Chris Reader: Super Affiliate & Entrepreneur (Who Is He?)

Chris Reader – Who Is He?

The online sphere of digital marketing can be a difficult place to navigate for beginners and online creators. A lot of people assume it’s going to be easy to run an affiliate website and make money online. However, after a few months because of the naivety, no returns on investment, and what seems like a wasted time, a significant portion of them give up entirely.

However, what people don’t understand is the effort and dedication required to get results. On top of that, besides putting in the effort, you need a good sense of algorithms and the changing times. If you can’t adapt to your circumstances and audience’s needs, the chances of succeeding are very low over the long run in the digital marketing industry.

Which is why only a few people become successful in affiliate marketing. Ultimately, not only do you need to be determined, but you need to understand the changing trends and keep up with the times to be a great digital marketer.

The ones who do succeed and make a name for themselves create their online courses and programs so that other people can learn from them. However, it’s not far fetched to say that the industry is saturated with wannabe gurus or fakes, as you can find a bunch of videos about making money online and affiliate marketing success.

While many of these fake gurus and online courses fade into obscurity, a few prominent figures still remain and making big waves in the industry.

In today’s article, we will be talking about a young Australian named Chris Reader, an affiliate marketer who has made a big splash in the industry despite being of a very young age. From his personal life, beginnings to how he achieved his success, there is a lot to learn from this young man.

Who Exactly Is Chris Reader?

Chris Reader is a 23-year old Australian affiliate marketer who has become a prominent figure in the online digital marketing industry. His journey serves as an inspiration for many young and old entrepreneurs who want to earn money online.

Why Chris Started To Pursue Digital Marketing

There isn’t anything exceptional about how Chris Reader got into affiliate/digital marketing. Though his family and private affairs are still unknown, there is quite a lot of information about his past and his work results.

From a young age he loved playing video games and although he was quite proficient, Chris realized that there is not much money in playing video games and that it’s was a waste of time. When he turned 18, he completely gave up his hobby and developed an interest in making money online, business, and finance.

As he knew fully well that he does not fit the 9 to 5 rat race grind, Chris found a great deal of inspiration from a Zeitgeist documentary.

He first built an e-Commerce website and using his knack for Instagram and influencer marketing, the young lad earned an impressive $5,000 within just two months.

The rest is history. That particular experience opened his eyes to the possibilities of affiliate marketing and how much money he could make in such a short amount of time passively.

Facebook & Youtube Ads

Chris Reader further delved into the world of online affiliate marketing with great vigor to understand Facebook advertising and how it works. It all paid off when he started making $10,000 a day consistently at just the age of 20.

He mainly promoted Clickbank and Maxweb products, with a few other CPA networks here and there. From nutritional supplements to some obscure and weird offers, Chris sold a wide range and variety of products online.

Notably his understanding of his target audience and his acumen for copywriting helped him achieve such results.

However, sooner or later, Chris switched over to Youtube advertising from Facebook due to the changing nature of affiliate marketing. At the time (and it still kind of is), Youtube was an untapped traffic source with great potential for making more money and higher conversions compared to Facebook.

By developing a weird and unique method, Chris began to earn well over $10,000 in a day through affiliate marketing. Interestingly, you might be wondering how he did it?

Well, he posted a bunch of videos with AI generated voices and happened to get great results with such simple videos.

With his continued success, he decided to grow his network and reach out to other people within the industry. He ended up networking with Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer, two big shots in the affiliate marketing world.

Based on my research, the three of them met when Chris was at one of their conferences or courses. Not too long after Christ ended up meeting his current business partner who played a big role in expanding his business and online earnings for Chris’ business.

Chris currently devotes most of his time to speaking at digital and affiliate marketing conference events and has become an educator/teacher for beginners and people who want to make their mark in the affiliate marketing field.

Chris Reader’s Course (Profit Singularity)

Chris with his continued success developed his own course called Profit Singularity in order to teach newbies the ropes of earning passive income through Youtube advertising and websites. It was first introduced in 2021 in collaboration with other affiliate marketers and has since grown into the Ultra Edition which was released in 2022.

The main founder and the teacher of the platform is Chris, so you’ll see a lot of his insights inside the platform.

Chris Reader’s Future Aspirations

Through his achievements in affiliate marketing and sales, Chris is now broadening his horizons. He is exploring creating his own products and working with a copywriter to start new businesses.

Chris Reader also seems to be heavily invested in social media. Although new, he has both a Youtube and Tiktok account, where he occasionally posts videos about his story and marketing strategies.

Chris seems to remain down to earth and plans to focus on creating generational wealth. In an interview, he admitted that initially, money was his main driver, but now he is more interested in leading a fulfilling life. To accomplish this he wants to procure a large farmland and make passive income of the harvest revenue. You can actually see the territory he purchased in some of his videos.

