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Have you checked out our Amazing Selling Machine review yet? If you have (or maybe you came here from YouTube), you’re most likely looking for the best Amazing Selling Machine 12 bonuses (ASM12) to sign up with.

If so, you’re in luck, because for a limited time, i’m offering the ULTIMATE ASM 12 bonus package (Worth $12,576 in Value), for those that buy Amazing Selling Machine 12 through my affiliate link on this page.

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There will be more instructions further down this page, on how to claim your bonuses as well, once you purchase.

Oh… and the cool thing is that you get all my extra bonuses for FREE (at no additional cost) when you sign up for Amazing Selling machine through me, plus all of Amazing Selling Machine’s bonuses, and guarantees as well.

Pretty cool, right?

However, these bonuses are only available for a limited amount of time, so act fast!

A Quick ASM12 FAQ:

But before we begin, I wanted to cover a couple of questions I commonly get regarding the Amazing Selling Machine 12.

I also made a video going over my ASM12 bonuses as well.

Feel free to watch it as well (if you prefer to watch, rather than read). It also covers the bonuses in detail for you.

Question 1: Can I still sell on Amazon, and actually use the ASM12 course if I live outside of the USA?

Yes, there are a lot of successful sellers around the globe with Amazon FBA. However, to be able to sell on Amazon’s platform, you must be in one of these countries listed here.

But the good news is, Amazon does accept a lot of countries to sell in the USA, so chances are, your country is most likely eligible.

What’s also pretty cool is that you can start selling in Europe, Australia, or quite frankly anywhere Amazon has a website setup. But it’s important to keep in mind that your location does matter.

Question 2: What happens if AMS12 doesn’t work for me?

The good news is that if you “fail”, or if the course doesn’t work, you’re protected by some strong guarantees (which we’ll cover in just a moment).

But with that being said, the thing that makes the Amazing Selling Machine different in my opinion, compared to anything else, is the simple fact that ASM is built to get people results!

So if you follow and take action on the information inside of the ASM course, take advantage of the mentors and the support community to get help along the way, it’ll be very hard to mess up.

That’s why there are an overwhelming amount of people succeeding with the course. Naturally individual results will always vary, where some people make little to no profit.

However, the course is something that has constantly been involving since 2013, which is why there are 12 versions of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM12) at the time of writing this for you.

But hey, if for some reason ASM doesn’t work out, you’ll be protected by their 30 day money back guarantee.

Question 3: Do I have to pay separately for your bonuses, or pay anything extra?

Nope 🙂 You don’t pay anything extra, just the price of Amazing Selling Machine 12.

The reason why I can give you my bonuses that you would normally have to pay for separately for FREE, is because i’m an affiliate for the ASM course, which means I earn commission if you buy through my affiliate link.

So you’ll get all my extra bonuses for FREE (at no additional cost) when you sign up for Amazing Selling machine through my affiliate link right here.

My bonuses are designed to help you fast track your success, get more traffic + sales to your Amazon business and to get you results. So no, it doesn’t cost you anything extra at all.

Question 4: Do I get both your bonuses & Amazing Selling Machines’s bonuses?

Yes, when you sign up for The Amazing Selling Machine through me, you get EVERYTHING that they’re offering you AND all of my bonuses for FREE right here on this page.

Question 5: How do I ensure I Qualify for Your Bonuses?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Clear Cookies
  • Step 2: Buy ASM through our affiliate link
  • Step 3: Send Receipt

So basically, clear your cookies before you click on our affiliate link, sign up through our link, then send us an email with your receipt at marketingbonuses at gmail dot com.

When emailing, use the subject line: ASM COURSE [VIP EDITION] Bonus Claim after purchasing through our link, so I can send out your bonuses.

You’ll normally receive a reply between 24 hours to 72 hours (or even earlier), where you’ll get a reply with your bonuses, once everything is confirmed.

And That’s It! Enjoy Your FREE Bonuses 🙂

The ULTIMATE Amazing Selling Machine 12 Bonuses:

If you’re wondering how you can join Amazing Selling Machine 12, and get access to my exclusive bonuses.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this offer is only available for a limited time…

So without further ado, let’s go over what you’ll get with our special Amazing Selling Machine bonus package today.

Bonus #1: Amazon FBA Success & Product Selection Secrets (VALUE: $497)

I know when you’re first starting your Amazon FBA business, it can be overwhelming and frustrating trying to find that “winning product”.

And I also see a lot of affiliates and people making videos and offers about “a list full of products to choose from” that will magically make you rich… (or so they say).

But the reality is that these tend to be very out of date, and overly saturated generic products, leading to all sorts of problems for you.

Most of the guru’s will never share their “real winning products” that they use behind the scenes, and more importantly, their methods for finding them.

What secrets do they use?

Wouldn’t it be better to uncover their hidden secrets of finding real winning products?

Can you imagine having the skill to find money making products on demand, that are proven to make you truckloads of money on Amazon?

How would that change your life?

This bonus right here will guide you on just that, “finding money making products”, that can make you a bunch of money, and much more.

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in this bonus:

Amazon Success Dot Points

Bonus #2: Google Ranking Secrets (VALUE: $997)

So we all know that one of the main benefits of selling on Amazon is because of the FREE traffic and advertising, right?

