The Definitive ClickFunnels Review

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If you have ever tried your hand at making money online, there is a good chance that you have come across something called ClickFuneels.

Heck, you might have even tried the program. After all, this sales funnel builder is one that pioneered online sales funnels.  


Since its inception, ClickFunnels has grown to become synonymous with sales funnels. Having helped entrepreneur generate billions in revenue, it’s easy to understand why it’s so popular, its all about making money.

To be more specific, it’s a SaaS that was designed to help your business turn site visitors to repeat, paying customers. Since more and more businesses are looking to grow or start their businesses online, it’s easy to understand why ClickFunnels has gained such a popular following. 

There is no denying that the application can help businesses significantly increase sales, but is itworth the money when there are similar programs currently available?

To most people, ClickFunnels looks like another website or landing page builder, so what sets it apart from the pack?

And should you consider adding it to your business repertoire? 

That is exactly what this review is going to answer. We’ll cover everything you need to know about ClickFunnels, including the good, bad, and in between.

History of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a software that made its debut back in 2014. As of writing this, it has been on the market for five years. And within this short period, it has been featured on many authority sites like Forbes. 

Moreover, several renowned marketers have been quoted saying that ClickFunnels has silently revolutionized the online marketing industry.

The main goal of ClickFunnels is to make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to sell stuff online.

It does this by taking the complicated sales funnel building process and simplifying it to the point that both amateurs and seasoned professional marketers can use it.

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This program was created by a man named Russell Brunson, a man who has once made $3 million in 90 minutes.  And, it’s pretty easy to understand considering the complex features it integrates.

More and more people and businesses want to grow their business online. However, selling products or services online is no mean feat. 

Fortunately, tools like ClickFunnels simplify the whole process so you can sell on the same levels as the pros. ClickFunnels has helped Russell Brunson grow his fortune being a co-founder, but he also took advantage of it to and used it build other marketing ventures as well. 

Brunson got deep into the world on e-mail marketing before he became a major sales funnel player. On top of all of this, Brunson is also a bestselling author of DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets which reveal his marketing techniques and methodologies.

Both of these masterpieces are available online and will, without a doubt, contribute to your overall marketing campaign. When Brunson first created ClickFunnels, he was only trying to come up with an innovative and unique way to help his team create funnels more effectively. 

It made complete sense at the time since it usually took anywhere from one to three weeks to create an effective and efficient funnel.

That said, it wasn’t long after they had created it that Brunson and his team realized that they were sitting on a pot of gold. They had a program that everyone wanted, and they were more than willing to deliver it to the world.

Understanding Funnels And How They Work 

Before you learn more about ClickFunnels itself, you need to delve into the world of marketing funnels. The whole process is not as quite as difficult as it sounds.

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A sales funnel is a marketing technique where you take customers that know nothing about you or your business and convert them into paying customers and source of repeat business.

In the digital world; a sales funnel or marketing funnel can be seen as a series of steps that are specifically designed to get your visitor from the landing page to the sales page where they will eventually make a purchase.

You have to think of the whole process as a funnel. Imagine an oil funnel that you would normally use to add engine oil to your vehicle. It starts with a wide-open mouth and gets more and more narrow as you go along. 

Your visitors start at the top of this funnel and are guided down the length of it until they reach the end of your funnel. And a properly designed funnel doesn’t have distractions and focused on leading your visitor right to your sales page.
Of course, in reality, your customers will have the option of getting out of the funnel anytime they want, but with a beautifully designed site and excellent content, there is a very good chance that your customers will wind up on the sales page making the whole process of foolproof. 

You have to imagine a customer in a physical retail store. If he or she didn’t know where the cash register was, how could they check out? They couldn’t, and they would leave without buying anything.

However, in physical shops, you can talk to customers and guide them towards making that purchase. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with digital stores, and that is exactly where funnels come in handy. A funnel will initiate a step-by-step process that will eventually lead your customers to the sales page where they will hopefully make a purchase and its easy to see why it garnered a lot of attention.

It’s a major game-changer for the online marketing scene. 

Brunson didn’t just accumulate his millions by peddling ClickFunnels software. No, he took it and applied it to his businesses as well. And without further ado, it is now time to look at the software and what it can bring to the table.

It Makes You Money

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At its core, ClickFunnels was specially designed to save you time and energy.

Without ClickFunnels, you would need a plethora of technology and third-party applications to create a profitable sales funnel. 

When it comes to simplifying things and making the process more streamlined, ClickFunnels succeeds.

