geographic regions saw the highest density of my target audience were answered by ClickMagick to the last dot.

Discount on ClickMagick Cost

Did you know that you can actually save 24%, 26%, and 23% respectively on the Starter, the Standard, and the Pro Plan? But what’s the catch here? You pay at once for the entire year!

If you would like to learn more about ClickMagick, or get a special discount, I’ll leave a link below:

If you are someone like me (a numbers person), this will interest you more:

You save $77 per year on taking an annual Starter Plan, $207 per year on an annual Standard Plan, and $267 per year if you choose to pay for your Pro Plan yearly instead of monthly.

While this may sound like a no-brainer deal given the long-term benefits of using ClickMagick and its habit of constantly rolling out new features for every plan, a relatively hefty lump sum payment might sting some of the newbies’ pockets. So it’s really up to you!

I would suggest you start with a monthly plan and once you see steady growth in your disposable income, you can shift to a yearly plan.

FAQs regarding ClickMagick Plans

Readers have a lot of questions when it comes to ClickMagick plans, so let me answer some of the most common ones to keep you guys from blowing up my inbox:

How many clicks will I get with a Free Trial?

Unlimited! A fortnight of limitless clicks is what you will get with the free trial period.

What will happen if I exceed my selected plan’s click limit?

ClickMagick doesn’t let your business suffer in any way. If you’re on a revenue-generating spree and need more clicks than the plan you have opted for, simply go on clicking. Once you cross more than 10% of what your plan permits, your plan will automatically be upgraded to the next one (a Starter to a Standard and a Standard to a Pro).

Are there any overhead expenditures or minimum commitment?

None at all! ClickMagick gives you the flexibility to sign up and sign out for a plan at any time that you choose. You will also not have to pay anything extra at all with regards to picking a plan, canceling a plan, or a security deposit, etc.

Can I get a longer trial?

Yes! You can (probably). Send their customer support an email to address your needs and there are good chances that ClickMagick will happily extend your free trial – a feature like no other!

I forgot to cancel my Free Trial and I did not intend to use ClickMagick further. Will I get a refund?

ClickMagick’s refund policy spills out a “no questions asked” methodology. Within 30 days, you will be refunded your money and you will not owe anything simply because you forgot to cancel your free trial.

Try ClickMagick for Free

To top off its lustrous prices, ClickMagick also offers a 14-day free trial period with all of its plans. For this very reason, I have found it to be better than almost all the other click-tracking software out there.

A 14-day free trial period gives you a taste of things so you can decide for yourself: (A) if ClickMagick in totality is suited to your needs, and (B) if the features of a particular plan don’t work for you, whether or not to upgrade or downgrade your plan according to what fits your pocket and needs.

What makes the free trial option such a good deal for me is that it truly feels like a “trial” and not necessarily a “free” one. What I mean is that the trial doesn’t limit any feature that you would get in an original plan nor does it annoy you with a “pay to use” pop-up.

How do you start the Free Trial option or buy a plan? Easy. Just click the link: ClickMagick

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