But here’s another interesting fact… everyday more of your dream customers are out there on Google (and other search engines like YouTube), searching for products just like yours to buy (even as we speak).

Seriously… billions of people are searching up search phrases every second that have buyer intent (meaning they are on the verge of buying something).

For an example, someone searching up on Google, “cheap organic protein powder” is on the verge of buying protein powder… agreed?

That’s why Google is hands-down the BEST & BIGGEST source of traffic for sales and leads online, because you can target and rank for a limitless amount of keywords for your Amazon business.

This bonus will show you how you can take advantage of this golden goose of FREE traffic for your own Amazon business, and will cover the essentials for ranking on Google using SEO.

Bonus #3: My New Jaw-Dropping “Ranking On YouTube System” (VALUE: $3997)

Just like Google, YouTube is a MASSIVE search engine, (in fact the second biggest search engine behind Google).

So being able to use YouTube to skyrocket your Amazon business with a tidal wave of FREE TARGETED TRAFFIC, can be very powerful!

In this bonus, you’ll learn how to optimise and rank your YouTube videos in the YouTube search (For FREE Traffic), in a step by step manner.

The more traffic and leads going to your Amazon business, the better, right? 😉

Bonus #4: How I’ve Been Able To Get 4 YouTube Silver Play Buttons! (VALUE: $3997)

The cool thing about YouTube is that you can use it to grow your dream brand, and sell a bunch of stuff on it.

In this special bonus, i’ll be showing you how I got millions of views on YouTube, what niches, and the lessons I learnt, that you can apply to your own business!

You’ll also learn all about the YouTube Algorithm Secrets, so you can take full advantage of the YouTube algorithm and grow your channel super quickly!

Now this is an ULTRA SPECIAL bonus, containing a lot of secrets that shouldn’t really be leaked to the public. But because I believe in the ASM12 course, and want you to succeed, I’ll be adding this bonus on the list as well 😉

PLEASE NOTE: Training for this bonus will be delivered across a period of a month or so, due to heavy video editing, and recording. Once a new video is released in the series, it’ll be added in the private members area vault for your convenience and personal access only.

Bonus #5: Learn How To Make High Quality Videos, With Little To No Work! (VALUE: $997)

Now this is an interesting bonus, because creating videos normally takes a LOT of work! And to be honest, i’d always recommend putting your face out there if you can.

But if you were like me, you might be camera shy, or quite frankly too busy to make videos. So this bonus is all about creating breathtaking videos, WITHOUT being on camera or even talking at all.

You’ll uncover a powerful underground video software I use, that practically creates videos, and does all the work for you.

And most importantly, you won’t miss out on a tidal wave of FREE traffic on YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world), that you can send to your Amazon business.

Bonus #6: The Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Programs! (VALUE: $597)

I wanted to add this bonus in the mix, since a lot of people i’ve shared this with, have gotten a lot of value from it.


It’ll reveal 122 profitable residual income affiliate programs, that you can take advantage of on the side.

Bonus #7: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Library! (VALUE: $497)

I also wanted to share this bonus with you, to stack the deck in your favour.

Why? Because selling on Amazon is all about conversions (like any other type of business). And I thought, if you can learn and model ad copy from ultra successful entrepreneurs, you’ll be able to increase your sales for your Amazon business.

Marketing and selling is all about psychology, and persuasion… You can get all the traffic in the world, but if you can’t convert that traffic into sales, then your efforts are in vain.

With this bonus, you can model ad copy from entrepreneurs who have this conversion process down to an exact science, and apply it to your own Amazon FBA business.

Bonus #8: Our YouTube Ranking Case Study! (VALUE: $997)

Last but not less is my YouTube ranking case study.

You’ll watch over my shoulder, how I was able to rank for some competitive keywords on YouTube and Google in only 1 hour!

NOTE: We in no way guarantee ANY rankings, views, or results with the training provided. Examples of personal results by us are for demonstrative purposes only and should not be construed, as indicating any promised results. Results vary depending on Niches, Competitiveness, Video Optimisation, and YouTube Algorithms.

Bonus #9 & 10: Surprise Bonuses! (VALUE: $PRICELESS)

On top of all the value you’ll be getting already, you’ll be getting 2 more surprise bonuses to sweeten the deal.

These bonuses are all designed, and crafted to help you on your journey with the Amazing Selling Machine course!

Claim Your ASM12 Bonuses For A LIMITED TIME!

Good news, for a limited time, you have the opportunity to snag all of these bonuses on this page for FREE, to fast track your success with the Amazing Selling Machine!

All together, these bonuses are worth: $12,576!

And you get all of this for FREE today!

If you’re looking to join Amazing Selling Machine 12 right now, and get access to my exclusive bonuses.

You will also automatically get all my NEW future bonuses, If I update this page, or add any new bonuses as well in the upcoming days 🙂

Your bonuses will automatically update in your members area backend (once you buy through our link, to claim your bonuses).

There might be some more surprises, stay tuned 😉

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this article and I hope you got some value from it. I just want to make you aware that some of the links on this website are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally use and believe will add value to my readers.