Not only does it succeed in this respect, but it also succeeds in helping you turn a profit quickly by simplifying the whole process of creating an account, posting content, and collecting payments.

Not only this, but the software is pretty intuitive. Even the newest of users could learn to effectively navigate and employ this software in just a couple of hours.

Drag And Drop Builder

Over the years, the drag and drop platform has grown more and more popular, and it’s pretty easy to understand why. It’s perfect for the complete noob and doesn’t require any design or programming experience.

With the drag and drop builder, you can easily create effective and beautiful pages that will funnel your customers right to your sales page.

The drag and drop feature is just one of the features that contribute to the simplicity of the software, but another neat feature is that the software gives you the ability to duplicate pages. You can easily save your customized templates and implement them in other sections of your site.

A/B Testing

What good would a sale funnel software be if you couldn’t test it? Another area where ClickFunnels excels at is  A/B split testing. A/B testing is simply a process in which you can compare two versions of a web page, e-mail, or other marketing assets. 

For instance, imagine that you wanted to test a specific headline for conversions. 

A/B split testing lets you divide your traffic among the two or more versions of your landing page with only the headline changed.

Half your visitors will see one version of your site with the first headline, while the second half of your visitors will see the second headline. The test will then show you which headline proved to be the most popular among your targeted audience. 

This kind of testing is extremely important because the parameters measured are typically bench-marked against specific marketing goals, like conversion rates and time on page.

Plenty Of Integrations

There is simply no denying that in this digital era, many businesses have a lot of complex technological demands. However, many of these demands can be satisfied with API integration.

These types of integrations give you an edge over your competition by automating tasks, integrating with current applications, and enhancing product innovation.

Application programming interface or API is a specialized piece of computer code that allows different applications, programs, or databases to talk to each other. 

They can share operations and streamline the entire process, and ClickFunnels does a pretty good job of handling API integrations. Their e-mail autoresponders and payment processors are pretty easy to manage and are more reliable than you would imagine.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress is, without a doubt, one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) out there. And, it is pretty easy to understand why this is the case. 

WordPress has done for website building what ClickFunnels has done for sales funnels.

It has streamlined the whole process, and it’s probably why ClickFunnels decided to offer a WordPress plugin. With this plugin, you can add ClickFunnels pages to your WordPress websites in just a matter of minutes. 

image for clickfunnels wordpress plugin

Not only does this same an abundance of time, but it makes the whole process easy and painless. It saves you the hassle of downloading and uploading pages when you use 3rd party apps with WordPress without a working plugin.

Just check out WordPress plugin reviews, and you will see that this plugin is rated with a solid 4.4 stars and has over 20,000 active downloads.

Lacking In Customer Service?

With any type of SaaS company, you are probably going to run into a few problems and have questions.Even if you are an expert with years of experience in developing marketing software, there is always a chance that you are going to encounter small difficulties. 

Its why most software creators offer a customer service department to answer any related questions that you might have. While ClickFunnels offers the same thing, their customer support is iffy at best. 

Sure, the reps don’t have a problem answering the most common of questions, but when it comes to the more difficult items on the table, they are going to be stumped. 

It’s especially true if you start asking them questions about ClickFunnels’ advanced features.

Too Template-Based

There is nothing wrong with templates. Templates have completely streamlined the web page building process while eliminating the need to know and understand coding.

However, there are some drawbacks to this.

First, you really can’t trust ClickFunnels since they are created the templates. Each of their templates is fully customizable, but there’s no variety since most of their subscribers are using similar designs.

By using the same templates,you are likely going to end up with a page that looks similar to others. There is a good chance that visitors will see your site and either think you copied it or know that it came from ClickFunnels not that there’s a problem with that.

In today’s competitive business world, diversity is more important than ever. One way to bypass this is by making sure that you take the extra time to customize your pages more uniquely and diversely.

The User Experience Changes

It is always good to know that creators and developers of software programs are always updating and making changes to their programs, and it helps keep things fresh and exciting. 

However, there can come a time when changes can slow you down, and this is the case with ClickFunnels. It seems like ClickFunnels is always changing its dashboard. 

And, every time they do so, it changes the flow of creating new pages and funnel. This is because the buttons not only move around, but the pricing options change as well, and it could be that ClickFunnels is still experimenting around and trying to figure things out.

Outages And Bugs

If you depend on a SaaS company to make your money, then you are completely at its mercy. 

If the software goes down or experiences technical bugs, then your revenue stream is pinched off until the issues are resolved. ClickFunnels does a pretty decent job of keeping their system up and running, but they are certainly not impervious to outages and bugs.