What Is The Secret Behind His Success?

Everyone wants to know the secrets behind making money online passively, and I am sure plenty of people are interested in learning about the habits and traits that allowed Chris to become successful.

His Fearlessness

From his backstory, you can tell that Chris wanted a different life that unique to his own aspirations. He is not afraid of failing and taking risks.

Instead of following a laid out plan or taking the traditional way, Chris is always trying to innovate and better things.

His fearless attitude allows him to seek and explore different methods, push boundaries, and lay out his own path in the affiliate marketing industry.


Chris has admitted many times about his need and quest for innovation and finding unique ways to scale his businesses.

He has tried launching new marketing channels, testing new services, targeting different niche markets, and embracing cutting-edge technology.

Some things of course failed and didn’t work, but the times he did hit the mark, it has allowed him to get huge results.

His willingness to learn and think outside the box is what helps him stay ahead of the curve.


Chris understands how being flexible and open to pivoting is important in the digital marketing landscape. He learns from his mistakes and experiences and makes improvements based on the data or the feedback of his customers/audience.

He not only manages to survive, but thrives in an ever-changing volatile field of affiliate marketing.

Close Network

Chris has made a close network with great minds and marketers who help him grow and improve. He collaborates with other successful entrepreneurs, marketers, and industry leading experts quite frequently.

Just to name a few: Rob Jones, Mark Ling, Keegan Muller Price, etc.

Such opportunities and collabs provide him with the support he needs as well as new opportunities and doors for other ventures and potential partnerships, which further expands his reach and influence.

Grit and Determination

Though it might sound cliche, you know the saying “the work makes the man”

As a fellow affiliate and digital marketer myself, I know how grit and determination either makes or breaks the man/woman.

Through consistent effort despite failing many times, you can expect to achieve success in the field of affiliate marketing.

Strong Branding

It’s not a secret that Chris Reader has a strong personal brand that resonates with a lot of people. He knows the importance of creating a unique identity and voice of his own in a sector that is saturated with wannabe posers.

He creates rapport and trust with his audiences by providing valuable information, content, and by sharing his personal experiences, pitfalls, and mistakes he has made over the years.

His branding combined with his network, make a him well known and trusted figure.

Not only that, his close relationship with other industry leaders and experts has allowed him to stand out from the crowd further solidifying his reputation. His own courses and programs add to his reputation and credibility.

About Youtube Ads

Feeling inspired?

Then perhaps you can start your own journey into affiliate marketing. Here is some advice to guide you in the right direction and avoid very common mistakes.

Keep Track of Your Finances

Make sure to test out ads with small budgets before committing to big spending with Youtube Advertising. You want to know that your ads get results.

Otherwise the expenses will pile up. Also it doesn’t hurt to understand the terms and conditions of not just Youtube, but also other platforms such as Paypal, Stripe, etc.

Depending on which platform your use, you may lose a lot of money to hidden fees or unnecessary expenses.

Learn The Algorithm

If you know how to use it to your advantage, you can get great results by targeting the right audience.

Whether you get high engagements and conversions will solely depend on how well you understand your target audience and persona.

Don’t Give Up Too Early

It’s part of the learning process to fail in the beginning. Too many people give up too early right before the hit the jackpot.

Ads take some time before the algorithm learns to make the proper adjustments that get results. So try to at least spend a week or two before determining whether your ad is working or not.

Use Analytics To Your Advantage

Knowing how to use analytics tools can be a great boon in your endeavor to make them big bucks. If you can read and learn about stock investing, finance, and economics.

Though I studied economics in university, I believe it has helped me a lot in my digital marketing endeavors because I can read the data and statistics regardings my campaigns.

You don’t necessarily need to be a genius when it comes to math, but you definitely need to be able to discern and read between the lines as to what is working and what is not working with particular ads and how your money is being spent.

Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t hurt to watch training videos and tutorials on the subject matter.

Final Thoughts

So if you are ready to get started with your online marketing journey, Chris Reader is definitely a great source and starting point to guide you in the right direction, especially in YouTube advertising.

His story will serve as a powerful source of inspiration.

And who knows, by following his strategies and methods, you may become a well established affiliate marketer like Chris Reader.

If my personal 7-8 year experience in the industry has taught me something, it’s that action and a fearless attitude get results. Do not question yourself or keep starting over and over again from ground zero.

Learn from other people’s mistakes and implement the strategies. Trust the process and stick through any obstacles that might come during your journey of earning a passive income.

If you are serious about your goals and dreams then I think Chris will be able to lay out the foundation for your future success. He was able to do it in such a short span of time so what is stopping you from doing the same?

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