Moreover, it is even harder to know when the pages aren’t working because you don’t get any notifications of the sort. To discover this information, you will have to constantly check the site or wait until you heard from an angry customer.

Free Trial Period

When most people consider purchasing a software program, they expect to pay immediately. They do this even though there are risks involved. And, if they decide that the software is not worthy of its price, they can easily request a refund if its part of the company T&Cs.

But, by that time it is just too late to have the refund request approved. Well, that will never be an issue with ClickFunnels.

Instead of purchasing ClickFunnels outright, you have 14 days to put it to the test. And, at the end of the free 14-day trial period, you do not have to pay anything if you find the software unsuitable. If you find it helpful, you can make the payment and enjoy everything ClickFunnels has to offer.

No Contract

Many consumers shy away from services that involve contractual agreements. 

Instead, they want to have the freedom to continue or discontinue the service at will. Unfortunately, too many companies require their customers to sign contracts to use their services. Well, this is not the case with ClickFunnels.

When you sign up with ClickFunnels, you can take advantage of the 14-day trial period. After your trial, you will have the option of continuing or discontinuing the service. 

If you agree to continue the service, you will only need to pay for the first month. At the end of that month, you again will have the option of continuing or discontinuing the service

Membership Packages

One downside to the ClickFunnels sales funnel builder service is limited membership package options. The service only offers two packages, both of which offer a variety of features. 

Depending on your budget, you can choose from the lower- or higher-end packages. There is no in-between package, just to two options.

Stay In Touch With Visitors

With ClickFunnels sales funnel, you will be guaranteed a higher return on investment. However, there will be visitors who decide not to make a purchase. 

These are the consumers you need to target. Well, you can do just that with ClickFunnels. The software allows you to followup with all of your visitors after they have exited your page. You can use this multidimensional tool to entice them to return to your website for another visit. 

This time, they will hopefully make a purchase.

Build An Extensive Email List

Email, also known as electronic mail, is a process of sharing data and exchanging messages with others. Ray Tomlinson created email in the 60s. While still limited, email was very useful. Today, it has grown into one of the most popular communication platforms on the World Wide Web.

Companies utilize email to market their brand, communicate with customers, and generate new leads. This is all made possible through an email marketing campaign. 

The most difficult process of this process is creating an email list. You must reach out to consumers and entice them to sign up for your newsletter. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it sounds, but, it can be, with ClickFunnels email automation.

When visitors arrive and sign up to your opt-in page, ClickFunnels will collect their email addresses. You can utilize this information to increase awareness of your brand, advertise sales, and follow-up with customers and visitors. There is no end to the possibilities with ClickFunnels email automation capabilities.

Sales Funnel Templates

ClickFunnels provides all the tools you need to create aesthetically pleasing, attractive sales funnels. As mentioned above, a sales funnel is the path a visitor takes when accessing a website, and ClickFunnels has you covered on this front. 

The software includes a broad range of sales funnel templates for you to choose from. These templates are created by professionals and are waiting for you to add to your page. 

All of the ClickFunnels sales funnel templates are unique, eye-appealing, and captivating.

Personalize Your Sales Funnel

Once you choose a sales funnel template, you will have the option of personalizing it. While ClickFunnels’ templates are unique, it is up to you to make them your own. Turn ClickFunnels’ sales funnel templates into a work of art just for your website.

Modifying the templates provided by ClickFunnels is a breeze. The program will lead you through the process from beginning to end. If you follow each step to a tee, you will have yourself an effective sales funnel without 15 minutes or less. 

And, the best part is you do not need any previous experience or tech-savvy skills to create a sales funnel with ClickFunnels.


The ClickFunnels team knows how important security is for businesses and webmasters, and that’s why they created ClickFunnels from scratch. When you use this program to build your sales funnel and lead pages, you are guaranteed a high level of security.

ClickFunnels utilizes state-of-the-art security software to protect its customers from security breaches. The program does not utilize plugins, which are notable for being easily compromised.

Utilize ClickFunnels’ service with peace of mind in knowing that your website is 100 percent secure.

Free Updates

Like any software, updates are needed to fix any newly-found bugs or to upgrade features. ClickFunnels’s team is always working on adding new features to their sales funnel builder.

They also strive to keep the software 100 percent secure.

So, updates are an absolute must. But, do not worry because the updates to ClickFunnels will not cost an additional fee.You will receive a notice that an update is required and you only need to access your account and approve the updates.


ClickFunnels is one of the best sales funnel builders available in the market. The software turns a grueling task of building email lists, sales funnels, and lead pages into a breeze. With ClickFunnels, you are in full control.

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